Strange times...

November 22, 2021 at 18:48 (UT/GMT)
(Aries) Wolfmoon
Strange times...
I don´t know how much time is left in NZ. The boot is coming down and the flouride drinkers are too far gone.

I wanted to make this as a sign off, although I´ll still be around, I don´t know how long I have left with internet etc.

For the past few weeks myself and others have been looking at setting up communities outside of the system. The speed at which things are going im hoping to be in a tent in the bush in the coming weeks.

I want to thank everyone for allowing my rambles. I want to thank everyone for their knowledge shared and all the good friends I have made here.

Astrology has always interested me but I was unable to study it until recently. I feel, with help from people here, that my knowledge has increased immensely. I am not quite yet at the point to make comment on Astro threads.

I´ve tried to share what´s about to come. I´ve tried to warn as many as I can, as is my creator given duty. I see that many can´t be woken.

Just yesterday I tried to speak to my best friend of 31 years. I provided him all the evidence of what is coming and he just turned around and said "well of course it´s all business. Pfizer stands to make..."

If I can´t explain it to a man I consider my brother, who I´ve known for life, then I doubt I can explain it to others.

This place has been a bastion for my sanity for the last year and a bit. Without it I´d have holled up a lot sooner.

Everything happens for a reason, who knows, maybe I write this now but am still contributing in 2 years time.

I have made some awesome friends here. Better than I could´ve imagined. The mental connection means so much to me. You people know who you are. I love you all.

I found love here. A woman who lit my heart with the fire of life. A woman I still love but with all the chaos in the world, ill never get to see or be with. I still love her and she knows who she is.

For everyone who read this far. I hope you´re in a country where the men have a spine and the woman the courage to do more than the pathetic people of this land.

What is coming is not what we left behind in 2019. What is coming is struggle and hardship, loss and shock. 1984 is upon us. Out of that I still see a brighter outcome.

Between now and then, the struggle will be real. For those who remain pure blood, the fight will be long and hard but know the creator is with you. Nothing is worth the poison.

Better Dead than Red.

Thank you all :4:

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February 18, 2022 at 06:01
(Aries) Wolfmoon » LotusStar
It truly feels like we could make some change. The police have put concrete blocks infeont of all the entrances, they´d only do that to keep us out.

We´ve got protests all over the country in front of police stations and another up north at the treaty grounds.

Military won´t help, no tow truck companies will help, police are quitting like never before.

Police spent even allowed inside the camp. They get surrounded and marched out.

We´ve planted vegetable gardens on the lawn. The camp site is now more like a tent city. People have hammocks in the trees. I can´t find a patch of dirt to play hacky sack.

So much has evolved in 10 days. After they day with the police, its grown exponentially
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