Descendant being seen in a person´s expression

January 9, 2021 at 20:32 (UT/GMT)
(Gemini) taythegem
Descendant being seen in a person´s expression
Have any of you noticed how a lot of the time you can see the vibe of the descendant in a person rather than their ascendant? I think you definitely see the ascendant as well. However, something I notice is that people usually project their descendant sign to such an extent that they can carry those traits within themselves and give off that vibe, which I think is why it can cause a resonance to the descendant sign as the person that seems most "attractive". Sure, you won´t always think the descendant sign is the best, they usually challenge you in ways, but in astrology they are said to be the most natural partner to complement you.

My examples from personal observation:
Taurus risings typically indulge in a "darker" "moodier" asthetic, which would be moreso reminiscent of a scorpio, but I think it is that they are projecting outward the scorpio descendant in a subconscious way which would attract a scorpio person.

Furthermore, I am a virgo rising, yet I am always drawn to dreamy aesthetics and whatever feels more cosmic or ethereal/spiritual, what you would expect from a pisces. I have met other virgo risings and they are typically very spiritual and indulge in those aesthetics themselves.
Just my observations....
Another example I´ve seen is with Pisces risings. I see that they can oftentimes be more critical and analytical types of people, which I believe to be their projection of the virgo descendant.
Just curious if anyone else has noticed this trend and feel free to share your thoughts.

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January 12, 2021 at 18:55
(Aries) Jay Jay
I agree with you! The DES often comes through loud and strong. However, I think we can feel the whole chart being expressed through the ASC - especially the planets that aspect it - but - generally - all the planetary influences can be felt. The ASC is the stained-glass window through which the rest of us shines. It´s an old saying . . .


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January 12, 2021 at 23:41
(Aries) Wolfmoon
I never really thought about it but looking back to my early 20s I would´ve definitely portrayed a more Leo type persona.

Had to be the biggest, everyday at the gym. Always trying to cheer people up, generous to everyone. Fairly arrogant to the point where I dubbed myself ´King Awesome´. Was well known around town.

Wasn´t until I was about 26 til my Aqua Asc started to shine through. Started to see all the injustice in the world, my lack of freedom became apparent, I started to see the world in a way others did not. I became withdrawn and was started to be seen as eccentric in my thoughts. I stopped giving a stink about what people thought of me.

I also have a Leo moon which may have contributed to it.

Interesting topic
January 13, 2021 at 11:05
(Pisces) alch3my
Interesting! Wouldn´t say people feel a taurus vibe when they meet me haha. But i have quite a prominent pluto on my scorpio rising with uranus there. So i´m not the most methodical person and i welcome transformation.

Definitely not into dark black leathers and witchy/gothic clothes which people assume scorpio risings like...also i have strange blue/green/grey eyes, not ´dark & evil´ :4: - but i do have the scorpio stare...

However I can attest to the taurean-ness of dressing conservative (albeit in a hippy way), try my best to keep the peace, love cooking, home comforts, scented candles, plants, nature, art, dance, music and im into design and appreciate aesthetics...
unconsciously ALWAYS attract taurus energy, whether it be in friends, strangers, lovers... but equally they rub me up the wrong way :75:
But hey, that´s how we learn and grow. :68:

It would make sense you pull from your piscean side as a virgo rising - being the opposite it will influence you to a degree.
I find virgos very spiritual and healing to be around! As long as they´re not in nit-picky mood haha.
January 13, 2021 at 12:39
(Pisces) fishscales
I usually notice the ascendant first...but everyone´s shadow comes out now and then...
January 13, 2021 at 12:56
(Taurus) NeptuneSpaceCow
I can definitely see this because the 1-6 House is the private eye. Only what u can see from private and within. And 7-12th Houses being the public eye. What others can see from you.
My ASC is Cancer but in person I´ve been told "ur rly nice, at first glance u looked mean".
My 7th house is Capricorn, so that´s just my face :25:
January 13, 2021 at 15:31
(Virgo) moonchild25
Yeah I agree. People think I am very serious, and I have a Capricorn in 7th house.
January 14, 2021 at 02:52
(Virgo) LotusStar
Taurus descendant... I tend to be good at calming people down and making them relax or feel comfortable. People have told me, I make them feel safe. Taurus is grounding, but I also have a lot of earth energy in general. I feel like I look for that quality in others too, and I appreciate it.

Maybe it´s true to some extent, that we give what we´d like to receive.

7th house is a Venus house so it also has a say in the style and manner we like to relate to others, so it makes sense it will come up in the expression during interactions, especially one-on-one.

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