MBTI and Astrology

October 11, 2020 at 00:43 (UT/GMT)
(Taurus) Hermitress
MBTI and Astrology
Probably been done before, but I´m curious to see the connections between other people´s astrological sign and MBTI type.

I´m supposedly INFP (bordering on Thinking by 50%. I´m not 100% sure whether or not I am INTP or INFP) and I think Taurus fits an ISFJ profile well (Taurus being practical, introverted and harmonious). I do have an Aries moon and I wonder if that effects the intuition and sensing dichotomy (I can imagine Aries being either an intuitive or sensing type. I can imagine a lot of Aries being xSTP. Maybe even ENTJ). I´m fairly balanced on those functions as well though.

I have thought I was ISFP (any many other types) and sometimes I still question myself. They have introverted intuition as their 3rd function and that function points towards what someone enjoys doing/learning, but isn´t the strongest at. It´s something that someone can kind of turn off and on, like a switch. I think ISxP´s (maybe even ESxP´s) would have an interest in learning about astrology, tarot and such from time to time (if it´s something they believe in) for fun. It´s something they start to trust more and develop later in life.

The reason I believe I might be INFP is because of the 2nd extroverted intuition function and being able to see many different possibilities, struggling to stick to one thing and connecting things that seem unrelated to each other. I was also always interested in the esoteric/occult subjects since I was a kid (which makes me suspect valuing introverted intuition somewhere in my function stack). Also, the reason I´m not a judger is because I´m not really organized and I hardly ever plan anything out. It´s something I´m trying to get better at though. I think Libra seems like an ISFJ, ESFJ or even INFP type as well. Sorry about the rambling and if that was confusing. It seems like the more research I do, the more confused and unsure I get. Over-thinker issues, I guess! There could be no connection between them, but it´s fun to think about. (For me at least, lol)

Here´s some more information on cognitive functions:

Would you say that you feel your astrological sign fits your MBTI type? What are some differentiations? Do you feel that one is more accurate to you than another and why?

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October 18, 2020 at 16:38
(Pisces) Tinnie
Hi, Hermitress!

This is interesting indeed let´s see~

My MBTI resulted in INFJ-T.
According to the celestial bodies when I was born:

Almost all of my planets are located below the horizon.
To most astrologers, it means I have an introverted personality. (I)
I´m a Pisces Sun and a Scorpio Moon.
Both of these luminaries are intuitive, sensitive and deeply in touch with their feelings when expressing something. (NF)
I´m a Libra Ascendant and my Venus is in Aquarius.
Both are known to be diplomatically humanitarian and empathic. One organizes the other is free-spirited (J)? I´m a mix of both actually lols. I like my surroundings neat, I make a list and stick to it so that I won´t get sidetracked. Tho there are times that what I do depends on the sudden burst of my energy specifically when I´m doing a project or socializing, oftentimes I am an organized person. c:

Therefore, I can say that I´m either an INFJ/P-T <--- My Pisces dreamy Sun believes that she is an FP too xDD


It is fascinating to relate psychology and astrology because both can be applied in the same context when it comes to understanding yourself deeply or someone in particular.

PS. I have a friend who is:

a Scorpio Sun who is also INTJ (Seems legitly accurate, can´t complain lols)
a Leo ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ---- INFJ (Has a big ❤️ for everyone & also my best bud)
a Libra ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ----- INFJ (Highly empathic & pretty charming)
an Aries ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ------ INFP (An artist by ❤️ & driven towards her goals)
a Taurus ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ --- INTP (He´s practically intelligent & naturally zen)

I have to admit I am quite unfamiliar with the ISxx or ESxx personality trait.
I rarely can relate or even met one. Anyway, thank you for this topic Hermitress it´s fun answering it. c:

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