September 27, 2020 at 11:13 (UT/GMT)
(Aries) ram_goat
A few months ago I noticed petr added astrocartography to the site. I knew nothing about astrocartography but it intrigued me, so I bought this book, written by the guy that supposedly invented it. I am no expert on the subject, I merely pass on some information in the book to help others understand the features on the site..

Some Vocabulary:

Paran Lines: The crossing of one planet´s MC or IC line with another planet´s rising (ASC) or setting line (DSC). The latitude at which this happens is considered to be influenced by both planets. This is the same as a "paranatellonta" or "paran".

A quote from the book:

"They are somewhat like squares in their action, and have been found to be about one-third the strength of the (ASC or DSC) lines themselves. Though most ACG interpretation emphasizes the lines more than the crossings, the latter are particularly important in those areas where one is not within "orb" of regular lines. An orb of about 4 to 7 degrees on either side (east or west) of an MC/IC or rise-set line, and about 1 to 2 degrees on either side (north or south) of a crossing are suggested based on experience, as well as feedback from AstroCartoGraphy users.

Finally, just as we can "stack up" chart upon chart upon chart, so it is possible to consider questions of astrological geography from a variety of possible viewpoints, such as transits and progressions. Even within a horoscope, this can quickly become unwieldy, requiring a good knowledge of astrology and great care to interpret properly, When using a map, all the more care must be used, For this reason, the best method of going beyond the natal map to look at current indications is to combine progressions of the inner planets with transits of the outer planets, since the two sets of planets will move along at roughly the same speed."


As much as I´de like to simply copy the entire book and paste it in here, there are some obvious problems with that. Instead of a mass cut & paste, I´ll try to paraphrase ideas from the book sufficiently to keep any lawyers from knocking on petr´s door.


The significance of some location falling to the east of a line vs west of a line:

Ascendant Lines:

West of line: The effects of that line will reflect the 1st house more
Since the first house is the house of self, you will relate very personally with the energies west of the line, they will affect your personality more.

East of line: The effects of that line will reflect the 12th house more The effect of the planet will act upon you more psychologically, in ways that are less visible to you but may be visible to others around you.

Descendant Lines:

West of the line: The effects of the line will be influenced by the 7th house. You will project the energy of the planet externally, and it will manifest itself in the people around relationships around you. These people will be your teachers, and you will not be able to see the lessons or qualities they possess in yourself, but only through others.

East of the line: The effects of the line will be influenced by your 6th house. The energy of the planet will show itself in the form of external problems or challenges in your environment, which you must learn from.

Imum Coeli Lines:

West of the line: The effects of the line will be influenced by the 4th house. The planet´s influence will manifest externally, but in a manner that challenges your identity or ancestral, family, or internal values.

East of the line: The effects of the line will be influenced by the 3rd house. The influence of the planet will sensitize you to your environment and force you to behave externally in a way that conforms with the place, as influenced by the energy of the planet in question.

Midheaven Lines:

West of the line: The effects of the line will be influenced by the 10th house. The influence will be outer oriented, as MC rules your social standing and reptuation, as well as career in society. Situations that cause growth and development in a very public and visible manner will occur.

East of the line: The effects of the line will be influenced by the 9th house. The influence of the planet will reflect the beliefs and values of the society in which the location lies. Things will be experienced on an internal private level, but will involve larger issues belonging to the culture or society of the place.

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November 16, 2020 at 03:57
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool
Okay, sorry about that interlude - pretty much a karmic family thing also. It does tend to get a little freaky how we are all connected - lots in ways yet to be discovered. :15:
November 16, 2020 at 04:00
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool
Man, I wonder how long it would take you to acclimatize to a peaceful line. Incidentally, I read somewhere that it could be awhile before old thought patterns can let the new energy in, it may take time. In lots of other experiences things can be instant. Transits, I guess. :78:
November 16, 2020 at 04:12
(Leo) Sunnyshadow » Fool
Yes, it´s an interesting thought. I surely wouldn´t mind becoming part of a scientific study :61:

Become a space monkey :97:

Always being in competition mode gets tiring. The North Node descriptions sound nice. Or maybe moon or jupiter or something.

Has anyone posted any experience with moving to a different line?
November 16, 2020 at 04:30
(Aries) ram_goat » Sunnyshadow
Always being in competition mode gets tiring.

Well, leo is about self expression..

when competition begins to impede the expression of your true self,
then it´s time to find something different.

All things lock us into roles and patterns of behavior- povery, wealth, social status, property.. all can become prisons to the soul, one of the
reasons that from time to time change is a good thing. out with the old, shake the dust of old things off of you.
November 16, 2020 at 05:41
(Leo) Sunnyshadow » ram_goat
Well put.

