Natal chart reading help

October 4, 2020 at 01:57 (UT/GMT)
(Taurus) Adzy
Natal chart reading help
Hey guys,
Greetings, hope all are well. I’m basically looking for help in interpreting my chart and if there is anything good or is it as bad as I’ve been told it is? And can it provide me with what direction in life is should be taking as I’m 38 and recently got fired from my job and am stuck in a state I don’t live in staying with family until further notice and it seems like I’m never going to have job or financial security or catch any kind of a break sometimes. So any help would be greatly appreciated as I’m new to astrology I’m not sure what is or isn’t good or not but been led to believe it’s not great.
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October 4, 2020 at 18:28
System message: Post has been written by user Davis212, who already deleted profile on this website:
Please, tell me the circumstances surrounding your being fired, and be honest about it. I am not here to judge you; I just want enough information so that your placements become "alive" and "speak" to me.

Also tell me about how has your financial situation been throughout the years/decades. What seems to be the situation that repeats itself all the time, in terms of jobs and money?
October 4, 2020 at 18:44
(Sagittarius) goldenlion32
You are kind of in a transition period with the Nodal Return and also Uranus opposition Uranus where it is that place where life changes into a new phase or passage of rites. Not to mention the Aries in Chiron Return which is kind of quite difficult to harness all at once with life changes, anxiety, depression, and feeling your old world is collapsing and belief systems collapsing and having unlearn all the conditioning of the past and re-learning new ways to create finances, relate with others, and of course re-invent your life in a new direction.
Chiron with the Sun in Aries shows the ego gets broke down at times and might focus on not so much thinking only of self, but others at the same time with Moon in Libra in the 9th of teachers.
There’s a sense of being at odds with the emotions and ego and not always finding yourself in the best situations with relationships. And this is where you must learn to relate with the feminine and masculine energies in a more healthy way and do something completely different then before.
Uranus opposition Mercury might make it difficult at times to communicate since you might not be aware you’re kind of delivering those shocking moments to others through conversations and also with money. Maybe not realizing you get into control and dominance issues with money or win-lose situations. And with Aries Sun you might want to think of you before others, while by doing so might create certain karma’s with others where you end up in situations where you win or lose instead of win-win situations.
South Node Squares Saturn Square North Node, so there’s a way of recognizing how you do things in the past and being penalized if you don’t think of others besides yourself and of course with North Node Gemini it’s all in the way you communicate with others and whether you divide or unify your relationships with others.
If you do the same thing in the past you keep getting the same outcome and Saturn will keep reminding you until you get it right.
A lot of Spiritual activity there, so you may be pushed into doing some healing work, spiritual work, and clearing a lot of karma in your emotions, thoughts, and feelings and through doing so everything else will fall in place the more you make changes.…
October 4, 2020 at 19:38
System message: Post has been written by user Asteroid #448, who already deleted profile on this website:
Looking at your chart i see a lot of aspects that work great together. But it may be the reason why you´re backsliding a bit. South node trine your sun - maybe its comfortable to keep going back to old habits? as well as uranus trine your venus could make relationships a bit unsteady, though not exactly your fault as you need things not to get too predictable. Your node is in gemini, in 5th house so as much as you want to socialize, or give time to philosphy or others, give as much time, if not more to what gives you pleasure as a person. Work on your interests. Maybe take a seat back and try being less about the big picture, get into the details of things a bit.
Hope this little helps in directing your path!
October 8, 2020 at 18:39
(Leo) tomdos
I may have made quite a few assumptions here, so please bear that in mind. I still believe at least some of them may hit the right spot and help shed some light into your situation.

First of all, where are you from? If you have lived far away from your birth place for a long time, the natal chart may have become irrelevant and may need recalculation to your current position. Especially if you moved from northern hemisphere to southern (if I understand well, you are not from AUS?). So what we look at here may actually not be relevant chart anymore.

Secondly, I would strip the natal chart off the balast aspects (ie. to anything that is not a planet). They are not that crucial for basic orientation. On contrary, they may be very misleading. They spam the chart, making it incomprehensible. If you do that, suddenly your chart will look a lot different.

I also switched house system (regiomontanus).

