September 27, 2020 at 11:13 (UT/GMT)
(Aries) ram_goat
A few months ago I noticed petr added astrocartography to the site. I knew nothing about astrocartography but it intrigued me, so I bought this book, written by the guy that supposedly invented it. I am no expert on the subject, I merely pass on some information in the book to help others understand the features on the site..

Some Vocabulary:

Paran Lines: The crossing of one planet´s MC or IC line with another planet´s rising (ASC) or setting line (DSC). The latitude at which this happens is considered to be influenced by both planets. This is the same as a "paranatellonta" or "paran".

A quote from the book:

"They are somewhat like squares in their action, and have been found to be about one-third the strength of the (ASC or DSC) lines themselves. Though most ACG interpretation emphasizes the lines more than the crossings, the latter are particularly important in those areas where one is not within "orb" of regular lines. An orb of about 4 to 7 degrees on either side (east or west) of an MC/IC or rise-set line, and about 1 to 2 degrees on either side (north or south) of a crossing are suggested based on experience, as well as feedback from AstroCartoGraphy users.

Finally, just as we can "stack up" chart upon chart upon chart, so it is possible to consider questions of astrological geography from a variety of possible viewpoints, such as transits and progressions. Even within a horoscope, this can quickly become unwieldy, requiring a good knowledge of astrology and great care to interpret properly, When using a map, all the more care must be used, For this reason, the best method of going beyond the natal map to look at current indications is to combine progressions of the inner planets with transits of the outer planets, since the two sets of planets will move along at roughly the same speed."


As much as I´de like to simply copy the entire book and paste it in here, there are some obvious problems with that. Instead of a mass cut & paste, I´ll try to paraphrase ideas from the book sufficiently to keep any lawyers from knocking on petr´s door.


The significance of some location falling to the east of a line vs west of a line:

Ascendant Lines:

West of line: The effects of that line will reflect the 1st house more
Since the first house is the house of self, you will relate very personally with the energies west of the line, they will affect your personality more.

East of line: The effects of that line will reflect the 12th house more The effect of the planet will act upon you more psychologically, in ways that are less visible to you but may be visible to others around you.

Descendant Lines:

West of the line: The effects of the line will be influenced by the 7th house. You will project the energy of the planet externally, and it will manifest itself in the people around relationships around you. These people will be your teachers, and you will not be able to see the lessons or qualities they possess in yourself, but only through others.

East of the line: The effects of the line will be influenced by your 6th house. The energy of the planet will show itself in the form of external problems or challenges in your environment, which you must learn from.

Imum Coeli Lines:

West of the line: The effects of the line will be influenced by the 4th house. The planet´s influence will manifest externally, but in a manner that challenges your identity or ancestral, family, or internal values.

East of the line: The effects of the line will be influenced by the 3rd house. The influence of the planet will sensitize you to your environment and force you to behave externally in a way that conforms with the place, as influenced by the energy of the planet in question.

Midheaven Lines:

West of the line: The effects of the line will be influenced by the 10th house. The influence will be outer oriented, as MC rules your social standing and reptuation, as well as career in society. Situations that cause growth and development in a very public and visible manner will occur.

East of the line: The effects of the line will be influenced by the 9th house. The influence of the planet will reflect the beliefs and values of the society in which the location lies. Things will be experienced on an internal private level, but will involve larger issues belonging to the culture or society of the place.

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November 21, 2020 at 18:54
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool
(Jim Lewis)

Moon On The Midheaven (MO MH)

Here you have an emotional involvement with your status in society, and a need for social acceptance, so there is deep sensitivity to public feelings and probably some political awareness. All of this fits you well for a job in the public service or the helping professions, and there is a need to be useful, particularly in your job, which might also be in domestic concerns. There is a strong attachment to your Mother here. People in higher positions, like the boss, seem to notice your affairs, constantly, and you are deeply affected by status, seem to crave it more, and tend to define yourself by your social needs, or by your needs for attention. All these needs and feelings fluctuate, however, so sustained effort towards any goal is dependent on exterior forces. East of the line may be better than West.

