Femininity in astrological chart

November 21, 2020 at 14:40 (UT/GMT)
(Scorpio) Saiya
Femininity in astrological chart
Which sign is the most feminine in astrology chart of a woman?
Which planets, signs and aspects or houses indicate a high femininity in a woman?

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November 21, 2020 at 14:49
(Capricorn) Luna Alba
I would say Taurus and Libra strong placements would enhance attractivity, the preoccupation for looking good etc, as they are the domiciles of Venus.
November 21, 2020 at 15:55
(Scorpio) Saiya » Luna Alba
What about the Moon sign?
November 21, 2020 at 16:32
(Pisces) piscesiscariot » Saiya
from my research and anecdotal evidence; as "femininity" is subjective, my friend, so expect answers to differentiate regarding the viewers´ perspective. off the cuff I´d say

planet: The Moon

sign: Pisces
probably because I am one. the culmination of all signs. mutable/water.

aspects/houses: Scorpio/Cancer rising
Sun in Libra/Scorpio/Capricorn/Pisces
Moon in Cancer/Pisces
Venus in Taurus/Libra

*I have Venus in Taurus in 6th house, house of murrage, which explains my love of gift-giving, cooking, and sensuality while reigning my domicile and feeding the living things within.

more/less: expect earth and water in your answers.

my friend with Libra sun had a "bucket shaped" chart, with her Pisces moon as the handle: she was the oldest of our friend group, the "big sister," a protector with strong nurturing instincts, a good hugger, a math whiz and musician with tig old biddies (ha) and a baby face, sensitive as all hell but hates to admit it.

did you picture her as a lesbian in a band shirt wailing on a guitar?

femininity is internal and external, as well as spectral.

November 21, 2020 at 18:02
(Cancer) AlsaceTX » piscesiscariot

We all have masculine and feminine energy. I am male. I am straight. I have Mars in Leo.

Yet, I´m ruled by the moon. Sun, Ascendant, Saturn all Cancer.

Find the balance!
November 22, 2020 at 11:47
(Pisces) IleneTs
The feminine signs are: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces.

The female planets are Moon and Venus and they usually feel better in feminine signs, regardless of whether they are in elevation, fall, etc.

Sextiles and triangles are softer than squares and oppositions.
If you mean by feminine a soft appearance, you could call these aspects feminine that way.

The houses indicate the conditions of the outside world.
November 22, 2020 at 17:27
(Virgo) rohini moon » IleneTs
"The feminine signs are: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces."

Sun in Virgo, Moon in Taurus, Scorpio asc. - explains why I´m such a bitch eh?

Just kidding.

:32: :27: :64:
November 22, 2020 at 22:02
(Taurus) IIyyaarr13
:159: is the higher octave of :154: which has a symbol that also means female!
While the God Neptune is quite masculine, the astrological association is extremely feminine.
A Neptune conjunction at two dg. orb is like a Pisces occupation.
A Neptune conjunction at three dg. orb is like a twelfth house occupation.
:174: & :175: have both been reputed to exalt Neptune the most feminine astrological influence!
November 22, 2020 at 22:31
(Taurus) Astro-Seek.com » IIyyaarr13
System message: Post has been written by user Fool, who already deleted profile on this website:
Mmm, with :159: in :178: asc - :194: :153: :156: in 3rd. I suppose I can come off as rather ´fey´ - and the :154: :151: :157: :194: asc. doesn´t exactly help :17: This may be the reason - in part, anyway - why I have been declared King of The Lesbians (UK - in exile) in a secret communique from the very tip top tuppence-lickers in the UK :61: Can´t really go into any detail but rest assured it is unofficially official. Apparently its the Saturn infusion from my 3rd stellium; gives just the right level of structure in bone and understated masculinity to that very fey 1st house soup :4: they fucking adore me. Than you for listening, Seekers and of course thread host. :13:
November 22, 2020 at 22:34
(Taurus) Astro-Seek.com » Fool
System message: Post has been written by user Fool, who already deleted profile on this website:
This one goes out to my people (sshh):
November 23, 2020 at 15:35
(Aries) JayJayAstrology
I will echo some of the other people commenting.

Define feminine!

We all have feminine and masculine traits - and the so-called feminine signs, planets and houses don´t necessarily act in a feminine manner. They all have positive and negative qualities that can come off in entirely different ways.

