my chart

January 2, 2021 at 08:18 (UT/GMT)
(Sagittarius) guccirenea
my chart
Hello all. i’m a life path 9, INFJ, enneagram 4w3. this is my chart! anything you can tell me? i feel as if i am a very old soul.
ASC/ cancer

sun/ sag /6th house

moon/ pisces /9th house

mercury/ cap /6th house

mars/ cap /7th house

venus/ cap /7th house

neptune/ cap /7th house

uranus/ aquarius /7th house

jupiter/ aquarius /8th house

aries/ saturn /10th house

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January 2, 2021 at 17:18
(Virgo) AugustGirl
What exactly would you like to know?

You feel older than your age, it´s no wonder, you hava Pisces Moon in 9 house + South Node in the same sign and house :191: with Achernar star.

This is what I´ve found on a Russian website:

The star of the first magnitude, has the nature of Jupiter.
Archangel Sword (Alpha Eridanus - Heavenly River). This is one of the most sacred stars, the "fiery sword", the sword of protection, the star that at one time heralded the birth of Zoroaster and the battle with the world´s evil. It is associated with the "burning out" of evil, wickedness. This star is also called "Angel". Promotes uncompromising, honesty and dedication. It is very scary for a star to deal with traitors, it does not allow a person to stumble. Highlighted in the horoscope, this star gives a person success in matters of the spirit, spiritual honors and always protection.
Has the character of Jupiter with an admixture of the energies of Mars and Uranus. With a good position in the card, it promises happiness and success, endows a person with good manners, honesty, adherence to a certain religious direction and a philosophical mindset. It is traditionally believed that Achernar patronizes church hierarchs, and this star may be associated with receiving high spiritual dignity, especially if there is a conjunction with Jupiter.>>

Your Mercury :191: another star - Polis

The star of the fourth magnitude has the nature of Mars and Jupiter.
"City". A very good star. Gives ambition, success, happiness at home, a stable home, connections. On MS - the patronage of parents, the elders will always help. With Mercury and Mars - a person will have a lot of cars, will be a good driver, previously it was considered - the art of riding and owning horses. On the border of the 9th house - emigration, a house in a foreign land. On the border of the XII house there is a house in solitude or a secret place of residence: most often such a person will live in a country house or somewhere in a deep forest. With the Moon, secret diseases or hidden shameful diseases, for example, leprosy, syphilis.>>

To be honest, I´m not a professional astrologer and don´t know much about stars but maybe this information could be useful :)
January 13, 2021 at 11:05
(Sagittarius) Zevis
Hello! I´m more or less studying astrology just for fun, so don´t take anything too seriously.
I kind of feeling like your purpose in this life is serving/helping others, with all this placements in sixth and seventh house. You´re a feeler and a judger ( **FJ), if you´re not mistyped ofc, and this makes a lot of sense. The sixth house is about health and serving others in a materialistic way (in opposition of pisces that revolutionize the World spiritually) , ruled by virgo, a judger!, the seventh about relationships (where you have mars ad venus), in sharp contrast with the first house, the house of self. Maybe you don´t have a clear vision of yourself, do you? Plus, the cancer rising and pisces moon, oh dear. Take care of yourself. Idk that´s it x

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