September 27, 2020 at 11:13 (UT/GMT)
(Aries) ram_goat
A few months ago I noticed petr added astrocartography to the site. I knew nothing about astrocartography but it intrigued me, so I bought this book, written by the guy that supposedly invented it. I am no expert on the subject, I merely pass on some information in the book to help others understand the features on the site..

Some Vocabulary:

Paran Lines: The crossing of one planet´s MC or IC line with another planet´s rising (ASC) or setting line (DSC). The latitude at which this happens is considered to be influenced by both planets. This is the same as a "paranatellonta" or "paran".

A quote from the book:

"They are somewhat like squares in their action, and have been found to be about one-third the strength of the (ASC or DSC) lines themselves. Though most ACG interpretation emphasizes the lines more than the crossings, the latter are particularly important in those areas where one is not within "orb" of regular lines. An orb of about 4 to 7 degrees on either side (east or west) of an MC/IC or rise-set line, and about 1 to 2 degrees on either side (north or south) of a crossing are suggested based on experience, as well as feedback from AstroCartoGraphy users.

Finally, just as we can "stack up" chart upon chart upon chart, so it is possible to consider questions of astrological geography from a variety of possible viewpoints, such as transits and progressions. Even within a horoscope, this can quickly become unwieldy, requiring a good knowledge of astrology and great care to interpret properly, When using a map, all the more care must be used, For this reason, the best method of going beyond the natal map to look at current indications is to combine progressions of the inner planets with transits of the outer planets, since the two sets of planets will move along at roughly the same speed."


As much as I´de like to simply copy the entire book and paste it in here, there are some obvious problems with that. Instead of a mass cut & paste, I´ll try to paraphrase ideas from the book sufficiently to keep any lawyers from knocking on petr´s door.


The significance of some location falling to the east of a line vs west of a line:

Ascendant Lines:

West of line: The effects of that line will reflect the 1st house more
Since the first house is the house of self, you will relate very personally with the energies west of the line, they will affect your personality more.

East of line: The effects of that line will reflect the 12th house more The effect of the planet will act upon you more psychologically, in ways that are less visible to you but may be visible to others around you.

Descendant Lines:

West of the line: The effects of the line will be influenced by the 7th house. You will project the energy of the planet externally, and it will manifest itself in the people around relationships around you. These people will be your teachers, and you will not be able to see the lessons or qualities they possess in yourself, but only through others.

East of the line: The effects of the line will be influenced by your 6th house. The energy of the planet will show itself in the form of external problems or challenges in your environment, which you must learn from.

Imum Coeli Lines:

West of the line: The effects of the line will be influenced by the 4th house. The planet´s influence will manifest externally, but in a manner that challenges your identity or ancestral, family, or internal values.

East of the line: The effects of the line will be influenced by the 3rd house. The influence of the planet will sensitize you to your environment and force you to behave externally in a way that conforms with the place, as influenced by the energy of the planet in question.

Midheaven Lines:

West of the line: The effects of the line will be influenced by the 10th house. The influence will be outer oriented, as MC rules your social standing and reptuation, as well as career in society. Situations that cause growth and development in a very public and visible manner will occur.

East of the line: The effects of the line will be influenced by the 9th house. The influence of the planet will reflect the beliefs and values of the society in which the location lies. Things will be experienced on an internal private level, but will involve larger issues belonging to the culture or society of the place.

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November 2, 2020 at 17:08
(Taurus) dani_mae1 » Fool
Thanks! We are giddy excited about it. We want it to be on a significant date and hopefully post covid, so we chose December 31, 2023. And I already procured my dress, but I’m Taurus enough to know that between now and then my body isn’t gonna change much. I’ll be stubborn about it for sure :61:
November 2, 2020 at 17:54
(Aries) nutelina
Thanks for sharing your notes, totally missed this post. This could be very valuable and I will read it thorougly since I have been looking at astrocartography before and it was very unclear what all the lines meant! :62:
November 2, 2020 at 18:43
(Aquarius) Fool » dani_mae1
Hmm, well now (because of this site I´m trying to guess what kind of dress you´ve got using astrology. Tasteful without question. I would say that there would be an element of tradition: so maybe white or off white variant - with perhaps some Urainian touches (that Jupiter/Uranus has to count for something even in the 12th - maybe you´ll have a little wagging tail on the back of it). I´m going to say white, traditional but with some kinda ´flair´ - with a little sheaf for a knife on your blue garter belt (just being silly there - don´t know if you noticed). :4:
November 2, 2020 at 18:44
(Aquarius) Fool » nutelina
Glad you found it useful - may type some of the book up later; just the line crossing interpretations.
November 2, 2020 at 18:51
(Taurus) dani_mae1 » Fool
Well—here’s the dress—I kinda think you were more accurate than not :61:
November 2, 2020 at 19:02
(Aquarius) Fool » dani_mae1
That is going to look fantastic on you - I was going to say off the shoulder but I thought (somehow) that was inappropriate. Thanks for showing and telling - you are going to have a great time. No more electronic cake for you - here, have some flowers :68:
November 2, 2020 at 21:58
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool
Interpretations for Planetary Crossings (Jim Lewis)

. . to reside somewhere where two or more planets are angular is a double assurance of a singular and intense life experience, though of course, there are combinations to be avoided as well as those to be sought.