The Moon On The Ascendant (MO ASC)

Here, you tend to yield to any temptation, may gain weight, and seem pushed around by your desires and cravings. You identify with your mother, or may become one, and endeavor to please or impress others. You act shy, retiring, sympathetic, sentimental and needful, and identify with your own and others´ needs, tending to get mixed up in their affairs as a consequence. The present evokes a response of timidity but sensitivity, and you are deeply affected by environmental considerations, develop powers of adaptations, and are able to care for others. You try to become what you think others want you to become, and are painfully aware of others´ opinions, so self-definition is largely reflective, intuitive and sensitive. East of the line probably best.
November 22, 2020 at 18:30
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool
(Jim Lewis)

The Moon On The I.C. (MO IC)

Here, family matters, concerns of home and property tend to take up all your time and energy. There is a comfortable feeling of belonging, and the need to seek and insure security, but also a tendency to move constantly, due to a need to totally control environment, and to insure privacy. You want to feel at home and secure, but things out of your control keep happening, especially West of this line, and people who need you always seem to be arriving. "Me and mine" ideas develop strongly here, and you are able to blend into any environment, seem to belong where you are, despite the constant change and emotionalism with which home and personal matters are charged.

The Moon On The Descendant (MO DSC)

You are much talked about here, and others get themselves involved in your affairs, especially in legal and marital situations. You crave relationship, and may lean on a marriage partner for emotional support, and thus attract complex involvements and situations that deeply affect your feelings. Any one to one relationship tends to feel out of your control. You may be married here, almost entirely on another´s initiative. You need to be needed, and may attract parasites in relationships, as you easily compromise and project your needs onto others. You may find successful work in the helping professions or one dealing with the public, as you get your own needs mixed-up with others´, guaranteeing an interesting, if not stable time in any form of personal or legal relationship. Eventually, you learn to seek advantages for yourself, and West of line is probably preferable.
November 25, 2020 at 19:15
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool
(Jim Lewis)

Mercury On The Midheaven (ME MH)

This is the place to go to find work, especially in business, mail-order, education, crafts, travel, literary work or teaching, as you tend to identify yourself through crafts, work and career, and even hobbies have ambitions attached to them, or are competitive. The mind and verbal powers are used to advance personal power needs, there is conscious participation in politics or community affairs, and skills are learned of social importance. Local politics may succeed here, as your name tends to be bandied around a lot, or reported, and there is a growing sense of social responsibility, a desire to go one better, and a sense of social gamesmanship. The rules of success are learned well, and played well, though without much feeling here, West of the line is better than East.

Mercury On The Ascendant (ME ASC)

Here, you identify with your mind and/or work. You may be known for your profession, mental abilities, repartee, conversational or manual skills, craftsmanship, expressiveness, versatility, or adaptability. You seem younger here, and motility is gained, so that those suffering from handicaps may undergo most successful therapy here. You stay mobile, your ideas become well known, and you say what you think, but reserve the right to change your mind. Physical coordination may improve here. Abstractly, self-definition and understanding bloom here, and everything contributes to an awareness of self, so the mind is used in effort to understand the essential meaning of your life. Your ideas serve to differentiate you from others, and the outer self changes constantly, deflecting definition and highlighting the inner essential self. West of the line is best.

Mercury On The I.C. (ME IC)

The past is used here to define the self, and an historical interest in family, roots and origins manifests. Genealogy, becomes a preoccupation, and patriotism, national and religious tradition tend to become more relevant to self-definition. You can look into, cope with and come to deal with the past especially in private, and you are most conditioned by the past, and seek to understand the archaeology of self, perhaps through psychoanalysis. Racial and family ´karma´ are a fascination under this line, so there is intellectual concern with pure being. What you do here may be noted in the family history, as you seek to understand your origins, and home concerns remain fluid, changing and interesting. East of line best.

Mercury On The Descendant (ME DSC)

Here is where you should go to succeed as a counsellor, salesman, to sell your ideas, or to promote yourself, and advertising, journalism, publicity, and other verbal skills are instinctively improved under Mercury. Debate, objective and business relationships work well here, though sexual partnerships may lose intensity and passion. This is a good area for dealing with young people, and educators succeed as well as pupils. You tend to reflect prevailing ideas, and your mind is stimulated to grow through relationships. Recreation is enjoyed here, and your own work concerns, hobbies, verbal abilities and mental creativity become identified with other people, and can be perfected with their help. East of the line best for work concerns, as there, you become known for your profession.
November 26, 2020 at 18:20
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool
(Jim Lewis)

Venus On The Midheaven (VE MH)

Where Venus occupies the Midheaven you are identified by society for what you have, and thus, money becomes a major preoccupation. This often means social, or artistic success, and you are admired as one who has made it in style. Arts often figure into vocation here. Esthetic perceptions are used in social milieux, so you bring together rather fashionable, jet-setty people, and display social graces and charms as major armaments in your quest, for enviable social advantage. Some of the social graces perfected are rather useless, but success in vocations of ornament, fashion and decoration, as well as arts is indicated. Other people come to see you as you like to see yourself, and you are identified by how you get what you want. Lifestyle is crucial here and you enjoy more, and more obviously than most people. East of the line is best.