That rut can become long and deep. Seems modern society wants us in that rut, being good boys and girls. I say, f the rut (as I´m going back to work) :61:

Good post Ram. Prison of the soul... Profound.
November 16, 2020 at 06:49
(Aries) ram_goat » Sunnyshadow
Good post Ram. Prison of the soul... Profound.

It´s just my sense of you. On one hand you have a job, a successful business, a home, and you were happy with that for a time, but now you are not. Clearly something is missing, and one at a time, in here, you place the pieces on the table for all of us here to look at and think about. I think you mostly understand your problems at this point, only a few pieces still missing.

I can´t guess what all the pieces are, but I think we´re all on a bit of a scavenger hunt in here, trying to help you look for them. It´s partly what the place is good for. You can´t always discuss these sorts of things with the people around you. It tends to freak them out, which creates other problems for you.

Many people have been in your situation before, but they were living their lives, not yours.. They had to find the solutions that worked for their circumstances, and I think you are doing the same for your own circumstances.
November 16, 2020 at 10:20
(Capricorn) banbanaa » SilverStar
and the places I had always been drawn to, and still think would be perfect for me is the place I shouldn´t go
November 16, 2020 at 14:26
(Aquarius) Fool » banbanaa
(Jim Lewis)

Saturn - Under any Saturn Line (SA)

Generally, location under any Saturn line is not desirable, except where qualities of perseverance and purpose are so lacking in the character that some hardships are needed to direct the life. Here, you learn the hard way what is lacking in your makeup, and endure periods of want, privation, penury, enforced idleness, hunger, delay, disappointment, impoverishment, and loneliness. Your personal power, health and vitality seem at lowest ebb and others seem to have all the things you want, so you dislike them. You are able to live a spartan existence, and seem to others like a monk, or older than your years, as responsibility and duty are overwhelming. Despite hardships, under Saturn lines, you´ll learn to fend for yourself, develop ambitions that require life-long application, and come to terms with your limitations realistically, physically, mentally and socially. Hard work is enjoyed here, and plans are made decades in advance. Will power, orderliness and frugality, become part of self, and pleasures are given up. The present is all there is.

Psychologically, Saturn represents the shadow and strong people may gain knowledge of the darker self under its lines. The struggle to maintain life autonomously, to deal daily with self-preservation takes place under Saturn, and all weak parts of self are plumbed, understood and depotentiated as fear-engendering affects. This is where lugubrious ideas centering on death, materialism, and determinism are understood, where money and power are sought and retained, where resourcefulness and autonomy are developed, and where the very weaknesses of self are painfully made into strengths and accepted. Patience and wisdom come after long self-searching, and whatever is gained here is yours and yours alone. There is a basic fear of life, and failures are focused by the mind. Puritanism and melancholia may flower, and intolerance alternates with desires to delve into black arts and a fascination with the forbidden. Saturn is for those for whom happiness is not enough.
November 16, 2020 at 15:07
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool
(Jim Lewis)

Uranus - Under any Uranus Line (UR)

If your bored with life, and would do or give up anything for change, then go to where Uranus, planet of birth and novelty, is angular. This is where you find yourself and define your individuality. Swift, unexpected emancipation and liberation from the past, patterns and habits occur, and you find what it is to be yourself. Mediocrity and the humdrum are replaced with zest and stormy excitement, and you become a dissatisfied soul on a life-long quest for impossible answers. Life becomes colorful, full of contrast and interest, and there are adventures, explorations and removals. Financial dealings fluctuate up and down wildly, and everything is done in the extreme, there being delight in the destruction of bourgeois attitudes and ideals. Others are offended, morals ignored, and, while nothing is apt to become permanent, in this location, identity is forged in contrast to the prevailing social opinions. You seek, and may find a true peer group of equals, so could find a life-long commitment to ideals or a communal living situation, though any such movements would tend to be anti-Establishment
and heterodox in the extreme.

Life and self are perceived in nakedness. There are no illusions and thus there is nothing to fear. Diversity and democracy are admired, personal charisma, pride and Promethian daring are enhanced, and you may become a new person, or take a new name. There is perpetual juvenescence, rebelliousness and awareness of cycles, evolution and cosmic consciousness. The environment is identified with the commonplace, and the inner-self seen as a locus for progress and identification. "There is no coming to individual consciousness without pain", wrote C.G. Jung, and the truth of this statement is appreciated under Uranus, where the excitement of the new is balanced by a sense of loss and alienation from roots and what you have always been.
November 16, 2020 at 17:30
(Leo) Sunnyshadow » ram_goat
Thanks Ram, I appreciate the gesture, and the help.

I can´t afford psychotherapy, so I come here instead, lol. I see so many accuracies in astrology, so I suppose it has become my source of understanding. Or trying to understand anyway. I still believe there is a higher power, but its complex. As is life.