. . these interpretations apply to anywhere on the same line of latitude they occur . . the actual point of crossing will be strongest.


Where Sun and Moon lines cross on your map, you reach a crossroads in life in relation to your sexual and social identity, and parenthood is likely. You rebel from authority, and exhibit a shallow egotism that is often overcompensation for feelings of inferiority. A strong reliance on others, either to fulfill self or to justify egotism, a growth of self-importance, and self-consciousness in relation to the opposite sex manifest. Sexual and personal polarities are intensified, and it is hard to relate to the opposite sex except through sexual or marital roles. You are able to attract the people and situations you want, though feel somewhat out of control, as you need others approval. Individuality is apt to be suppressed, and you feel that you need to think of yourself as superior, so that you become aware of the social role that is preordained for you, and often choose to rebel against it.


Here, your work is apt to be praised, vocation, writing and conversation receive attention and your aptitudes, talents and skills are developed and admired. Practical, logical and adult-type thought predominates, as in science or math, and recognition comes from innovations in the work sphere. Art and bookish pursuits appeal, and intelligence may seem higher than others´ here. Will and ego are involved with thought, so you tend to rely on repertory - you think and act according to a script or habit, rather than with true creativity, but are able to say what you think, act out your ideas, and to verbalize creative notions. Prejudices get the upper hand, with loss of flexibility and impartiality, but everyone sees you as bright, a rising and useful contributor to society.
November 2, 2020 at 22:28
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool

Under this combination of planets, you are very attractive to others, project love, light and beauty, find yourself more sensitive to art and fashion, and probably succeed in some artistic vocation. This combination is in love with love, craves friendship with high society types, and is cheerful, considerate, fashionably vain and mannerly, having an elegant noble air. At this location you may win prizes and awards, have your work praised, and may become an arbiter of taste. People like to give you things, invite you out, and you become quite the social butterfly. New friends are met here, but there is something slightly risque about Sun*Venus, which has a little of the air of admired chorus girl, a sex object desired for beauty rather than the natives entire personality. Prince Charming and Cinderella stories unfold here, and conspicuous consumption is pursued with style.


Excesses of energy and sexuality can burn you out here, and you are hyperactive, able to get a tremendous amount of work done. Masculine ideas are admired and projected, and you become daring, courageous, arrogant, boisterous and ardent. There is pride taken in your battle scars, and others look upon you with awe and some fear, as you can be ruthless, harsh or even cruel. You attract attacks from others, and fighting and war enter your life, along with a spartan love of adventure, physical work, sex and domination. Wild oats are sown here and anger becomes a prominent passion. There is exclusion of the feminine from the life, which becomes vigorous, vital and decisive but all these excesses lead to accident proneness, and the constant stress and tension can wear out heart and other vital organs. Manners become more coarse and manly here, and much energy goes into masculine pursuits and ideals. Sexual passion is intense, but rather without love and affection, and rigidly governed by sex roles and stereotypes.
November 2, 2020 at 22:44
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool

In this area, you seek, prizes and probably attain a bourgeois success and prosperity. You become more rightist politically, and this combination is imperial, exalting and emulating the authority of the powers that be. A benevolent disposition develops, along with faith and optimism, while sexual and creative appetites are low, replaced by drives for honors and a humorous, complaisant comfort. Imprudent, foolish faith and excesses of enjoyments and speculations can manifest here, though it is an unusually lucky place, where the native seeks and acquires status, and is offered outstanding opportunities. The salesperson, promoter or business person finds success in commercial fields, due to identification with and attraction to ´quality´ people, and careers in law, publishing, politics, religion, and success through social connections seem all likely under this
fortunate planetary pair.
November 2, 2020 at 23:22
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool

You project seriousness, are drawn to serious ideas and stu8dies, and see life as basically as a long and tedious job, though one that merits careful execution. It is hard to create a favorable impression here. and you may be passed over continually, and forfeit others´ respect and admiration. Personal recognition is purchased at a heavy price, and spontaneous, affectionate and creative qualities recede. Goals are realized only if they serve humanity. Guilt and prudery flower here, and a skeptical, abstemious life lowers expectations and arms you inwardly to endure hardship, which sure enough, comes. Material concerns take up all your time, and yet hard work yields minimal returns, though life energy is conserved so longevity is assured here. You live a well ordered, moral life, seem less attractive, and excel in patience and Victorian virtues. Here, the chickens of ambition come home to roost, and you get from life exactly what you have earned.
November 2, 2020 at 23:40
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool

