Astrology - illusion of illusion.

January 14, 2021 at 12:17 (UT/GMT)
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Astrology - illusion of illusion.
Astrology is dangerous, that´s why in Bible they say that you should stay away from it.

Not beocuse it tries to control you (I´m not speaking about religion). It´s a template for wellbeing, gives priceless knowledge, but one needs to understand it. If someone says don´t do that, we do that - human nature.

Astrology is real and that´s why I think it is so dangerous.

I really often see topics about composite charts, synastry, transits, predictions. It´s literally killing your life.

Instead of living your life, perceiving a real person next to you - living human being, it appears that astrological placements are more important and valuable.

Yeah, your relationship is doomed or the bound is deep becouse of Pluto or sth, it could be, I believe it, but it drains your life. Are you fucked becouse of Saturn Return or it´s self-fulfilling prophecy?

So what? Whatever it could be, if you´d know you are not promiscuous, if you´d get your shit together, you wouldn´t even want to know that.

Unless you are a psychic or a medium of some kind, that understands it, have knowledge and percieve more than ordinary human being, otherwise beware.

Do you think astrology is dangerous? Is it useful tool to getting to know yourself, but up to a certain point?

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January 14, 2021 at 12:27
(Sagittarius) goldenlion32
I´ve seen it become dangerous when people use it for relationship matching and of course, when you have social media where people follow the trend, post what they "Believe" and then for someone else it doesn´t happen as they´re told it can be quite damaging.

Often, I´ve heard many people online say "illusion" is part of the process and they will sit back and let it happen in social groups on Facebook, and it becomes an issue.

Although, personally this can happen without astrology. It´s typically any belief system within a social group can become distorted. And many times you have the thousands in one group on social media and spreading disinformation.

In spiritual communities Astrology is just one avenue. As you see QAnon is a group that is getting bad press.

Pretty much this is what everyone has been learning since the Internet began and a major issue in 2021 right now with deep fakes, fake news, distorted information in psychology, philosophy, religion, and spiritual groups.

What is reality? What is fiction? What is fantasy?
January 14, 2021 at 14:22
(Scorpio) srgeorgio
Very useful tool for getting to know yourself and others and why you all interact the way you do.
Very useful for forgiving others for the way they are,
and for forgiving yourself for the way you are.

I don´t pay much attention to astrological predictions of the future.
It doesn´t seem to me that astrology is at a level where predictions can be detailed or specific enough to be of any use.
January 14, 2021 at 15:04
System message: Post has been written by user alch3my, who already deleted profile on this website:
interesting! I´ve been asking these questions recently also.

Ultimately i feel it´s about balance.

in terms of romantic relationships i think it´s unwise to solely base a relationship on astrology.
i know myself i went through a traumatic relationship, and when i discovered astrology it was a tool to, initially, help understand it.
but then it became an obsession i had to vet everyone i came into contact with, to make sure I wouldn´t ´get hurt´. You´re right i started not LIVING, being present. Always trying to see what energies were out ´to get me´ - exhausting.

If im interested in someone i try not to check their chart.

I´ve noticed some people on here can have a defeatist attitude - ´i can´t find a partner, my chart says i have...... am I doomed to be single?´
There needs to be an element of proactivity, taking responsibility for yourself. Are YOU doing the shadow work to heal YOUR wounds, so a woman or man would want to date you? A magical someone won´t just fall into your lap.
No one is DOOMED. Yes certain energies weald greater power over us (i´ve felt these) but ultimately we can choose to be proactive and channel them.
No? That may sound too black and white....
But if there;s past traumas that are running your life, on a subconscious level we can get guidance for that :)

YOU can choose whether you love or hate :) and that´s comforting. Being consciously aware of this can help you move through difficult energies or fears.
Astrology is a fantastic tool to understand yourself/others deeper. But isn´t it more important to get to know/ feel/ be connected with YOUR truth, not what is written on a website?
January 14, 2021 at 15:17
(Capricorn) dreamtripp
Astrology is NOT dangerous, it´s just a tool. How people consciously choose to incorporate it into their life, however, can sometimes be. Same as any tool. You can use a knife to cut a steak or stab someone, but the knife is neutral. Astrology, religion or any other belief, that with only a surface knowledge suggesting fate or destiny (ie, this is the ONLY way to use this tool) is just a bad, short-sighted way to use the tool.

