Natal Saturn in the 11th. Issues w groups and navigating their complex dynamics

December 3, 2020 at 21:02 (UT/GMT)
(Capricorn) Luna Alba
Natal Saturn in the 11th. Issues w groups and navigating their complex dynamics
Hey again...I kept thinking how hard it was and still is for me to navigate the intricate dynamics of the groups : first in school and now at work.

I think it´s an expression of my 11th house Saturn (placidus)...or 10th house Saturn (Whole Sign).

I´m good at one-to-one relations and I def favor them...but in groups it´s so hard...

And many things - chances, promotions depend on that. Def Lesrnt smth out of it, usually Saturn-like, tough lessons, but still find it difficult...I´m pretty blunt,some would say naive, non-machiavellic, and I think that doesn´t help me at all. Plus, you cannot change yourself to the core, can you?.

Maybe the fact I tend to be quite private and don´t reveal myself too much does not help - Cap trait. Maybe the fact that I take myself too seriously - that´s what I´ve been told, I´m not into kinky jokes w my male coworkers - my Cappie side has a certain professional image it´s hard to give up upon - that does not help either. But I don´t want that kind of attention either - you know, as many girls try to get when they work w male dominant groups. I don´t like that kind of attention...though that makes one likeable and w a good image, it seems.

I want to be respected, not desired in that layout. But people seem to have some already established patterns about how women should behave to be liked, in groups.

Any advice on this?. When will master Saturn and the mighty cap finally give me a break? . When will things improve in my career...or in my 11th house matters - groups?. Or...will they? :37:

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December 3, 2020 at 21:56
(Aries) Jay Jay
Hello, Luna Alba!
Since your rising sign is right on the cusp of Taurus-Aries, you will likely express through both qualities of those signs. The rising sign will be how you relate yourself to others and how they see you. Aries rising would have Mars ruling and Taurus rising will have Venus ruling - and both are found in Capricorn in 9th/10th. It´s interesting because the Aries part can be quite direct, blunt and assertive while the Taurus part likes to be pleasant and socially gracious and can come across as naive, sweet, and agreeable.

The South Node past life symbol is in Gemini, 1st house. You come into this life with leadership experience and probably with some good communication skills. The wound you´re bringing into this life has to do with being shamed or judged for decisions you´ve made as a leader. Leaders always have enemies because they can´t please everyone. This may have left you with the belief that no matter how well you lead, there will be trouble. Perhaps you doubt yourself and lack confidence in being able to lead. You may want there to be simple answers to this. But it is never simple.

Capricorn is also a leader found on your 10th house of career. You are all about your career. It wants very much to stand as an authority and to wisely serve others. It stands for integrity - living life from one´s own inner wisdom and a sense of what is good for all. It works very hard too. It is inherently very serious.

Your Moon is in Leo, 5th house. You want an audience or followers you can lead. You want applause for what you can do. You want to be noticed and accepted for you are. Leo is very warm, friendly, and often entertaining. It loves the limelight. You have a playful side - or can develop one if you don´t.

From what you´ve said, I think the problem is between the part of you who is a true leader and the part of you who wants to please others and be liked. You feel you aren´t accepted for who you are. Someone who commands respect isn´t all worried about how they are coming across. They aren´t considering the "problem" you´re describing - concern over how others think women should act in groups. The fact that you´re concerned about what they think doesn´t command respect.

I don´t know about your culture. So, I could be wrong here. Maybe you face some cultural beliefs about how women should behave that I´m unaware of. But I do know a leader has the skill to bring out the best in others, and that is what commands loyalty and respect. I think you need to analyze your own behavior and perhaps work at being what it takes to be a good leader and stop worrying about how others will perceive you. We can´t change other people, but we can change ourselves.

If you are offering something that is needed, then this is something you want to focus on. Chances are, with all that Capricorn, you will be a serious person. With a Leo Moon, you can come off as playful and creative. Leo can be very warm and entertaining. No matter what, you need to be authentic and find your own style. Maybe you can read a book on how to be a great group leader to learn about group dynamics. With Saturn in Aquarius, you will not ever conform to some cultural ideal of how a woman should act - but you can develop a style that commands respect.

We may not be able to change everything about ourselves, but we can grow and change and become - always. Your personality isn´t completely set in stone. You can learn to be better in groups. Mostly, focus on your wisdom, your good ideas, your ability to encourage others and bring out their best. Make being Aries blunt and direct work for you when it´s needed. Make being Taurus gracious and pleasing work for you when it is needed. Make Leo "entertainer" work for you when it´s needed. Learn how to use what is natural to you to your advantage. Study the people you are relating to and know what it is they need to feel cared for, respected and valued. Use that knowledge.

We can´t blame our troubles on the planets. You just have to be reflective and work on yourself and develop a better style in working in groups. Analyze the things that you do in groups that seem to work and the things that don´t work for you. I think you´re putting too much attention on what you need from them instead of thinking about what they need from you. You must take all your gifts and natural qualities and know how to use them.


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December 3, 2020 at 22:21
(Capricorn) Luna Alba » Jay Jay
Ty, Jay ! :*.

Yeah, I know I have to work on was just standing on my chest and needed to discuss it somewhere.

I love my Leo Moon...though it only has nasty aspects and no support, it does give me that fun nature I would totally miss otherwise, w all that Cap. But it does not come into play everywhere and everytime...

I´m a bit too preoccupied of the perception I give /how people perceive me - it´s true, I´m aware of it, but I just cannot erase this out of my personality yet....some extra efforts needed, I guess.

Edit: Ps: I´m not all about career, though everyone seeing my chart says so. I think domestic life/personal life it´s at least as important to me, though things moved even slower there and just improved for a few months. Maybe my Moon in 5th/or 4th (WS) may be taken into account for this. Or the Taurus Rising...I consider Myself Taurus R.

You pretty much nailed the conflict between leadership /integrity and being liked...just that I´m at grass root level/no leadership position, though I view myself as one/act as one. Weird me.

Ty for your ellaborated reply/effort...I know it´s about myself, but it helps to see the issue presented in a methaphorical, astrological matter. Seems easier to "confess" , maybe :37:
December 3, 2020 at 22:39
(Aries) Jay Jay » Luna Alba
I believe you that there´s more to you than work, but of all the things you could have wanted help with - you posted about work. Your mind is definitely focused there. The placement of Moon in Leo 5h, is far stronger than any influence aspecting it. You just have so many planets in Capricorn that the bulk of you is there. If you put your focus on your Leo Moon, it will come out more. Good luck with all this!
December 3, 2020 at 22:41
(Capricorn) Luna Alba » Jay Jay
Ty, Jay! :3:

"I think you´re putting too much attention on what you need from them instead of thinking about what they need from you. ".

This is also smth I´ll keep in mind and think about. Very good indeed :3:
December 3, 2020 at 22:47
(Aries) Jay Jay » Luna Alba
Good, glad I´ve been helpful.

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