A wonderfully exciting place, where change, creativity and individuality cause life to take on a colorful and exciting hue, full of the unexpected, unlooked for successes and a roller-coaster variability. Everyone soon knows who you are, and you seem eccentric, charismatic, arrogant, independent, and possessor of a divine discontent which spurs you on to constantly express your ideals and experiment with the impossible. Here you can "find yourself," and express or live what you believe in, but constancy and perseverance are lacking here, and events demand recognition of selfhood as a process, not as a definable entity. You take yourself too seriously, seem gifted, autocratic and interesting, though you reject attachments, and are nervous, impulsive and restless. Timing is excellent and you live a miraculous existence. Success comes, just because you don´t care about it, and a hippy lifestyle leads to singular achievements, which are tossed aside after brief enjoyment. The establishment knows there is something dangerous about you, but it changes too fast for them to pin it down.


You may seem a little mad, tend to be ignored, but go right ahead living out spacey ideals under this potent combination. Some artists, musicians, poets and romantics may find this astrological climate intensely inspirational, while others will deceive and delude themselves, and allow overly potent imagination to lead them into cultism, unrealistic spirituality, initiative defeating communal situations, drugs and lifestyles that sap creativity and health. A taste for the lowlife attracts unsuitable friends, and you fictionalize yourself in the center of an unreal universe that borders on highest spirituality, and scandal and disgrace. This can be a tremendously enlightened place, in which the guru is found, and life altering visions and inspirational experiences elevate you to extraordinary awareness. Ego is bound to be weak here, and thus interpersonal relations tend to victimization and mutual dependency. Strong self-control is needed to tame this influence, but then, genius results.


Here is where the lonely genius creates wonders, inner or outer in nature, that may not be appreciated for years. Outwardly, this creativity tends to be cathartic and destructive, or at least industrial in nature, and there is a thirst for extreme individualism that manifests in petty criminality, defiance of authority, passions, envy, and an overwhelming need for recognition and a sexuality that hints at alienation and desperation. Inwardly, there may be a total conversion of self, a new beginning and transcendence of needs for human companionship, so under sun*pluto you are independent, aloof, rebellious and indomitable. There can be a cruel fatefulness, that takes away everything you have created or gained, until self itself is recognized as the only permanence. The usual vanity that enables one to ignore mortality is shorn here, so you seem intent, serious, and your life is one of struggles alone with absolutes. A creative self is born under this combination, but the old self must die first.
November 3, 2020 at 04:08
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool

This is where mental abilities, ideas, coordination, commonsense and speech are at center stage, and there is precocity , restlessness, impatience, nervous mentality and a quick grasp of opportunity and ideas that usually direct you into public attention. Others think you bright, and your awareness and lively, shrewd intelligence guarantee a living by your wits, especially in areas of trade, commerce or real estate trading. You are popular for your colorful, lightning-fast repartee, total perceptions, and inclination to gossip, and perhaps trivia. Morals may be a little loose under these planets, especially where money is concerned, and talking too much can get yourself and others into trouble. The mind absorbs everything with which it comes into contact, like a sponge, but there is a lack of direction and concentration. Mental functions of synthesis and retrieval work well, and linguistic and verbal skills improve. Life is full of trivial changes and motion, fluctuations and turbulence in career and work areas, and business, journalism, and mental work succeed here.


Social life, parties, fashion, pretty and valuable things and people besiege you. Men can find a glamorous wife here, and there is a craving for love, attraction to beautiful people and delight in elegant things. Consumerism, venality and a potent craving for ordinary things and successes can challenge idealism, and you experience a deep need to prove yourself by rising into the ´right social circles." If you demand sentimental, romantic relationships, they become tedious, and appetites´ intensity subvert greater ambition. Still, this is a glamorous and exciting place, and friends live a life of ease, that can be shared or gained for self. Weight gain and self-indulgence are dangers here, and motherhood is also possible. You will tend to relax and do nothing unless there is pressure, and men here become voluptuary, sensualistic, epicurean, like rock n roll stars, though anyone develops taste, polish and elegance. You can find a beautiful, fashionable and perhaps rural place to live here.


This is a less desirable place to live, especially for women, who may be attacked, actually or in reputation, and who tend to suffer ill health. Stomach and digestive problems are the first to manifest, as a result of constant stress and tension, and powers of resistance to infection are lowered. The feminine ideal does not fare well here, so that men tend to attract women who make trouble, and women in this location attract those who denigrate femininity. Anyone tends to be irascible, temperamental, outspoken, bold and daring, and seems to carry the proverbial chip on his shoulder, encountering many willing to knock it off. A fighting spirit and a fondness for action and quarrelling manifest in too-quick action and sensitive pride, and there is conflict between need for protection and masculine ideas of independence. Family concerns and the home are scene of most problems, and dangers of fire, attack and injury prevail in this perilous place.


