Can somebody help me with my chart? :)

October 29, 2020 at 21:10 (UT/GMT)
(Leo) Peppin
Can somebody help me with my chart? :)
Hi! Im really new to astrology and I need some help with my chart. I just dont understand it.

Anybody out there who can help me? <3

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October 30, 2020 at 15:57
(Cancer) Trevor77
Your chart miss, so everyone can comment :4:

Virgo Rising.. are you a perfectionist ? always trying to self improve ?
Dominant Pluto Intense person with stressful life by looks of it.

I see you have Mercury opposite Neptune and Being a Leo this really does suit the Arts and gives Spiritual Thinker too, But need to be careful that others dont take advantage of your dreamy ways. Imagination is always everflowing with this aspect, and you would make a great writer/Communications specialist having a Gemini Mc.

Relationships will surely be the harder part of life with venus square saturn/jupiter they wont go as planned, and there are money issues with venus ruling your money.

With Education, the ruler again being Venus is in 12th so I think you learn better on your own as opposed to inside a class.

Out of being curious have you lost a friend, because 8th ruler in 11th can indicate a friend passing away someone close to you.

I believe you would make an excellent student, and be very successful in education.
Hobbies couldd involve collecting or anything creative like drawing.
You have a strong mind, and may be goal oriented, very social when around friends and doesnt mind being center of attention.

Mars opposite Neptune can make you drawn to mystery, and maybe extra curious about what your friends are up too.

There is alot of tension on your feelinngs there, so not worrying about everything might prove difficult.

A spiritual person who would do well in teaching and the helping professions.
Having Venus in 12th in Virgo gives a love of analysing the hidden things in life and your most likely a very curious but fun person.

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November 2, 2020 at 03:33
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So ive been studying astrology and numerology for the past 3 years so i might be wrong but From what i see you have alot of friends that could be kinda self centered or impulsive, your emotions or relationship with your mom could be rebellious, in your love life your partners might be distant/reserved/cold, and your character might be a little intense. Please let me know if im correct or not? :1:
November 4, 2020 at 09:40
(Cancer) AlsaceTX
Friend: Other people have weighed in. I won´t go through your whole chart. I´ll tell you your core wounding is powerful and deep. I mean deep. Home. Ancestry. Past lives. Amplified by Pluto conjuction. With a moon in Scorpio, the depth of emotion most people have no idea. Bless you, you are capable of fantastic transformation.

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