Yes, sometimes a stranger is better company than a close friend, for the reasons you mentioned.

Anyway, trying to hold it together, as many are. Or maybe letting it all go. I suppose we could all write books about our lives. Finding our place in the world is harder for some than others. Keep seeking astro-seekers
November 16, 2020 at 17:39
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool
Further to my iffy post; I think I was writing for the South Node. I was going to end with the body manifesting ailments from tension, unresolved issues; from boils to cancer. :92:
November 17, 2020 at 02:14
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool
(Jim Lewis)

Neptune - Under any Neptune Line (NE)

If you seem too practical and unimaginative, and wish to contact outer spaces, then go to where Neptune Lines are - but beware, this is one of the most dangerous and deceptive places for all but the most self-possessed and aware. Here the occult is studied, the guru is seemingly found, and ideals are pursued, but in any Neptune zone, self-deception and illusions are apt to cloud true vision. Romantic ideals lead you to unrealistic expectations, and others take advantage of you, so that victimization, arrest, invalidism, fanaticism, and emotional or nervous crises - even psychoses - can occur here. You are psychic and vulnerable, and nonviolent ideals, communitarian interests, and dreams that never quite come true, become substitutes for more practical and realistic living, though in a few cases, success in the arts, poetry, music or non-violent, revolutionary ideals can occur. There is danger of habituation to drugs as well as to unrealistic ideas, life tends to become vicarious, Romantic, fictitious, and self is lost in vivid, imaginative "might-have-beens". Paranoid and neurotic fears tend to attract the very things they fear most, and, under Neptune, you travel in criminal circles, and are subject to surveillance. Yet for those few who can manage to survive without a firm sense of ego or identity, Neptunian areas are those in which heights of spiritual awareness can be reached, as here, you wander in the bardos, and the division between self and non-self dissolves.

This is the yearning to return to the womb, and life is the expression of some hopeless mother complex. All the joys and sorrows of projection and introjection, and a psychic hunger to merge with the Whole are experienced. The pain of being is here most intense, and the ego abandoned to find a greater truth, though always, this truth can turn out to be an illusion.
November 17, 2020 at 02:23
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool
Jim you were a Ucking poet, sometimes - RIP Dude :78:
November 17, 2020 at 02:50
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool
(Jim Lewis)

Pluto - Under any Pluto Line (PL)

Plutonic force is perhaps heaviest of all, and residence, or even travel through this zone can cause total upheaval and change in life. If you are tired of three dimensional reality, the laws of physics and possibility, go to where Pluto is angular, for here is where miracles can happen, where the odds are continually defied, where first and lasts in life are encountered. Pluto burns the fields for new planting, and life takes on a miraculous turn. Other people are seen as truly equal to self, and thus it is rather hard to stand them. Universal truth is seen, and this may expose you to risk of death, that change your perspectives in life, and leave you seeing it with greater depth and clarity. People who come from incommunicable experiences, conversions and trauma, or even come near to death, may do so under a Pluto influence, and they will never again be able to live in the illusions in which most people exist, so they make most of us rather uncomfortable.

Here you see yourself as one in four billion*, and see your consciousness located within you, and potentially all the others also. You become truly conscious of the unique and lonely position of the individual, and become the focus of the whole seeing your position in infinity and fate. This causes you to withdraw from society, alienates you from family, and from other unquestioned alliances, and you are eternally at war with anything that tries to confine you. Under Pluto you feel lonely and deserted, and just as hope seems lost, the miracle happens, and you are saved. It is rebirth through fire.

Sentiment, hope, illusions and even identity are purged, and you face the reality of Mortality, a reality that totally changes life direction and perception.

*Ahh, neat
November 17, 2020 at 17:28
(Aquarius) Fool » banbanaa
Yes, there is a pull for places that would be bad/dangerous for us; the French call it L’appel du Vide - The Call of the Void*. There was a novel sometime ago called "Running Towards a High-Pitched Sound" which deals with the phenomenon of ´the call´ (also running towards the sound of gunfire). The urge - unless you are psychologically prepared - must be resisted.

A lot of groovy sounding lines are located in unlivable, hostile places but it should be considered that what we have in the astro-maps is a treasure map for our psychology/well-being; what we want to happen can be felt in the exterior and the interior and we may not be aware of the change until we leave the zone and have time to reflect. If we can´t get to a line maybe you can get to the people who live near a zone on a board like this. Or in some other way.