One of the best places; this is where you are loved, and admired and aspire to surround yourself with the best in the social and material pleasure of life, yet in moderation. You are honored by those in authority, advanced and emulated. Money and honor accrue with least effort, and the family prospers in the congenial surroundings of bourgeois comfort. Humor and laughter attract other to you, who do you favors and advance your causes. Enjoyment in the best of food and drink points to the one danger of this area - too much of a good thing. Good nature, bemusement in life´s curiosities, superstition, religious devotion, cultivation, philanthropy, and multiplication of dependents, including pets or livestock, all points to an unusually happy life, though as is always the case where good fortune abounds, there is some danger of slackening ambitions and demands on self. There is a feeling of security, well-being, good luck, health and prosperity.
November 3, 2020 at 06:11
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool

One of the less enjoyable places - restriction of feelings and refusal to recognize needs of others leads to a fairly dreary experience of frustration, depression, loss, low station in life, health and security worries, and troublesome family life, full of responsibility. This place is good for isolated study and preparation, though you tend to take pains with details, and ignore larger concerns. Blows to the pride evolve a personal dignity and long suffering stoicism, but horizons sink under this barrage, and you find yourself comfortable only in a restricted area of life, one usually quite boring to you. The feminine is suppressed, emotional maturity inhibited, and you come up with all sorts of internalized oppression - inner voices that say "NO" to everything you want to do. There is a spartan distaste for abstractions, and since it is hard to recognize the needs that are not being fulfilled , fulfillment itself is doubted and replaced with a cold cynicism and self-dislike. There is a self-consciousness that extends to family roots, and you may feel the victim of some family curse, so that your suffering seems justified.


Strange and uncontrollable things happen under this potent combination. Life will be anything but boring, and residence here will be full of the unexpected, the exciting, and emotional extremes. Home and family relationships are in for some basic changes, and long established cravings, habits and life structures evaporate in this locality. You develop a tremendous attraction and desire for the unconventional, especially in other people, and it eventually becomes part of your lifestyle, which gets unpredictable, unstructured and bereft of routine. You live like a gypsy, and authorities don´t like your unconventionality, so you wind up upholding your individuality against public pressure to conform. There is some aimlessness in life, involvement in trivia for the sake of principles, and unsettledness that may wear thin quickly. Enthusiasm is up, then down, your home is unique, and an expression of your "true self," but your whole life and self seem to change every two weeks or so.


This place is best left alone for most, as you become super-sensitive, absorb everything, are overcome with feelings and imaginary problems, experience intense thirst for sensation that could lead even to addiction, and generally crave and attract a parasitical, dependent existence. Money and practical matters are neglected, you become caught in your own intrigues, and confinement, voluntary or otherwise, may happen here. Yet for those willing to give up the material life, this place holds promise of deepened imagination, true visionary experiences, a life of service or monastic retreat, and increase of sensitivity, idealism and the mystical or psychic capacities. Dreams, nightmare and myths become everyday realities, and others are attracted who take advantage of you, or you find their ideas worth pursuing, so you may find the guru or yogin here. To survive in this weird and hysterical climate, you must accept the presence of the collective unconscious in yourself, assimilate your past and hidden self, and forswear the pleasures of the ego. The very instinct of self-preservation may be overcome by masochism and a desire to return to the womb, and yet there is a deep grasp of universal rhythm and truth.


Here you expect and attract rejection, as you seem to be in perpetual revolt from society and/or the law. This is were the butterfly must be urges from the cocoon, and where growth, while painful, is enforced by a feeling that life and consciousness are receding, like the view of the horizon out of the back of a speeding car. What you say and do proves unpopular here, and the intensity of your need tends to alienate you from others, who feel unable to deal with your aching wants. You are antisocial, and yet resist change, preserving your isolation as proof that you are right. Material matters are subject to constant rearrangement, and there is shyness and sensitivity in public. Needs for human comfort and intimacy seem impossible to fill, and depression is thus frequent, as there is not enough positive self affirmation from others. Yet miracles occur in this zone, and resignation is often the prelude to a miraculous rescue by higher forces.
November 3, 2020 at 18:43
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool

Education, schooling and childhood are happy here, and an automatic ease and delicacy of verbal expression evolve that guarantee creative and career successes. You become socially graceful, popular and charming under this influence, assume the role of peacemaker, and thus beloved by all. Intellectual and affectionate companionship go together, and there is excellent communication with those of whom you are fond. Health improves here, nerves calm, and profit accrues through business, art or commerce. Neurotics, and the depressed, ill or alienated may find restoration here. Work, probably with some creative aspects, can be found that is actually liked, especially in crafts, practical arts, and the creation of useful, yet elegant and beautiful articles. Public relations and advertising succeed here, as do any concerns with writing or public matters; here is where you may write the great American novel, and it is here that you are able to define and recreate the beauty within, projecting it out into some tangible accomplishments.