Venus On The Ascendant (VE ASC)

Here is where you go to become beautiful and to recreate yourself in your own image of beauty. Clothing, vanity and fashion appeal, and you define yourself in the company you keep, aiming high for socially desirable relationships, and ultimately seeking and finding a useless life of laziness and enjoyment. Here you learn to like yourself. Women here tend towards a Hollywood sex-kitten image, pink bathtubs and bubbles, while men act like a peacock. You are rather possessive here, and the integration of others´ personalities into your own seems to give you the right to play prima donna. Men may here come to terms with the feminine parts of their personalities (the anima), and training is taken to enhance attractiveness, especially West of the line.

Venus On The I.C. (VE I.C.)

Here, ease, laxity and luxury are transplanted into the home, which may become something of a social center. Residence should be in the country as sewing, gardening, baking, agriculture and domestic arts are enjoyed, and talents increase. Lands, mines and investments prosper here, and thumbs become green with practice. Appreciation and affection for the family deepens, and children are born here as there is a deep need for a secure, loving, supportive and beautiful home. You look best, at home, which may eventually become cluttered with pets, people and bri-a-brac, but decorative skills flower in this astrological climate, and environmental beauty, peace and security form the foundation for personal progress and advance in the world. West of line best.

Venus On The Descendant (VE DSC)

This is probably the best place to get married, especially for women, but you tend to attract lazy but beautiful people. You become skilled, clever and effectual at all forms of human relations, gracious, charming and social. Harmony and cooperation are projected outward, and thus return, although you let others do most of the work in relationship, and see the ´quality´ of social relationships or marriage as important. Your own beauty is projected onto others, and there is pride in the loved one´s attractiveness, and efforts are made to enhance it. All life´s pleasures tend to get involved with others, but you are loved for the effect you have on people, and, if you are content to live for others, this place can be quite happy. West of line best.
November 27, 2020 at 16:13
(Aquarius) Fool » ZynCitrus
"How To Read An Astrocartograhy Map" video. If seekers find other such videos post them :4:…
November 27, 2020 at 18:23
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool
(Jim Lewis)

Mars On The Midheaven (MA MH)

Here, you strive for success and position in society, often through military, engineering, building or physical work, professions usually associated with men, and there is a drive to pioneering accomplishment and individualistic success. Sexual orientation may be discovered or experienced, and there is a definite identification of self as somewhat "macho", and attraction to a social atmosphere more coarse, masculine and unrefined, than usual. Authority is rebelled against, pain is quietly borne and there is overestimation of self, zeal for work and accident proneness. Success comes from initiative, courage and confidence in self, and through the overcoming of antagonisms and competition. Others may see you as something of a Casanova, and you act like a part in a Humphrey Bogart movie. West of line preferable.
November 27, 2020 at 18:41
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool
(Jim Lewis)

Mars On The Ascendant (MA ASC)

Here, you become the ´macho´ image, seek to compete, are physically stronger, active and rash, seem courageous yet clumsy and boisterous. You look for confrontations, and woe to those who affront you under a rising Mars. You present a strong sexual ´come-on´ and anyone is fair game. You carry a big stick and assert that actions speak louder than words, so that here is best for athletic success, while there is a recklessness and insures you your share of bumps. You can attract attention to yourself by pushing yourself to your limits, or even by self-inflicted pain (athletic competition is usually painful), and physical force is often the court of last resort. You get wholly involved in what you do, but there is an element of self-dislike here, and tendency to subject self to harsh, demanding and challenging situations, perhaps with unfortunate long term results. West of line is best, and life is rarely dull under this line.
November 27, 2020 at 19:01
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool
(Jim Lewis)

Mars On The I.C. (MA IC)

Home, family, property and past tend to be scenes of challenge, and trouble here, and while this place is good for pioneering a home, carving it out of the wilderness and building it yourself, there tends to be too much tension and challenge where you need to feel safe, and things always threaten security. Here you can learn your instincts, and how to react through them, effect reform in your family home and self-concept, but such reforms tend to be violent and radical, and family members are antipathetical. Your sex image becomes your self-image, and you need a constant outlet for energy. You center yourself through conquest, force and challenge, but constant tension probably tires you out. East less tense than West of line.
November 28, 2020 at 13:58
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool
(Jim Lewis)

