saturn and jupiter transiting my midheaven?

November 27, 2020 at 19:41 (UT/GMT)
(Leo) lehoe4945
saturn and jupiter transiting my midheaven?
Hi, so this year I´ve gone through alot of tough transits, mainly Uranus transiting the "missing leg" portion of my t-square. I ended up switching my major and moving back home with my mother. This was a hard transition but I couldn´t stay with what I was doing. Saturn also was close to conjunction with my midheaven and with that the neptune portion of my t-square in june. The whole year has seemed to be full of disappointments and failures, ive lost multiple relationships and am still unsure of what my true career path is. In december saturn will again conjunct my midheaven and then in the following months jupiter will, I know that the end of december and january will be very significant for me but i have no idea how exactly... Not sure how this energy will play out considering that by conjunction with my midheaven, they are also conjunct my natal neptune and activating my t-square??? could anyone give me a quick interpretation?? thanks! :) :173: :175: :178:

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November 28, 2020 at 23:33
(Aries) JayJayAstrology
Hi Lehoe,
Transits don´t mean a whole lot without having a good grasp of your natal chart. It is your natal chart that should be our guide to a career path.

Studying your chart, it isn´t immediately evident to me. That´s because I see in your past life that you most likely had quite a lot of responsibility for other people - or felt you did - and you probably felt like you didn´t have all the tools you needed to do all the things you felt responsible to do. Capricorn South Hode means you had to steel your emotions and keep a stiff upper lip - keep your nose to the grind. And it´s in the 9th house - so perhaps you were part of a nomadic community - or perhaps you were in academia with a lot of pressure to publish. Whatever situation you were in, you felt a lot of pressure and responsibility, and probably, you couldn´t please everyone, so maybe some guilt in there too. Whether you were a leader of a family, group or nation, you made decisions for others and likely were judged as unfair to some.

This life is your time to be able to let loose and freely express all those pent-up emotions. That´s why you have a square to your Moon in Scorpio - and why the missing leg is in Taurus - 12th. You´re supposed to let go of your pent-up emotions. 12th house is about letting go of what´s no longer needed. If you have not been able to do that, then you´ll have a hard time. A transit from Uranus would indeed to asking you to open the floodgates and let it all out. Our feelings lead us to what makes us happy - not our minds!

The transits to your 10th house are asking you to evolve the way you relate to your social world. Yes, the 10th house is that of career, but it´s also your most outward social self. Aquarius is about you aligning your personal goals with social ones - to make certain you are able to truly develop your own personal self.

You are here to nurture your self-identity - to grow yourself (LEO) - to play with different self-identities until you find yourself - the self who isn´t responsible for others and has fun in life. Life isn´t all about being serious. That´s Capricorn - Saturn territory. It´s also about play and fun - that´s Leo territory. You have strong energy in both.

Neptune conjunct your 10th house feels more artistic - like you could enjoy doing a creative job more than a super responsible one. Of course, you will be serious too with Saturn conjunct ASC - but somehow, you´ll have to figure out how to take your creative play seriously because you´ve got to do both. You´ve got to do something that will nourish your soul and make you happy. But to do that, you have to express your feelings! You´ve just got to do that.

You could be interested in computers, technology - that kind of thing - and there´s plenty of creative things to do - there. You could be into music, writing and film and want to apply it to technology. You could enjoy acting with your chart ruler in Leo. A Moon in Scorpio could make you interested in psychology - and most certainly, whether it is a career or not - you need to do some inner work. Moon in the 6th wants to help others. Scorpio Moon in the 6th can be a little obsessive.

Saturn in the 1st house often represents coming into your own later in life. I have Saturn in the first house too, and that is true for me. Nothing is written in blood though. I´m just mentioning it in case this proves to be the case for you as well. I´ve done lots of interesting things a long the way - and all the things I´ve done have contributed to who I am today - so no regrets. Usually Saturn gives us big projects that take a long time to mature - so - in the first house - we seem to embrace subjects that take a long time to learn or perfect - like astrology or music or writing a bunch of books - whatever.

You´re only 20! Most of us have more than one job or career in our lives. Sometimes I´m very clear about what a person needs to do in a career. With your chart, it isn´t clear to me. But I think I´ve laid out the important things to consider. Anyway, I hope this helps, even if just a little.


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November 29, 2020 at 04:35
(Leo) lehoe4945 » JayJayAstrology
Thank you! definitely a lot of insightful info, and its good to hear it from an actual person not just some interpretation i get from an astrology app or website lol. My south node in Capricorn and north node in cancer is interesting to me especially because my father is a Capricorn and my mom is a cancer so i´ve definitely seen that type of opposing energy played out growing up.

Everything you said is really accurate! I think I struggle the most with balancing my creative Neptune side with my practical Saturn side... but like you said most saturn lessons will come with time so im trying to just be patient and go with the flow!
November 29, 2020 at 15:31
(Aries) JayJayAstrology » lehoe4945
Good! I´m glad I was helpful. Just remember that unlike people with opposing signs, your Capricorn - Cancer opposition can be worked with inside of yourself. They can be balancing - are meant to be balancing - so look at them that way, and you can make them work positively for you.

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