This is a good are to seek and enjoy manual, farm, laboring, or other active, strenuous work. Here, verbal and mental abilities are given muscle, so goals are accomplished, though there is rudeness, coarseness, some maliciousness and a tendency to sarcasm and cutting wit. Nervousness may be extreme, and you may be subject to infections or to injuries caused by rash actions and recklessness, especially in driving. The pen is mightier than the sword, so this is a good climate for a journalist, though you adopt something of an adolescent air, awkward, painfully sensitive and yet effective. Cunning skill and dexterity are developed as personal weapons, and your idea tend to compete for you. Examinations and competition are apt to be rigorous here, engineering abilities manifest, but you tend to split hairs, and you criticize, and are criticized for beliefs and ideals. Sexual exploitation, overwork or even criminality can manifest here, and this area is best avoided by those not already calm and self-possessed. There is daring and recklessness but danger also.


Big ideas are put into operation here, and business prospers. There is intellectual and academic advance, and favored businesses are mail order, publishing, travel, literature, commerce, writing, advertising and allied fields. Intelligence and an air of unimpeachable authority assure community acceptance here, and a clever irreverence and clear, dependable judgment insure increase of influence and acquisition of "culture". Abilities to heal are recognized, and personal and intellectual powers are identified, so that study and teaching are successful. Good fortune comes through the publication of ideas, and life tends to be commercial, academic or bookish. You may act the absent-minded professor, and achieve a low-key fame through writing and a reasoned humanism and liberalism. A simple lifestyle sacrifices pleasures for knowledge. Languages become easily learned, and this is a good place for the person whose life has been dominated by sense and physicality, or for those to whom education and culture seem inaccessible. Business succeeds spectacularly, and work, usually congenial, is found that deals with ideas.


Here, organization and practicality dominate, but work is hard, surroundings uncongenial, and there is suspicion and doubt. You work with little originality, and it is hard to get ideas into action. Good for detailed craft work, or for accounting or science, this is where you can work on yourself and comprehend "karma" or the past. This is where notes are copious, records researched, and yet where little creative gets done due to others´ lack of imagination. You seem to be behind the times, and succeed through rather venal types of commerce, and small time wheelings and dealings. Mind, speech and writing seem sluggish and antiquated, and it is impossible to admit mistakes, which are made over and over. If you need rigid routine, this is a good place, but its general myopia and Puritan abstemiousness make it too dreary and anxious for most. Mystically, it represents the identification of soul and karma, and the alchemical transformation wrought by self-knowledge and tedious work on your own personality. You may undertake study of a long and difficult curricula, only to find the product of such study to be useless. Health and mood are depressed here.
November 3, 2020 at 20:02
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool

This crossing of lines indicates the individualization of self through work, and abilities to express yourself through cleverness, handiness, and intelligence in craft or work concerns. Occupation is the scene of growth here, and the mind, original and non-conforming, seeks ways of expressing itself creatively, while maintaining independence, so some form of self-employment is needed. Health, work situations, ideas, residence and opinions are apt to frequently change. There is continual excitement, and the development of a defiant and iconoclastic mentality, that delights in exploding others´ myths and illusions. The mind becomes inspirational and innovative, and sees through the sham of authorities, so that astrology, metaphysics or advanced science are explored, to the end of defining self as different from others. Here you are comfortable with paradox and contradictions, and may succeed as innovator or inventor. Eccentricity takes over and others see you as something of a kook, thus finding your ideas as amusing as serious, but you are immune to such criticism, and actually think many years ahead of your time.


Here you open yourself to the intrusion of idealism, new ideas, imagination, and you "mentally" go native. This is where you infiltrate the public mind with your ideas, and where imagination is vivid and offbeat. There is a danger of health crises, neuroses, or worse, and logical processes are unclear, untidy, cloudy and highly suggestible. Negative thinking and a spacey attitude invite the use of drugs and victimization by others, so career plans exist in the most part in an unrealistic rosy glow. Some success in fantasy, creative writing, service professions, especially graphics or films and photographic arts may attend those who can keep their feet on the ground, but most people in this zone become scapegoats of some sort. Daily life gets all involved in the Cosmic, and it´s predictably hard to pay the rent when you are having apocalyptic visions, so society often intervenes negatively. You become scatter-brained and gossipy, and find everyday environments full of mystery and intrigue. People and the environment as a whole, tend to take advantage of you. This area is good for self-analysis, for identifying the past, and Freudian type introspection.


