A big thing coming on through my birth chart?

November 18, 2020 at 22:35 (UT/GMT)
(Libra) Sophierowi
A big thing coming on through my birth chart?
I was messaging a friend on here, and he said I am approaching transit Venus conjunct my sun in libra in my 8th house. This conjunct is sqr transit conjunction of pluto, Jupiter and pallas...in my 12th house conjunct my natal south note (which represents karma or fate) and Saturn rules my 12th house.
I am new to astrology, really trying to get the hang of it all! I would love any feedback on how this astrological event could effect me- negative or positive. I thank everyone for the feedback to come!

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November 19, 2020 at 14:08
(Aries) JayJayAstrology
Sometimes I just have to laugh at what newly budding astrologers have to say. Venus transits are rarely a big event. Venus moves very quickly around the chart. TR Venus was already conjunct your Sun November 13-14 - for less than two whole days, and since you posted this Nov 18, I bet you didn´t even notice.

Venus is usually a gentle counselor in feel - perhaps might stimulate the desire to wear some beautiful clothing, do some artwork, make up with a friend with whom you argued. It isn´t a big mover and shaker like the slow moving planets. Most of the time, Venus moves and contacts us unnoticed by us. Her effects are subtle.

You do have big events coming up though. Usually, to make sense of transits, we have to have a good understanding of our natal charts. But in this case, it´s easy to tell you some things that will be meaningful without the whole reading.

The Rising Sign or Ascendant (ASC) - the first house cusp - is where we meet the public. It´s how we present ourselves to the social world and also how other people see us. It is our persona - and - it determines how we shine in the world. It´s one of the three core astrological factors that determines of our personality - Sun, Moon and ASC.

Right now - today - you have Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter in the 12th house. This is very significant all in itself, because the 12th house is about letting go of what you no longer need to be healthy and thriving - It´s the House of Troubles if you don´t let go of what´s no longer needed. It´s a place of endings so that something new can happen. When planets enter the 1st house from the 12th, it represents a new beginning. So right now, you should be letting go of what isn´t good or useful to you. You might need to grieve. Or perhaps you are tuning into your own spirituality or being creative - as this is all good for releasing.

Saturn will cross your ASC first on Jan 27, 2021. You´ll feel it before that and after that. Saturn crossing the ASC is a big thing. It asks you to change something in the way you present yourself to the world. I´ll let you decide what that might be - but just consider that the way you present can either hurt you or help you in many areas of life. It could be about your physical presentation - clothes, makeup, etc. - or perhaps an emotional or attitudinal presentation - do you talk too much or too little - do you come across as being aloof? - this kind of thing. It could be about being less shy or less assertive. Whatever it is - adjustments would be good for you.

Aquarius loves to be different and express its uniqueness. However, if it goes too far, it becomes an outsider - unpopular - or unacceptable in some way. If you want to have good social relations, Aquarius needs to know how to be unique, authentic, but still acceptable. TR Saturn will stay in your first house for a little over a year, so you will be asked to work on this theme for a while.

Saturn can also help you be more serious and focused - so you can use this transit to focus on an important project. You might feel energized to work harder at something and you may end up coming across to people as wiser than your years if you play your cards right. The new beginning with Saturn could be a real overhaul or restructuring in the way you present who you are in the world. That implies that you are also considering who you think you are and making adjustments there too.

An Aside: Saturn is also the traditional ruler of your whole chart. It´s the ruler of your past life symbol and it´s conjunct your 4th house cusp of home and family in Gemini. If you like to write, I bet you´d be good at it.

TR Pluto crossing your ASC will be an equally big event that lasts from about April 23, 2025 to Dec 23, 2027 - over two years it will be going across your ASC and then will be in your first house until about 2059! Pluto asks us to evolve - transform - change in a big way. So, you will have this stimulation once again - to work on your self-presentation - to do positive Aquarius instead of negative Aquarius.

Look up all the different qualities of Aquarius and identify how you are presently doing Aquarius, and then work toward all the positives you read about it that you identify with. You would not have these transits if you did not need them - so look at each one as a real opportunity for self-improvement and it should go well and smoothly for you. When we do what the planets ask - it can be a very positive and exciting time. It´s only when we don´t do what they ask of us that it can be a hard time with no positive outcome.

This is just a very short description of an important transit. To understand it more deeply, you need to have a natal chart reading. We can talk for days about a chart - it´s complicated. But, I hope this gives you a little bit of information that helps you understand astrology a little bit better - and to prepare for an exciting new beginning coming up.


My website: http://thesoulmustsing.weebly.com - I do astrology readings, dream interpretation, an mind-body healing by donation and workshops at reasonable rates.
November 19, 2020 at 19:42
(Libra) Sophierowi » JayJayAstrology
Hey, I’m glad I could make you laugh. :75: I am very new to astrology, trying to take it all in! I can only imagine how the things I say appear to the pros!
I actually stumbled across realizing my Venus transit because I impulsively made a hair and lash appointment within those days. So funny how it works!
I really appreciate the information you gave me on all the upcoming transits I’ll have. I’ll definitely be doing some research now too! I will definitely look into the readings. :1:
November 19, 2020 at 21:12
(Aries) JayJayAstrology » Sophierowi
Glad I could shine some light on important stuff. I love it - that you had your hair and lash appointment when TR Venus conjunct your Sun!!! You were listening to the "stars".

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