Astrology is often viewed VERY subjectively when it should be viewed objectively. When it comes to natal charts, I think of a cooking analogy. Your natal chart has particular ingredients. What you CHOOSE to make with those ingredients, is up to you. You can make a delicious meal by adding the right amounts of your ingredients to compliment, or you can make a mish-mash stew with overpowering flavors by not controlling and adjusting the ingredients to suit the outcome.

Relationship observations are only to suggest potentials and challenges. Again, what ingredients you have on hand. Same as cooking, but now with two chefs. It will work if each chef CHOOSES to compliment the ingredients the other chef has, and can compromise on who does what and when. If you´ve ever watched Hell´s Kitchen you can easily see the analogy. You either choose to work together as a team and incorporate your skills together, or choose to work only for your own benefit and allow the final product to suffer. Both partners need to incorporate however. Again like two chefs in a kitchen it doesn´t work if one is for teamwork, while the other is for self. Love, ultimately, is a choice as well.

Transits on the other hand are like weather reports. It explains the possibilities of the environment and how you CHOOSE to act/react with that knowledge is up to you. If the report tells you that it will be stormy weather, you have the choice to bring a umbrella and wear a raincoat or alternatively run in the rain in your basketball shorts. If the report tells you it will be beautiful and sunny, you can choose to sit inside your house all day or alternatively go to the local pool and bask in the sun. Obviously one choice will have a better outcome than the other BUT IT IS YOU WHO CHOOSES!

Astrology is only harmful when we do not exercise FREE WILL, and look at it as destiny or fate - which it is most certainly not. You may be dealt a certain hand of cards, but how you choose to play them is up to you. Like Shakespeare once said, "the Fate lies not in our stars, but in ourselves."
January 14, 2021 at 15:35
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Not just astrology, but other people´s opinions, religions, instructions for happiness from self-help manuals etc... even doctor sugestions... are extremely dangerous if you stick to them blindly.
First and foremost, everyone has to listen their own feelings because after all our counselours and adviser retreat, we are the only one responsable for ourselves and our own happiness...
January 14, 2021 at 15:43
System message: Post has been written by user InLoveWithAstro, who already deleted profile on this website:
Thank you for this topic!

I’ve been raised in a « spiritual » precisely à Sufi environment and growing up I developed a voluntary distance to astrology and TM (meditation), I was feeling that it was intense (10 years old kid) and also not as pure and transcendent as it is supposed to be (trauma) , so I denied any knowledge of the topic and hid for more than 25 years.

Today, my perception changed and I discovered that astrology is key to understanding the “self” after going through 2 therapies and not seeing any results.
Nothing is wrong in appearance, married for 11 years, 2 kids and a nice career but my brain is restless, changing my life is a thought that I can’t banish/stop/ignore...

At this point, I know that my Chiron is my 7th house, I also know that my 12th and 8th house are packed with planets, today I understand that I made wrong choices and that I have to amend my behavior and change to see results, I know my emotional patterns and understand what I am going through.

Now I can some how name my feelings and understand my reactions, I am more self aware.

I can’t assume that I am healed, I am still somehow paranoid but now I know that this is a phase and that this too shall pass.

So, is astrology the illusion of the illusion? Maybe but for sure it is so personnal and impactful that it changes people for the better and hopefully not the worst.
January 15, 2021 at 00:10
(Aries) Wolfmoon
"Astrology is dangerous, that´s why in Bible they say that you should stay away from it."

Funny that. It was three Astrologers who set out to find Jesus.

"Instead of living your life, perceiving a real person next to you - living human being, it appears that astrological placements are more important and valuable."

I´ve noticed this among some. I agree with you. People should live their lives first. This life and its encounters are to happen for a reason. To simply dismiss life due to planetary placements is stupid and fearful.

Astrology is a guide of your life. It shouldn´t control your life. It´s a tool.

I personally find it interesting to know who and how people are. I like to try and guess certain placements or Asc etc. Even trying to work out transits are fun. It had helped me understand alot more about myself which was the whole purpose of me wanting to learn in the first place.

I would never live my life by it (maybe watch some Mercury retrogrades).

Life is the Journey. On that Journey we learn and grow. That´s the beauty of life. It´s why not one of us is the same. This is YOUR journey. No one else´s.
January 15, 2021 at 00:34
(Pisces) fishscales
Astrology has been an integral part of all esoteric traditions, including Christianity (real Christianity, not the dogmatic nonsense that is practiced today) since time immemorial.

Is astrology misused today?


But so are the religions that warn against it.

Like Eric Clapton says...

It´s in the way that you use it...
January 15, 2021 at 00:38
(Virgo) rohini moon
Do you think astrology is dangerous?

