LIBRA moon

January 4, 2021 at 13:42 (UT/GMT)
(Sagittarius) Laura10
LIBRA moon

I would love to make a room for Libra moons to better understand our nature and help each other with experiences, insights and wisdom.

I´m not sure how much my emotions are colored by "Libra" characteristics, but I certainly find in myself a desire for harmony and balance, in relationships and in my physical surroundings, which constantly puts me in an uncomfortable position.

Over the years, I’ve noticed how much I’ve neglected my emotional space - I replaced it with other people’s emotions - it was hard for me when I realized this especially because I didn’t know how to meet my own needs - I was (still am) affraid and overwhelmed by my emotions.

I also notice that I feel empty when I don’t have other people around me, when I’m alone, I start to feel lost, which is a consequence of not building emotional stability for myself.

How do you practice being emotionally independent? How do you deal with negative emotions, emptiness and misunderstanding?

I would love to hear your answers and opinions.
Everyone is welcome, not just Libra moons, ofcourse ! :68:

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January 4, 2021 at 16:12
(Leo) Anni23
Hi, I am also interested in this subject as I am a libra ascendant and I have had two close relationships with libra moons including my best friend (although I thibk that I may not understand her entirely). However the other experience I had was not as good at all... which could be because of several other reasons however I would like to hear the interpretations of libra moons and how they go through emotions etc. I am also wondering if it´s a lot different from me with my Virgo moon, which I know controls a lot or my life and alongside my ascendant I feel some of the objectives are the same.

In particular I have read some not so good details about how libra moons want everything to be perfect to the extent that when it´s not they will disregard people who perhaps don´t "create the harmony" that they yearn for.. sometimes this equates to some harsh behaviour. Well that was my experience with one libra moon who seemed to practice a removal of all feeling from the situation in a way that was shocking even to my Virgo moon. However I feel quite sure that my best friend is very loyal
As I said I feel having libra as my ascendant influences my life a lot yet there are some things that are delegated by my Virgo moon and other signs that contrast with some libran attitudes

Some similarities I think between the libra and Virgo moon placements-
Mostly peaceable
relaxed/unruffled by most situations
Anxious? Sometimes (not sure about this, I have heard that librans have more socially related anxiety, both of the ones I´ve known did)
Often detached but also attuned to others

I could give my advice also as a Virgo moon/libra ascendant having known some libra moons. As Virgo moon is supposed to be the most emotionally independant sign, well I´m not sure if that´s entirely true but maybe it sort of is.. actually because I have heard contradictory things about the libra moons being unemotional and detached, yet sentimental? If this is true in this regard it seema very similar to the virgo moon
January 4, 2021 at 21:06
(Cancer) LittleCutiePie
Omg, i have the same desires of harmony and peace with everyone ^^.

But i´m kind of introverted, even with my Libra moon, i don´t really feel empty when others people aren´t around me. I don´t feel bad about being alone for some time. After all, as long you have your family, you are never alone.

It´s can be hard to have self confidence sometimes but i believe that everyone has a purpose on earth, even the bad ones. I always try to see positive things in every situation and i try to not be too harsh on myself or on others.

I also understand Libra problems because my Mom is Libra and my great grandmother is Libra (she is still alive ;) ). They have a big problems cutting bonds with toxic people or taking some distance from people who hurt them.

My grandmother who is gemini is a little bit toxic. She is always complaining and calling everyone to talk about her sad life but the problem is that she is so stubborn... My dad and his brother gave her a lot of advices to make her life easier because her husband had a stroke and is paralyzed. It´s my father´s mother not my mother´s one but she calls my mother because her 2 sons are sick of her. She never listen to our advices and always complains about anything. She knows she can´t complain to her sons, so she complains to my mom and to her mother.

She pretends that she doesn´t have time but when she calls someone, she end up talking for 1-2 hours because she always repeat same things. Talking with her is so exhausting... She is very maniacal and criticize the hospital staff. She can´t help spreading her "negativity" around the whole city. The whole city knows that her husband had diarrhea this night, or that her back hurt her...

In a way, i feel sad for her, because her husband is paralyzed and she doesn´t have an easy life but in an other hand, i feel like she is abusing our kindness and that we must take our distances from her. After all, she is not willing to listen to the many advices we gave her, we helped her a lot but we have a life and if she can´t make some efforts, then you have no choice but cutting connections or taking some distances from her.

For example, sometimes she tries to call me, i don´t respond because i don´t want to talk to her. I don´t want to listen to her "negative speech", about how bad her day was... Because i´m sick of it... I can be empathetic but i´m not a psychologist. My Sagittarius ascendant make me try to avoid any negative area so when i´m not feeling good, i ran away from negativity to restore myself in my bubble.