Here, a paranoid fixation on communications may make it hard to believe in, and get any meaningful information, and language or speech difficulties tend to cut you off from others. The mind is attracted to forbiddingly technical or bizarre areas of thought, and your research requires a new symbol-code, perhaps using computers, as data inside and outside yourself are linked in new ways. Unnecessary detail is a pitfall here, and the mind may spend years on work that is trivial, or which has already been done. You may quit your job and seek self-employment in order to be able to pursue your ideas. There is potential to research your own past, seek the ideas and events that shaped your personality, and be rid of them. Esoterically, this zone holds the key to the Akashic Records, and you are plugged into a universal knowledge that gives you unusual foresight and power. Situations arise that need commitment, and your positions are usually unpopular, as you cannot compromise with critics or adversaries, and carry minor differences to total confrontation. A new social involvement may be conceived here or begun.
November 4, 2020 at 01:17
(Leo) Sunnyshadow » Fool
Just have to say, this has become a fascinating topic for me. This last post you made, with Mercury and Uranus lines falls into my line of longitude


This crossing of lines indicates the individualization of self through work, and abilities to express yourself through cleverness, handiness, and intelligence in craft or work concerns. Occupation is the scene of growth here, and the mind, original and non-conforming, seeks ways of expressing itself creatively, while maintaining independence, so some form of self-employment is needed. Health, work situations, ideas, residence and opinions are apt to frequently change. There is continual excitement, and the development of a defiant and iconoclastic mentality, that delights in exploding others´ myths and illusions. The mind becomes inspirational and innovative, and sees through the sham of authorities, so that astrology, metaphysics or advanced science are explored, to the end of defining self as different from others. Here you are comfortable with paradox and contradictions, and may succeed as innovator or inventor. Eccentricity takes over and others see you as something of a kook, thus finding your ideas as amusing as serious, but you are immune to such criticism, and actually think many years ahead of your time.

All of this is very true for me, and, sure enough I am self employed. It all rings true. Non-conformist, defiant iconoclastic. All of it.

I also have mars MC line right over my location. All that is true as well. It is a difficult line to live under according to what I´ve read. Energy is focused on career and physical exertion.

Another line of longitude that intersects my location is Sun\Chiron and reading it seems very similar to what I´ve experienced.

Funny thing. I traveled to the west coast in 2016 and had a fabulous time seeing and experiencing all the new places. One line that I spent some time under, turns out, was one of my NN lines. Interesting.

But the real kicker was, on my way back home, as I was traveling across Texas, I rode through a town that just really felt right. I mean something jumped up and grabbed me about this place. It stuck in my memory. Something about it just felt so right.

Well, turns out, it right between two paran lines Moon sextile MC and Jupiter sextile MC. Really felt good.

The NN line felt good too.
November 4, 2020 at 09:52
(Leo) Sunnyshadow » Sunnyshadow
There´s alot of interesting things about astrocartography. It´s all starting to come to me.

I´ll add this interesting tidbit. For awhile now, when I get really fed up and want to just "leave it all behind" I´ll say, "let´s move to Brazil" Dont really know why i picked Brazil. Just like saying it maybe. It´s a fairly well known place, that´s pretty far from me.

Anyway, turns out. It´s the only country in the world that my Sun, Jupiter and Venus MC lines Cross through..

Unless you count Greenland :61:

I thought that was pretty neat. May have to travel there and see what its like
November 4, 2020 at 10:14
(Aries) ram_goat » nutelina
I have been looking at astrocartography before and it was very unclear what all the lines meant!

Yep, that was the point. I wanted to know the same things myself and there is so little good info out there.

I have been really busy the past 3 weeks, but I´ll get back to this thread soon.
November 4, 2020 at 10:23
(Aries) ram_goat » Fool
I was gifted my astrocartography chart (decades ago) it came with a book that I have been trying to scan to my computer but the tech is having none of it. Had to uninstall the printer and now it refuses to recognise it.

Yep scanning it while staying on the right side of copyright laws has been my aim here, too.

I use linux, and waited a long time to post on this subject until I could find some decent OCR software to save me some typing. I settled on leptonica and tesseract. I have been very impressed with the OCR abilities of these 2 programs even using a blurry photo of a page taken with a smartphone. Then I got really busy and this thread has foundered a bit, but I will come back to it.
November 4, 2020 at 10:31
(Aries) ram_goat » dani_mae1
you posted a picture of yourself once with your kids, you were barefoot, wearing a white dress. His description made me think of that picture which I am sure he never saw. Accurate indeed..
November 4, 2020 at 16:09
(Aquarius) Fool » ram_goat
I´d like to acknowledge your replies - will get back to them soon as. One thing I would like to mention is my growing respect for Jim Lewis. Typing these notes out one could feel that he had been to all the places (well mostly I´m guessing) on his map. You can feel him trying to be direct and yet very careful with his ´terps´; almost as if it is painful. The little short bursts between the plethora of commas are, to me, little jewels of insight dug from some of the most difficult places to be. I will leave a link to his biog (the chart itself is hard to read, though - use the astrotheme one) Jim Lewis biog… Astrotheme chart…

