Jupiter and Saturn conjunct DC?

November 16, 2020 at 22:01 (UT/GMT)
(Leo) SDW
Jupiter and Saturn conjunct DC?
´The Great Conjunction 2020´ of Saturn and Jupiter on 21 December, will also be exactly conjunct my DC.. What does this mean for me please, in particular for finding a life partner?

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November 17, 2020 at 15:46
(Aries) JayJayAstrology
Splitting hairs a bit, but the"Great Conjunction" isn´t an exact conjunction on your DESC on Dec 21, 2020 - it´s about a degree and a half off - but - TR Jupiter/Saturn are still conjunct as they cross your DESC within half a degree. So you are right to call it a conjunction and to think it´s meaningful. It doesn´t last long though - as both are off your DESC by Jan 12. I use a degree orb for transits. Neither one will retrograde back over your DESC. Saturn will be in the 7th until Feb 17, 2022 though, so Saturn transiting your 7th is a longer influence.

The TR Saturn-Jupiter conjunction is the beginning of a new social cycle for all of us. But there was an explosive prelude to it - the Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn transit in Jan 2020. Interesting enough for you, the Pluto-Saturn conjunction was trine your natal Jupiter in Taurus at the same degree - 23 degrees. TR Jupiter was conjunct Pluto as well shortly after, and now, TR Jupiter is about to conjunct TR Saturn.

Capricorn and Saturn represent the status quo. In the social world - it represents governments and politics - what holds our society together into some kind of order. In our personal world, it represents core themes in our personalities that include good and bad karma, earned skills and wisdom. It´s the glue that holds our personal planets together into a cohesive whole.

Sagittarius and its ruler, Jupiter is expansive in feel. It is about growing and learning - setting goals for the future - striving to be better. When Jupiter and Saturn are working well together, we can expect Jupiter to infuse the status quo with fresh ideas, improvements, better functioning, assimilation of complex needs, and making the world a better place. The same with our individual selves in general. The dance between them should help us grow and change and become better people. So when the Pluto-Saturn transit was trine your Jupiter, did you feel an urge to personally grow and make some changes within your social or work world (11th house)?

However, Saturn and Jupiter are entering Aquarius and your DES is in Aquarius. Aquarius-Uranus is about radical change in the social world. Some say that collectively, we are truly entering the Age of Aquarius now with Pluto fast approaching this sign. It means radical change in how governments govern - and for each of us individually - how we approach our own unique challenges to be more authentic. The danger of Capricorn and Saturn is that it becomes stagnant and needs a big shake up. Well, Uranus/Aquarius is that big shake-up.

You don´t have any planets in the 7th house, so there isn´t a direct hit that way - but the angles are sensitive zones. So we need to look at your Uranus - in Virgo, conjunct Mercury and Pluto, 3rd house. Jupiter and then Saturn will quincunx them all while in the 7th. But, regardless - you will be affected in the 3rd house of perception, thought processes, intuition, inventiveness, analysis, details, verbal communication, writing . . . if you aren´t already engaged in 3rd house activities, you will be stimulated to do so. If you are already engaged, you´re about to have a big shake up there - perhaps your intuition will become stronger than ever, you might have some amazing ideas or you suddenly start to get answers to questions you´ve been posing for a while.

You are a "cuspy" kind of person. You´ve got your ASC-DESC close to the cusp and Venus and your Moon´s Nodes at 29-50 degrees. You might feel Cancer along with Leo on your ASC, Capricorn along with Aquarius on your DESC and you probably feel your Venus and North Node in Cancer as much as Gemini and South Node as much in Capricorn as Sagittarius.

That said, your Aquarius DES is traditionally ruled by Saturn, which is found in Pisces in the 8th - and it´s opposing your Uranus in 3rd. So, you might feel like Saturn is just as stimulated by the conjunction and you may find some spiritual illumination. You may find the ability to put some of your Pisces experiences into words - and if so, I really hope you like writing. It could be a very inspired period.

I think you´re probably a very spiritual person anyway with Moon in Cancer in the 12th - but I think this should be an amazing time for you. Your Secondary Progressed Moon will cross your ASC on Dec 14, 2020 right before the Jupiter-Saturn conjunct, marking a brand new beginning. First house is the new beginning. On Sept 22, 2021, SP Moon conjuncts natal Sun and not too long aftwardward, SP Mars conjuncts natal Sun. This is all a big boon for you . . . you´ll have SP Moon, Mars and Venus in Leo in the first house. Leo always wants an audience, and Jupiter in the 11th gives you one - if you´re ready for it.

Your first house Leo Sun and Rising - a double Leo - you have every need and opportunity to shine. I bet you´re trying to bring the spiritual interests forward. You may have had some set-backs with thinking too big and not being realistic enough - but I´m not sure about that. If you have, then perhaps this is your chance to break it all down into smaller pieces so that you can finish and publish the final draft - of your writing or whatever projects you´ve got going.

At any rate, this next period ought to be a very good one for you. Does this feel right to you or did I miss the boat?