I think television is a whole lot more dangerous than astrology.
January 15, 2021 at 00:43
(Pisces) fishscales » rohini moon
January 15, 2021 at 00:45
(Virgo) rohini moon » fishscales
That took me a minute to get... :61:
January 15, 2021 at 00:48
(Pisces) fishscales » rohini moon
Hope you duck faster than that when the pie is headed your way...

The astro-hitmen would have planetary glyphs on their pies made out of best creme... :154: :159: :156: :199:
January 15, 2021 at 00:52
(Pisces) fishscales » fishscales
Ah see, if you look at an astrology chart, it looks like a pie cut into 12 pieces...

Secrets of the astro-hitmen revealed...

I wonder how many of them there are...

I´m guessing 5-7...
January 15, 2021 at 01:08
(Taurus) IIyyaarr13
Three Magi = Astrologer #1, Astrologer #2, Astrologer #3
Twelve kings of Sumeria "before" the bible.
Twelve tribes = Zodiac completion.
Twelve apostles = Zodiacal completion.
Asc./Desc. axis = horizontal beam of the cross.
I revived my interest in Astrology while :199:erschel was still in :171:
knowing that Taurus wasn´t a good sign for the planet the Babylonian knew as `Anu´
I felt no religious transgression, but a Scientific transgression when I first discovered my :116: sign, it was a past-life carry-over!
:26: :34: :26: :45: :26: the fairer sex is more aware of the Moon´s influence and so shall always have the stronger representation in Astrology!
January 15, 2021 at 01:53
(Aries) Wolfmoon » rohini moon
"I think television is a whole lot more dangerous than astrology."

Most everything in today´s current paradigm is more dangerous than Astrology. Phones, Radio, the fricken food, fluoridated water, aluminum sprayed in the air, the internet etc

What I love about Astrology is that it´s the oldest art. The original science. It has a history, a story. It truly is beautiful. It´s not getting torn up, changed and challenged like everything else in the world today...

"Brown bark on a tree? Not in this day and age. Thats racist. We must GE all bark to be Grey... Tree bark matters!"
January 15, 2021 at 02:09
(Capricorn) dreamtripp
An interesting tidbit for those who have mentioned the Magi as astrologers. Some of you may be aware of this, but the three stars in the belt of Orion have been historically referred to as "THE THREE KINGS" in many cultures.……

So the Three Kings were not Astrologers. They WERE ASTROLOGY! lol.
January 15, 2021 at 10:12
System message: Post has been written by user Green Garden, who already deleted profile on this website:
In the beginning of my dating life i used the a lot of dating platforms. I had a tough ubringing and was very unsure about my looks.

It was very reassuring to see a synastry chart, with my Venus in top of his Ascendant. Gave me confidence to go to the real life date.

I still have to work on selflove and to my shadow work. Astrology also helps me tremendously in that regard. Alone to lesen about my Moon Pluto aspect... I would been never been able to get such a deep insight alone.
January 16, 2021 at 19:54
(Taurus) Vataca
Para mí sí, como dices: hasta cierto punto.

Entiendo el peligro que esconde este estudio y entiendo el sentido de la palabra "peligro" en este contexto.
Por supuesto, hay cosas más peligrosas que la astrología, no se trata de una competición de peligros, sino de lo oscuro del estudio astrológico expuesto en este post en específico.

Yo encuentro el peligro en lo siguiente: la pérdida de contacto con la realidad.

Veo la astrología como un conocimiento inspirado y además, milenario. En eterno proceso de descodificación. Potencialmente iluminador y oscurecedor.
A veces me pierdo en el proceso intelectual de entender mi carta natal, a veces es una fábrica de duda eterna...

Entonces me doy cuenta que la mejor manera de aprender quién soy es actuar, atreverme a hacer lo que pienso, vivir experiencias con el cuerpo, el espacio y el tiempo.

Al final de mi vida recordaré lo que he hecho, no lo que he pensado.

Espero que la traducción de internet sea efectiva,
January 16, 2021 at 21:32
(Taurus) Nadereme » dreamtripp
No offense, but I find this belief in free will and shunning of fate to be a sort of personal bias and privilege. In a sense both of these conceptions are really misapprehensions. Astrology reflects whatever, even the choices you make.
January 17, 2021 at 23:53
(Capricorn) dreamtripp » Nadereme
Lol. Any sentence that starts with "No offense" is meant to be offensive.

You have a right to believe whatever you want, but if Free will was a privledge and bias as you say, and Astrology always accurate, it would be an empirical science.

And its not.

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