Mars On The Descendant (MA DSC)

This is one of the least desirable locations, as here, you attract violence and others´ antipathy, especially if there is any self-dislike in your make-up. Love is passionate and competitively assertive, and relationships usually combattive. Marriage is apt to get rather unpleasant, though this is an area where others find you sexually appealing, and you are willing or unwilling object of their attention. Health is subject to frequent upsets, and you tend to project anger, so that relationships are short lived and intense. The hard sell dominates, the world seems, and perhaps is, hostile, legal concerns fail, and there is constant external pressure on you. East of line problems are more self-originated than West.
November 28, 2020 at 14:15
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool
(Jim Lewis)

Jupiter On The Midheaven (JU MH)

Here is one of the best places to be - there are easy meetings with remarkable, rich and powerful people, and you are preferred in work situations and tend to rise socially, as business and personal status increase. You exhibit a real care for others which could put you in public office, find you supported by society, or in one of the helping professions, especially any branch of medicine. Success comes here and you develop ostentation, and display inherent "superiority" and quality. The Joneses try to keep up with you, and fame, wealth and protective insulation seem to come your way. This is the best location for progress in religious, legal, or medical concerns, society, business or fame, but there is always a danger of complaisancy, ´selling-out´, or abandoning principles or self-determination, as life here is almost too easy. Publication and writing succeed spectacularly here. West of line best.
November 28, 2020 at 14:30
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool
(Jim Lewis)

Jupiter On The Ascendant (JU ASC)

Here you exude self-confidence, personal quality, and may have healing or religious power. Faith, optimism and hope are outwardly seen, and have effects on those who know you, so that you can demonstrate the power of positive thinking, and perhaps work miracles of faith in the lives of others. People bereft of faith are attracted to you, and you may take all this too seriously, becoming pompous, self-important, overweight, lax and very much a big fish in a small pond.

Spiritual evolution is also possible here, and people imitate, or even follow you, but other forces may be needed to keep you from going to pot. You become a person of consequence, the essence of establishment values, and a pillar of the community, and are rather liked by most people for the joy you take in life, your generosity and obvious kindness. East of line best.
November 28, 2020 at 14:53
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool
(Jim Lewis)

Jupiter On The I.C. (JU IC)

This is a good place to retire, or find the perfect place to live, and family life prospers here as nowhere else. Real estate increases in value, you look forward to a secure old age, and become a matriarch/patriarch, pillar of society, and successful, though conservative politician. This is your place on earth, and you can make things grow, live off the land, or become a landlord. Your family develops a tradition, grows a family tree, and comes to a heritage and pride in itself. You can find a sense of inner worth here, and this is the best place to center yourself in past and tradition, and find the real self within. You feel able to care for less fortunate persons, and become benevolent and generous, as you contentedly pursue your own religious or family destiny. Here, in your personal garden of Eden, you cease outer struggle and build a feeling of inner worth, sharing your success with those closest to you. West of line better than East.
November 28, 2020 at 15:36
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool
(Jim Lewis)

Jupiter On The Descendant (JU DSC)

Here you attract influence and assistance from people in high places. Relationships are fortunate, and others seem to always come to your aid, physically or financially. You may marry or relate to people who are well off, and here is an excellent location for a lawyer or salesperson, and any legal battles go best here. Personal salvation, religious or otherwise, comes from relationships, and business or dealings with the public prosper. Life seems guided by others, and you usually get wide public sympathy and support, as well as material assistance. There is some danger of over-reliance on mate here, but this is one of the most fortunate areas possible, one in which forces beyond your control seem determined that you are to have an easy time of it.
November 28, 2020 at 16:53
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool
(Jim Lewis)

Saturn On The Midheaven (SA MH)

This is the best of the four, as the dutiousness and power-need of Saturn are directed outward and seek fulfillment of ambition, personal and political power, and success at the price of hard work and unrelenting effort. You may seem a loner or a miser here, motivated by buried ideas of social inferiority to make it by any means available, and there is an inability to work under anyone´s orders but your own, and deep needs to control anything that might threaten you. This is not an easy place to be, but success comes after years of toil and it´s all yours. Here you shout "I´ll show them," and plan to get even in 1998, as raw nerves of powerlessness are exposed to others´ superiority and advantages. The greatest danger here is overextension of ambition, and energy should be devoted to self-perfection and understanding limitations, lest you become a hated tyrant when your turn to rule comes. You may purposely let yourself fall in social position here in order to be able to rise under your own power.
November 28, 2020 at 17:28
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool
(Jim Lewis)