My website: http://thesoulmustsing.weebly.com - I do astrology readings, dream interpretation, an mind-body healing by donation and workshops at reasonable rates.
November 17, 2020 at 18:40
(Leo) SDW » JayJayAstrology
Jay Jay, thank you so much for your detailed reply. Just one extra thing; would you please tell me regarding my love life? I have been single for a very long time, and want to know regarding likelihood of finding a life partner. Please see upcoming transits in my 5th, also noting re Saturn and Jupiter conjunct my DC soon. Thanks.
November 17, 2020 at 21:59
(Aries) JayJayAstrology » SDW
I replied to your other post about love relationships already today.
November 18, 2020 at 00:11
(Leo) SDW » JayJayAstrology
You provided a lot of interesting detail thanks, but nothing said about finding love. Please will you kindly look again re December transits in my 5th plus S&J conjunct at DC and tell me what you think?
November 18, 2020 at 00:32
(Aries) JayJayAstrology » SDW
I replied to that December post. I don´t see it now though. Did you delete it by accident? I´m very tired now. I´ve been reading charts all day on two forums. I´ll look at it tomorrow. What did you find useful in the reading about Jupiter-Saturn on DES?
November 18, 2020 at 11:29
(Aries) JayJayAstrology » SDW
It is very difficult to predict when people might meet a love partner. Yes, we can see potential times that are more likely than other times, but honestly, in my experience, it´s a complete crap shoot. There is no way of knowing if and when someone will meet a special person. So, as far as I´m concerned, there is always the possibility and it could happen any time.

That said, certain personalities are more or less likely to be in a relationship. You have an Aquarius DESC and Sun in the first house - Aries natural house. Aquarius and Aries are the two most independent and freedom-loving signs in the zodiac. This makes a person less likely to be in and stay in a relationship, as relationships require a good deal of tolerance and compromise. These signs simply oppose the qualities that are needed. Other people can feel or sense this about a person with a need for independence.

I know this is not exactly what you want to hear. I myself am an Aries Sun, Mars and Mercury and a Sagittarius Moon. I fall into the category I´m describing. It took me many years to accept that maybe I chose partners who would not commit mostly because I really didn´t want to commit myself. I think I´d make a great partner for the right person, but there has never been the right person. Those of us in this situation still have the same human need for love and relationship, and, yet - we enjoy our personal independence and freedom much more than other types. I love my solitude and I´m quite self-sufficient in most ways. This is neither good or bad - it just is. My work as a counselor-teacher gives me the intimacy I desire and friendships also fill in the gap (so to speak). For me, it works. I ultimately feel a deep connection and relationship with my own Soul, which is my first love focus.

I´m not saying that you are exactly like me, but perhaps a part of you is. We´re all different. You do have a Cancer Moon and a Leo Sun can feel the need to connect as much as any Libra. But your Moon, Mars and Venus are in the 12th house - which is removed from our earthly plane. It is partly what makes me think you are doing spiritual work - that and your Saturn in Pisces in the 8th house. Jupiter in Taurus can also give a person psychic abilities.

This is another difficulty people have in relationships. I don´t know how oriented you are in a spiritual practice, but those who follow a strong spiritual path can also need more time alone - and - not get all entangled with another person. Maybe a part of you wants and hopes to feel more grounded with the aid of a partner. You also have a Libra IC - and that would also make you want to have a partner.

You do have these very contrasting qualities - an independent streak - a not being quite in this world feel - and perhaps, a Cancer-Leo neediness that desires people connection.

Obviously, you badly want a relationship. So be it. I truly hope you meet someone. Your SP Sun is on your IC right now. That could describe a need for a relationship and an indication that you might meet someone. It is in the house of home and family and the most private place in the chart. Libra is on the cusp. This is the strongest indication of your desire and probability of meeting someone.

SP Moon is about to cross the ASC - signaling a new beginning. Yes, could be a good omen for a new relationship. At any rate, you may also begin to change yourself in how you approach meeting someone. That SP Moon crossing the ASC can represent a new beginning in multiple ways.

TR Saturn and Jupiter crossing the DES - yes - maybe - they are both bringing stimulation and focus to your 7th house.

Will you meet someone? I haven´t a clue. I wish you all the best in finding love though.
November 18, 2020 at 15:51
(Leo) SDW » JayJayAstrology
Jay Jay, thank you for your reply.
“When the Pluto-Saturn transit was trine your Jupiter, did you feel an urge to personally grow and make some changes within your social or work world (11th house)?” Yes I did but nothing came of it re Covid lockdown effect on social life and jobs. I do feel Cancer along with Leo on my AC, Capricorn along with Aquarius on my DC and my Venus and North Node in Cancer as much as Gemini and South Node as much in Capricorn as Sagittarius. Very interesting re my SP Moon crossing my AC soon. I have also bookmarked your interesting website for future use.

However, re my Moon in Cancer in 12th - I am not a particularly spiritual person. I am not doing spiritual work or following a strong spiritual path. I am interested in spirituality rather than religion though. I am not passionately freedom loving and I really hate being alone for long periods.

I am very grateful you have pointed out some significators for me of meeting someone special, re SP Sun on my IC, SP Moon about to cross the AC, and TR Saturn and Jupiter crossing the DC. Also, what significance of Venus, Mercury, Sun, Moon and South Node All transiting my 5th house at the same time in December?
November 18, 2020 at 16:06
(Aries) JayJayAstrology » SDW
Those planets transiting 5th house are mostly quick - except the South Node and Sun. Well, they will stimulate 5th house matters, of course - which would include love affairs, creativity, and play.

If you aren´t especially a spiritual person, then are you at least artistic in some way? If you don´t have a creative outlet, then I would strongly suggest you find one and get authentically interested, because the 12th house planets really need one or the other - a spiritual path or creative outlet. You will be happier when alone and less needy when with others.

You may not have a conscious love for freedom, but in some respect, you hold onto your individuality or uniqueness in some way, even if you aren´t conscious of it. Either that, or your birth time isn´t correct. I would put it to you, that you may be here to learn to enjoy your solitude as much as being in relationship. Just food for thought.

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