But my Mom and my great Grandmother (it´s her daughter) can´t help responding to phone, and they don´t have the courage to tell her how sick they are of her behavior. I think sometimes, to maintain balance in your life, you need to move away from the negative people.

Thinking about positive things, having good moments with close people, or breaking bonds with negative people can help you vs negative emotions. Find yourself someone who is positive and go towards this person when you are overwhelmed with negativity.There no shame admitting that sometimes you don´t want to heard bad news or listen to someone pain. Life can´t always be filled with negativity.

When i look at the news, most of them are negative. This result in me, watching less TV because TV spreads a lot of negativity. Watch some positive or scientific channels instead of news and when you want to watch some news, try to find some resume who takes 10 min to read or watch. This way you are still informed but you aren´t full of negative information that you can have from TV.

French TV is very very negative and depressive. It´s only talk about Covid 19. I know we must be careful of this disease but we can´t always talk about it 24/24. It´s very toxic for our brain and our mind. I have found an interesting youtube French channel for me who is neutral and who resume French and some foreign news in 10 min with a positive fact in each video. There is a part of the video called "positive note". I don´t know if you have this kind of channel in your country but if you have, you should search for it, it´s will help you to avoid TV negativity and keep your informed.

I suppose Self confidence and family, close friends are the key vs emptiness. I think beautiful and strong relations are more rewarding.

Communication and honesty is the only thing that can help you vs misunderstanding and if that doesn´t work, maybe Time will heal your wounds or maybe you have a different point of view and this person doesn´t see the way you see thing. That is not a big matter, you can decide to stay friend and talk about others subjects or take your distances and find someone else.

Sorry for being too long, i hope i have helped you ^^.
January 4, 2021 at 23:52
(Aries) divinesmack
I´ve had those same issues as you growing up, and I actually only got over them not too long ago.

I think the biggest issue with the Libra Moon placement is the need to be well-liked in your interactions with other people. It makes it hard to be genuine and you´d rather accommodate just to be seen as the cool, awesome person.

But people can pick up on that and trust me, they either talk behind your back, or they don´t feel that you´re an actual person.

At least that´s how it was for me.

As far as being emotionally independent - learn to love yourself. A big part of appeasing is that you give up parts of yourself to make others happy. These parts you can´t get back until you recognize them again and learn to incorporate them into your being.

It´s a good idea to make sure the people you are breaking your own back for even deserve what you give them. Are you receiving anything back from them? Do they show genuine appreciation, not just enough to keep you in the interaction/relationship?

Dealing with negative emotions - you just gotta dive into it! They are just emotions; YOU are the human being. Negative emotions are strong because we attribute value to them.

I know this sounds very simple, but stop giving those thoughts such high priority in your life. It helps to find a community or friend who supports your goals in life for a change. Talking to a therapist or a loved one about the positives in your life can also help to change your perspective.

I know the trials of a Libra Moon are tough! I have an opposition with my Sun in Aries, so I´m constantly second guessing myself. People used to say I´m a different Aries, and it was all cuz of that darn Libra Moon!

I hope this advice helps out! Libra Moon can be a great ally when you find a love partner or a supportive community.
January 5, 2021 at 04:01
(Leo) wilks222
I have libra moon. I definitely have a need for balance in every part of my life - especially anything to do with health. Gym, eating healthily, being too big, too small - everything has to be balanced. It’s not an ‘obsession’ - it’s just always in the back of my mind and just seems to come naturally.

I do give up a lot for other people in order to reduce conflict. I tend to agree with certain points of view (even though I disagree) in order to keep the peace. However, I’m an Aries rising and this peaceful side of me is beginning to feel less natural, and I’m starting to become a bit more selfish and less agreeing.

My Aries can come out sometimes and I can be very firey and then my diplomatic libra moon can calm the situation - and everything will be fine again.

I love to have people around me. Work, working out, socializing - I feed off people and I feel depressed when I’m alone for too long. Even though I do love my alone time - but not too much. #balance

I love to debate and hear both sides of the argument. Sometimes I like to be contrarian just to get a reaction out of people.

People say I’m charming but I just think I’m a nice person. I get on well with everyone, even if I don’t like them. To me, I believe that in life you have to deal with all kinds of different people with different points of views, and it’s best to at least try to get along.
January 5, 2021 at 04:41
(Virgo) rohini moon
Damn, everyone is on the Libra´s jockstrap it something in the air?!
January 5, 2021 at 05:42
(Leo) wilks222 » rohini moon
January 6, 2021 at 14:19
(Leo) wilks222
Moon is in Libra today. 6th house for me. I usually get mild lower back pain during this transit. It´s almost like a reminder/warning that I need to focus on stretching this area of my body.

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