Saturn On The Ascendant (SA ASC)

Here is where you can rise to personal power over your life, take control of habits and life patterns, seem older and more powerful to others, but pay the price with physical ageing, poor health and a deep sense of personal inferiority. You feel ugly, wear black, tend to hypochondria, may lose weight, feel anxious among strangers, and yet, with time, turn handicaps into personal advantages, and develop a dignity and power that others fear and recognize. There is repulsion from reliance on others, and a tendency to assume the role of Victim, as well as an inclination towards Puritanism and spartanism. Your final answer to any criticism is that you did it your way, and your past and failures are advertised, which gives you more to overcome. East of line might be less rigorous than West.
November 28, 2020 at 17:52
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool
(Jim Lewis)

Saturn On The I.C. (SA IC)

One of the least desirable places to be - you become tied to family traditions, persons who are ill, responsibilities, and other inhibitions, and while you are able to center yourself, it is only with bitterness and a sense of all you have missed in life. Family matters are dreary here, and there is unquestioning or forced acceptance of traditions and outdated customs, and while this is a good place to come to terms with the past, real estate, matters of old age, relatives and the home all labor under tremendous pressures. This is a poor place to retire, and if you live here, you draw further and further away from others, becoming something of a hermit, though this area can be good for contemplation and mastery of self. Agriculture may fail here, as it doesn´t rain much when you´re around, but land values may gradually increase, and minerals and mining are among the few life concerns that go well here.
November 28, 2020 at 18:05
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool
(Jim Lewis)

Saturn On The Descendant (SA DSC)

Here misfortune may come through cooperation or legal concerns, and marriage or any form of relationship carries responsibilities, difficulty, and tends to be for power reasons, rather than for affection. You can be the power behind the throne here, tend to be somewhat snobbish, selective, and unpopular, and get treated rather like a villain, or a doormat, mostly for needs for rejection that are projected outwards. The weakness and hatred you bear for parts of yourself tend to get projected outward onto other people, who return the ill feelings in kind. As in any Saturn area, things improve with time, and you can learn to be judicious, impartial and honest, though in relationships you tend to be too cautious, and may miss opportunities. West of the line is best.
November 29, 2020 at 17:01
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool
(Jim Lewis)

Uranus On The Midheaven (UR MH)

Here, your career, social standing, status and power may fluctuate radically from obscurity to fame and back again, unexpectedly and dramatically. There is a vital love of personal freedom, here and tendency to ignore others´ or institutions´ supposed power and authority, that casts you into the role of social rebel and rescuer, so that others´ lives tend to inextricably and precariously get involved with your own. You may respond with something of a pompous Messiah complex. Everybody talks about you here, and some may admire, while others hate you - no one, it seems, is neutral, as you become the symbol of a movement, a cause, or an ideal. There is a lot of political power to reform here, or to innovate, yet you may get lost in the ramifications of what you have done, and personal ambition gets eclipsed by the causes to which it attached itself. You remain unaffected by society, whose changes you have catalyzed, and your life is a personal battle for ideals that seem to get confused with others´ needs for liberation from oppression. West of the line is the place of most personal power.
November 29, 2020 at 17:14
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool
(Jim Lewis)

Uranus On The Ascendant (UR ASC)

Here, you are personally associated with a cause, and others´ see you as "different," and tend to judge some cause by how you seem to them. Your individuality is unquestioned, and you break rules with such nonchalance that others think you have a right to do so. Here, you are a self-regulated anarchist, who makes others question the need for regulations at all. But you are undependable, and refuse to be needed. Under this line you can change your name, body, appearance, life success and ideals, every few years, and your only consistent identity is change. People are catalyzed to their own individuality through your own, and your own way of life kindles idealism in others and commitment to personalism. East of line is most exciting.

Uranus On The I.C. (UR I.C.)

Here you are free from the possibility of attachment to anything other than ideals, and you center yourself in beliefs and personalism. Home, material possessions, family, attachment to property, all see irrelevant and distant, and flux and change continually, so life is led one minute to the next. You act as a catalyst to others´ life structures as well, and disruption tends to follow you around, though others are made to grow by it. It is hard to take root here, houses may self-destruct in some fashion, but such difficulties spur you on to find the true self within, and you become the universal citizen, no less at home in foreign places than in familiar ones, and no more. You inject new life into old forms, especially family traditions, though get called the Black Sheep for your pains, and emerge with a true sense of self-hood, founded on the manner in which you differ from others. East of line is more secure.