*the urge to jump when presented with a cliff or high building.
November 20, 2020 at 18:07
(Cancer) ZynCitrus
I tried to understand this, but nothing :D

Can someone quick look if it´s better for me (in general) to stay in Malmö or move north?? Like Stockholm maybe?
November 21, 2020 at 00:35
(Aquarius) Fool » ZynCitrus
Depends what you would agree was ´better´; you are still feeling the inluence of that Saturn Line DS. A move to Stockholm would be a stark contrast to your current locale. Here´s the terp from (for Stockholm)

Jupiter/DS Line 1 km

There is hardly a better place than the Jupiter/DS line for dealing with all people. Tolerance, generosity and freedom are the hallmarks for all private and business transactions. You will meet cultivated and intelligent people with a sense of humour, whose broadminded and liberal views deeply influence yours.

It is far from rare that such encounters make a deep impression on your life. You are quite frank and open about putting the considerable experiences of such people to good use, and are happy to receive helpful tips and make mutually beneficial plans. Mutually agreed arrangements relating to contracts or legal actions are positively affected along this axis.

Times are happy and relaxed with your life partner. You reach a new understanding, respect each other´s interests and give each other space to individually unfold. Imbued by empathy and trust, your partnership becomes a growing source of constant inspiration.
November 21, 2020 at 00:39
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool
Your :156: DS Line crosses your :199: DS Line, here´s the terp of the :199: DS Line

2 km

More beneficial on the western side of the line.

This is the dawning of renewal in the area of interpersonal relations. You look for and find connections with unusual people, whose circle of influence is extensive. Those people, with whom you had no contact in the past, create change and revive your private as well as professional life.

You have a strong interest in intimate relationships. Fascinated by exotica and extravagance, you forget all your moral principles as well as those concerning faithfulness and a responsible attitude, and you throw yourself, head over heels, into the realm of passion. It is the moment that counts. Even if the encounters are short-lived, the intense experience of a love that is spontaneous and free of convention could become a decisive and personal turning point.

This can lead to serious confrontations within your existing partnerships. Modern, emancipated understandings of communal living can present a challenge and cause stress. This line can act as a test of your flexibility in relationships. If you are not prepared to accord your partner the same rights, as you would want yourself, then you should stay away from these regions.

You feel the urge for Stockholm, Seeker?
November 21, 2020 at 00:45
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool
Lines for Stockholm:
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November 21, 2020 at 00:47
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool
positive aspects
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November 21, 2020 at 00:50
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool
negative aspects
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November 21, 2020 at 00:54
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool
Now read the terp for crossed-lines on this thread. If it were me, I´d bug the feck outta Saturn zones. The Universe wishes to meet you in Stockholm - whether for good (more than likely)or ill depends on what you expect and your psychological state. Good luck and bring a notebook and pen for the thread! :4:
November 21, 2020 at 09:31
(Cancer) ZynCitrus » Fool
thank you :D I was looking the same lines on, but did not get it.... :P so now to think how to move north :P :12: :12:
November 21, 2020 at 17:45
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool
(Jim Lewis)
The Sun On The Midheaven (SU MH)

Here, you rise socially through career and vocational interests, seek to glorify self through social climbing and ostentation, and are successful in keeping company with the "right" people. Good for promotional work, you may win a place in the artistic or creative world, or at least the trappings of success. Individuality is surrendered to career interests, which come to dominate self-image, but striving is rewarded, and fame may come here more than any place on Earth. Self-actualization is sought in the social sphere. West of line may be best.

The Sun On Th Ascendant (SU AS)

Art becomes life, and you project pride, vanity, regality, dignity, and some arrogance. Health improves and you pattern yourself after your Father, identify with art work, exhibit leadership, audacity, courage and a noble demeanor. Appearance and ostentation become important, and there is danger of self-aggrandisement or affectation. Anything that´s yours is seen as better than someone else´s, and a child-like extraversion promotes self-starting qualities as well as self-awareness, though there is danger of narcissism and theatricality. You become a radiant, self-made, joyful person who builds life out of itself, and inspires others with love and admiration. Excellent for actors, somewhat West of line is best.
November 21, 2020 at 18:33
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool
(Jim Lewis)

Sun On The I.C. (SU IC)

This is a good and vital place to seek retirement, or to found a family. You become a good host, run your household well, and create security through your own abilities. Fatherhood is possible here, or a position of honor in an extended family or community living situation. Fondness for your own family intensifies, and bygones are forgotten. Personal security becomes a conscious destiny and property is acquired that increases in value. This is also a place for self-rehabilitation, in health or psyche, and your creativity brings security into being for self and others. West of line is best.

Sun On The Descendant (SU DSC)

Here relationships, their creation and perfection, dominate. You are generous and outgoing to mates, and yest select relationships that appeal to your vanity, Marriage is sought or created, as there is a deep need for others to stimulate your own creativity. You seem on stage in relationships, which brings out the best in you, and you project nobility, honor and leadership onto others, bringing out the best in them. Artistic people are attracted to you. Cooperation, sexuality, competition and one to one relationships are areas of high awareness and the stage on which you define yourself. Salesmmen do best here, slightly West of the line.
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