I don´t think you can answer that question by simply looking at planets, signs, houses and aspects. If you don´t know if a male or female is the owner of the chart, you probably won´t be able to tell the biological sex of the person. A man can be just as "feminine" as a woman - in any way you might define "feminine".

For instance, if you define feminine as "feeling and nurturing", then Moon represents that - but a man´s moon will be about feeling and nurturing as well. So, you can´t say that the Moon describes feelings in only a woman. It describes the feeling nature in all people, so it really isn´t woman specific.


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November 23, 2020 at 19:32
(Taurus) Astro-Seek.com » Fool
System message: Post has been written by user Fool, who already deleted profile on this website:
What? Not a single ´congratulations your Highness"? Tough crowd. :4:
November 23, 2020 at 20:52
(Scorpio) Saiya » IleneTs
I have this aspects:

Moon in Pisces Sextile Ascendant in Capricorn

Moon in Pisces Square Neptun in Sagittarius (this is not good anyway)

Moon in Pisces Conjunct Jupiter in Pisces

I have my Venus in Libra.

Would you like to comment? :68: :74: :17:
November 23, 2020 at 23:35
(Pisces) piscesiscariot » Fool
congratulations, your highness, no one wants to inform you so I will: the information following yr "title" is crass and irrelevant.

take yr Burger King crown and sit down, Fool.
November 24, 2020 at 10:31
(Pisces) IleneTs » Saiya
I´m sorry, but to get an accurate picture of this you have to interpret the entire chart.

You do not consist of parts that work separately, everything is connected to each other. Helas, I don´t give personal readings anymore. :74:
November 24, 2020 at 12:40
(Scorpio) Saiya » IleneTs
I understand. Too bad. I saw on your profile that you have been studying astrology for many many years. I would appreciate if you would take a look at my profile and say a few words on the subject. But I understand if you will not.
Thanks for your answers anyway. :74: :68:
November 24, 2020 at 12:51
(Taurus) Astro-Seek.com » piscesiscariot
System message: Post has been written by user Fool, who already deleted profile on this website:
Well, aren´t you the sweetest thing piscesiscariot, did you want to discuss the variable at play within a chart to determine - in your view a reason for the manifestation of femininity in a chart? It doesn´t appear so; when a native appears before you suggesting the reason it may manifest in his you are just rude and insulting. Who cares what you want, you are now Fool´s enemy.

I, however, want to say that I suspect the absence of traditional male ´physical manifestations´ is due (in my chart) to the fact - as I said - that the Moon oppopsed Sun squared Asc. The big three: will, feelings, expression all in conflict. Now, you can assign gender roles to the signs if you want but the channeling of the oppositions blocked energy is going to come through that Scorpio asc. We also have to bear in mind that Venus and Saturn are conjunct the sign (close orbs) - could you say that Saturn has been somewhat ´feminized´?

Neptune´s role in my case on a level of social interaction is reflective - you can´t catch Neptune, especially in the first some other charmer mentioned that Neptune is feminized being a higher octave of Venus, correct I should say; not a traditional masculine thing about it - but I can´t say its manifestation can be felt as particularly feminine, either. The point being that no trad gender roles is going to be broadcast through my first house but what you gonna do with Jupiter Mercury both squaring Neptune? Yeah, no help there.

Yes, not very pleasing no help there (especially if you consider that Mercury makes a t-square to NN and Neptune). Hmm, perhaps we should consider that, too.

Some one else on here (hey nice ad there) suggested that we should think about what we mean by ´feminized´ - you should; to me it just means the absence of one thing and also the absence of the other too, sometimes a fugue state develops between these conflicting energies, Neptune taking one away somewhere, a gender free state of consciousness? Somewhere where things aren´t felt so sharply - whatever pops out and manifests could be anyone´s guess, it certainly won´t be traditional.

Hay, charmer piscesiscariot have you ever been threatened by your Father with a knife. simply because you were not masculine enough? Hey, piscesiscariot, Princess of manners, have you ever lived a life where such concerns of trad gender role playing are something that has to be met everyday. Well, I don´t think you guys are doing a good job of welcoming them on the board.

There is no crown for the King of The Lesbians but a ring - in the form of a clitoris: The Sacred Clitoris of Isis. You will never be allowed to kiss it, though. The joke wasn´t for you - it was for the creative, grown-up types. Now run off and find a safe place to play - and try not to speak to people like that.

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