Uranus On The Descendant (UR DSC)

Here, personal detachment operates in relationships, and you identify yourself and individuality by your inability to relate to others, except for short periods. You demand all the power in relationships, find that love and partnerships are constantly in flux, and yet are forced to recognize your own power in the midst of all this change. Sexuality tends to dominate relationships. You seek from others what is hardest for them to give, encourage them to non-dependence, and rely on personal differences to keep you free from attachment and subordination. Extraordinary things happen to you here, and others come second to your own needs for change and excitement. Some of your closest friends live out the very things you fear most, and are generally unusual, extraordinary and wise people. West of line better.
November 29, 2020 at 17:40
(Leo) Sunnyshadow » Fool
Hey Fool,

My :199: lines are not in the best places. Not sure I want to move to Baghdad :61:

Have you posted any NN descriptions yet? I´d be interested in those. I dont have alot to choose from in the US.

You know, I just had a thought. You know how the NN is supposed to be a calling in our life. Like a mission to accomplish or whatever. I have my NN AC line coming down the NV/UT border, right over the grand canyon. I just wonder if that has anything to do with my fascination with western landscapes. Hmmm. I´ve almost always been drawn to that area, even before I´d ever been there. Just pictures in a magazine would really get my imagination running
November 29, 2020 at 18:10
(Leo) Sunnyshadow » Sunnyshadow
To add to the database of information, here´s the description of the Mars square ascendant line, which is also in my natal. I live very close to it. This is about as true as it gets, unfortunately

"Under the influence of this line, you appear strongly argumentative. With your unbending attitude, you are in pursuit of your own goals and aspirations. There are conflicts in your everyday dealings with your competitors and partners. You are reluctant to listen to their demands, and an admission of your own defeat would cripple your motivation and vital forces.

If your self-esteem plummets, you react in an uncontrolled, agitated manner with a tendency towards temper tantrums. Negotiations and discussions then terminate in noisy discussions, and seldom lead to satisfactory results.

It is difficult to find a consensus of opinion because your uncooperative attitude excludes compromises. But if you persist on keeping your opinion, the complicated arguments can sap your energy, and you will feel exhausted. Try to release your stored energies through physical exercise rather than verbal dispute. This is the place to learn that self-assertion is not only possible at the expense of others."

I think it happens automatically and unintentionally, hence the word "appear" I think I have gotten a little better over time with it. It seems no matter how logical, thoughtful and reasonable my request, it´s taken the wrong way. And trust me, I´ve worked really hard at my presentation. It really got to the point where I just wouldn´t ask anybody for anything, or even make any suggestion, because I didnt want to get into any sort of dispute. Probably my libra rising helps balance it out
November 29, 2020 at 19:16
(Aquarius) Fool » Sunnyshadow
Well, I am not sure if the Lewis book deals with NN - not in the lightweight one I use (came with the map)*. However, I like your terp of that energy; yes, the area with the line (landscape) will be - to your perception - imbued with that NN Ac line. Interesting - I have been there and understand your pull towards the place. I was hoping to find somewhere in which you would be able to decompress. There are a couple of aspect lines in the mid-west, I seem to recall and around Nova Scotia (I think we have a Seeker, there).

* haven´t read my most recent acquisition - I´ll snuffle around the matter. :3:
November 29, 2020 at 19:24
(Aquarius) Fool » Sunnyshadow
Nice contribution to the astro-map experience data base. We just have to get you somewhere mellow. It´s always going to be like that and if you stay there that will expend all your vital energy, on just dealing with everyday situations. You´d be - in time - some wizened old geezer with self-mastery, perhaps, of the Plutonian/Mars vibe, and maybe even be seen in time as a wise old fellow but, you know, eff that bollocks. Good post :15:
November 29, 2020 at 19:35
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool
A video: "Q&A from Readers: Nodes of the Moon, AstroCartography, and Much More!" If there are any worthy notes, type ´em in. :4:

Also this forum thread (from somehwere, discussing NN)…
more on Nodes/travel…
December 3, 2020 at 18:57
(Taurus) » Fool
System message: Post has been written by user Cynicaphy, who already deleted profile on this website:
I am about to go to college, and I am considering one that is directly under my Jupiter-Pluto intersection. Jupiter-DC and Pluto-MC.

I don´t know if it´s a good decision.

The college is University of Central Florida in Orlando.
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