What an astrologer!
November 4, 2020 at 16:55
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool

Areas where the lines of the male and female planets cross are, not surprisingly, in which sexuality may be the most enjoyed and experienced. Indiscretion and impatience dominate here, there is reliance on trial and error, and endless variety is sought sexually, and in other life concerns. High spirits invite constant pursuit of sybaritic pleasure, and a Rabelaisian, polymorphous appetite may not confine itself to customary expressions. Here is where the love object is possessed, and where appreciation and sensitivity are used as motivation to climb out of confining or immature relationships. This, spiritually, is the binding of the spirit to the flesh, or, the putting of ideas to work, and symbolizes the act of self-perfection, or abandonment, so that life lives you. At best, love for others can be seen as part of the self, and the raising of the opposite-sex nature and the relatedness of Eros is experienced and assimilated into self. Sex is perceived as self renewal, and loss of self into others avoided.


Here art and beauty become matters for abstract study, and "ahrt" is glorified, along with a social group that is fashionably appreciative and stylish. Friends tend to graceful, socially admirable, and this location is marked by good fortune, success, beauty, and laughter in almost too great measure. Self-indulgence can be the fly in the ointment
here, and laxity, intemperance and lack of motivation may result from too much jaded living. Men tend to become almost too feminized under this influence, and women seem genteel, become popular and receive many gifts and invitations. Life seems without substance or challenge, and, as a result, much is made of pedestrian feelings, soap opera emotionalism and a prima donna complex is nurtured. Conspicuous consumption may be a vice, as there are lavish parties and Society weddings, so that pleasure is deified, and it´s all rather like a 1948 musical. Friends are met who are wealthy, there can be an advantageous marriage, and yet a laziness and hedonism threatens personal idealism.


Here you seem ugly and needful, and your friends disappoint you, as love and social concerns seem not to measure up to expectations. There are conforming desires for material success and prosperity, so that ambitions remain rather ordinary, yet there is secret attraction to what others find repulsive, and this can include "low life",or a taste for humiliation and peculiar sexual pleasures. Men have little understanding of women, so emotional maturity seems arrested, and one is often attracted to a "sugar Daddy" (or Mama) in these areas, so that companionship is disappointing. Jealousy often leads to self-deprecation, and sexuality may become quite bizarre, with sado-masochistic or fetishistic experiences. Prudence and self-control are developed, and this area can be good for detailed and careful crafts work, or for relationships between elderly people. But for most, it is a negative area, where self-esteem, household and relational matters are all chilled and habitually boring.


As drab as Venus*Saturn is, Venus*Uranus is colorful. Here, everything scintillates with contrast and excitement, but it is the social life that is most interesting, as new, unconventional, hippy friends come and go like some kind of stage play. Your non-conformity is expressed in diet, dress, mannerisms, habits and choice of companions, so that others are attracted, or violently opposed to you. Erotic needs are strong and polymorphous here, and often seek unconventional expressions - through them you are able to see yourself in the mirror of others´ desires. Whirlwind, once-in-a-lifetime, storybook romances sweep you off your feet at least monthly, and the inconstancy is often because you overlook the attachment and commitment end of affection. You project your ideals onto your beloved, and may rebel when he/she demands recognition of his/her personality. But this is where style, and a Bohemian, avant- guard, anti Puritanican lifestyle involves you with exciting friends and where social reform is postulated on esthetic standards.
Utopianism flourishes here, and there could be erotic or idealistic group involvement and communitarian experiments.
November 4, 2020 at 18:43
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool

These planets bring out Romanticism, and the yearning for the impossible dream, but in reality, this area is marked by betrayals from lax and unreliable friends, pursuits of disinterested lovers, attraction to weak people, and generally, cockroaches under the glamour and glitter to which you are attracted. Drugs and secrets fascinate, and the more mysterious the person, the more interesting, with obvious results. Life seems glamorous, and feelings are intense and wistfully sentimental. Love affairs seem to be a trifle sordid, and scandal attends the affections, as conflicting loyalties are inescapable, and social life confused with intrigues. This is where the subjective obliterates the objective, and here all the poignant yearning for beauty and love can take artistic, poetic or musical form. Your own suffering charts the depths of love you can unselfishly give, and sensitivities to form, color and beauty are intense here. Sympathy, a visionary dreaminess, fondness for escapism and Romantic art, and unselfishness all dominate the astrological climate, where the greatest challenge is to resist temptation, something almost impossible here.


In this locale, sensory delights are somehow involved with the public or with extremity, and you become a successful artist or courtesian. Sex needs are intense and eroticism seeks to feel more, perhaps attracting yo to extreme or exotic forms of satisfaction. You are insatiable, and this leads to passionate relationships, tempestuous social life and leaves time for little else. In normal relationships, there is a desire to merge entirely with the loved one, and love and destruction may be intertwined themes. In this area, you could experience your first sexuality, and the ideal mate is sought with tragic intensity, as moderation in anything is difficult here. Periodic convulsions restore harmony in relationships and social life, and while the ultimate is desired, it is also feared. You may transform yourself into a sex object, and then reject those who are interested in you for your physical self. Pregnancy is dangerous in this area: a desire for "sooner, quicker, faster, more" marries you to passion as you learn the true facts of life and shatter most of your illusions. Appetites are jaded with time.
November 4, 2020 at 19:27
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool

The symbol for this combination might be the Roman soldier. It is imperialistic, masculine, militant and vigorous, with a respect for authority and uniformity, as well as delight in athletics, sport, competition, and power. There is raw courage, ability to "take arms against a sea of troubles" though many of these troubles may be self-created. Physical culture and sports succeed here, this being the ideal place for an athlete. Daring and courage are expressed in outdoors work or a military image, and you imprudently grasp for power, lack moderation in sensory pursuits, and experience strong sex needs, adventuresomeness, and an attitude that might makes right, masked under religious or theoretical hypocrisy. You come to resemble the Hemingwayesque he-man, seem to have money to burn, though no savings, and go through your own and others´ resources hungrily, though there is obvious, virile ability to earn or restore them, and extravagance, coarseness, expediency and opportunism manifest. For some, this is where religious convictions demand forceful conversion of the infidels.


One of the least desirable places, as here, there is suppression of the masculine that leaves you open for victimization, violence, cruelty and sadism. Here is where physical concerns are dominant, and where a pecking order forms, with others taking frustrations out on you, who must find people lower than yourself on whom to vent your rage. Crowds, overexertion, and high places pose physical threats, and injury is likely. Women become consistently dominant, and men coarse and cruel. You pursue one direction ruthlessly, but it hardly seems worth it. It is possible to overcome insurmountable obstacles by tenacity and brute force, and this area could be good for those engaged in the roughest sort of livelihood - miners, laborers, steelworkers, pioneers. Conditions are harder here than anywhere else, and usually wear you out in time: "basic training" goes on forever. Whatever is feminine, artistic, gentle and sympathetic is notable absent in this locale, and sexuality is pursued without feeling.


Here you demand to be freed from any sort of confinement or coercion, and seek adventure and unique self-expression. You act the part of the daredevil, and something of a loner, and cannot be made to do anything that does not serve your individualistic and opportunistic ends. Your rights are defended to the end, and you demand your share form a position of aloof independence. There is considerable danger of injury here, as your actions are precipitate and unconsidered, and accidents involving guns, machinery or in driving are common. Engineers, scientists, and those working for industry may enjoy this adventuresome climate, and inventiveness is accented. You come to live for day to day thrills, these often being sexual, and men particularly may find their tastes in sensory pleasures widening. Few people are adventuresome or hardy enough to enjoy this place for a sustained period, as separation form mates and general uproar are inescapable, but for those who need constant adrenalin to add savor to life, and who enjoy testing skills in a combative situations, this is an exciting and challenging locality.
November 4, 2020 at 20:19
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool

All things considered, this may be the most undesirable place to be, as here, the aggression of Mars is mixed with the uncertainty of Neptune. There may be illness, including venereal disease, unprovoked attacks from strangers, addiction to drugs, and sexuality seems to take all sorts of unpleasant and weird forms. Paranoia and neurosis may found themselves on an essentially, but subtly, hostile environment. Fears have a nasty way of coming true here, and victimization by society or its lower elements may occur. This is in part because of aspirations all out of proportion with reality, and cowardice that attracts parasites. In unusual cases, there may be nonviolent victory, implementation of ideals, or even success through dancing, but for most of us, it is like fighting a battle underwater - it is impossible to make any sort of connection, or even to see what it is you are fighting against. Sex murders, executions, and other sordid realities seem to constantly intrude under this combination, and there is appetite for sensationalism and the bizarre. If either of the planets occupies the Descendant, you may be the object of attack, humiliation and ridicule.


Here most of the sexual nature is suppressed, with resultant glorification of the masculine, "macho" ideal, so you get involved in military, industrial, athletic or highly competitive lifestyles. Violence is thought to be the answer to everything, and you seem coarse,uncouth, cruel, indomitable, and have best luck if involved in primitive conditions, war, heavy industry, pioneering, martial arts or other demanding situations where rough and ready competitiveness is an advantage. You cut loose from the past and start all over again and you have to see yourself as a "man among men", so are compulsive about your masculine image in some way (even if you´re a woman). Crimes may be perpetrated, not so much for gain, but to prove yourself, and passion here can be explosive and dangerous. Shocks and dramatic alterations of life direction, often allied with sexuality, can also be expected here, a rather anti-social location, and one is which power is a major personal concern.
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