After I did all that, I see three heavy oppositions. Venus in the 1st house vs Mars in the 7th. To me it feels like the male/female roles in your partnerships tend to be swapped somehow or there is some confusion regarding your own identity (Anima vs animus). This presumption is supported by the Sun vs Moon opposition, which may indicate something similar, or at least conflict between emotional and rational self and that also projects into relationships, especially close ones. Possible family issues (parents). Mercury in IC promises bright mind, intellect and possibly communication skills, its your strongest planet in domicile. However it is challenged by opposing Uranus, near MC. Feels like Uranus wants to be seen and heard, wants to surprise and shock, differ at any cost.

These oppositions seem very challenging indeed, but they are a source of great tension and thus great energy, if the work of transformation is successful. And that is your job. In short, theyre there to be dealt with, overcome, so that you grow as a person, as a soul. You should not succumb to them. However, in my opinion they are not that responsible for the troubles of your outer life, though you may be struggling to transform them into fruitful energy, which would improve your life a lot, or at least your soul, your inner life.

The weirdest thing in your chart, to me at least, are the main destiny planets: Jupiter and Saturn. The Great Helper and the Great Saboteur. I feel they are the actual tilt to your signature problem. They neither help nor harm actively (ie through aspects). They are unaspected and thats even worse, as they are somewhat lost there in the 8th house. Their energy is uncontrolled, unavailable to you, yet it would be very much needed to make you whole and thrive. True, we might accept the quincunx aspect (the green one), but it makes the situation even more problematic, as this minor aspect is exceptionally accurate in both cases (several minutes!). Jupiter quin. Venus and Saturn quin. Sun. Quincunx (150) is very weird aspect which symbolizes situation where the planets do nither cooperate (120) nor oppose (180). They simply do not care, they are unconcerned and indifferent. They acknowledge each other, create an illusion of relationship, but in fact do not take part. Its an illusion of aspect that may just lead to a huge waste of energy or unfulfilling in your life. You may for example feel like you dedicate yourself to some meaningful project or job only to find in the end how wrong you were as all goes invain. I feel the power of Jupiter and Saturn (both male, proactive energies) is what you might be lacking the most. Their expression, their engagement in your chart and life. Its the energy you may lack to fuel it into transforming your oppositions into new, efficient qualities, enriching your life both on the inside and outside.

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all in the 8th house in the house system I used. That house may be one big mystery, giving or taking a lot. Starting and ending lives and events abruptly. As Jupiter and Saturn are unaspected, they increase the mystery of this house. He can yet surprise you both ways, but I feel that unless you bring J and S to life and conscious(!) cooperation somehow, you may not fully get into the driving seat of your life as you would wish.

What to do? IMHO you should focus on discovering Jupiter and Saturn energies in you. How? Imagine they are parts of your soul, self, complexes of your psyche. You can study what each of the planets represents, their traits, quailities, features, and consciously incorporate them into your behaviour, life. That may sound really weird, but the whole world, all the creation, karma funcions through this principle. Imitation, similarity and symbolism is the basis of existence. Similar attracts similar. The method is more effective than one would say.

For starters, I would suggest training optimism. Just like that, out of the blue, without a reason. optimism is the driving force of the universe and main Jupiter quality. Believe that everything will work out just fine, no matter what. Be stubborn about it. It requires will and may feel unnatural, yet i tis the exact opposite (we humans have long lost a feeling of what natural state of soul feels like). It is the very basic magical act that can be hard at start, but can easily snowball. As a certain guru once said: „Devil and sadness always walk hand in hand. God is always smiling.“

Good luck :29:
November 25, 2020 at 17:58
(Taurus) Adzy » Davis212
I was terminated after I decided to pull over on the side of the road and take a nap on the way to work as I was being expected to drive 2 hours each way to work everyday and was exhausted due to the travel. I’d previously spoken to my employer about it being too much and had previously raised issues regarding not being compensated for the extra 20 hours a week I was being asked to give of my time free of charge as they refused to pay for the travel time and had my hours for overtime in the weeks prior refused to be paid as they had lost money on the job they had me on due to issues with stripping the floor back to bare concrete and not doing their due diligence in looking at the job correctly. Prior to this I had spent the last 20 months living away from home and travelling around Australia for the company and had not and still have not been home due to coronavirus lockdowns and being swamped with work and tight schedules and had had no prior issues or problems with the company or my work ethic and had won international awards for the work I had produced for our clients and had been elevated in my role to site supervisor and had delivered every job on time and with either minimal to no defects or call backs to repair any works. And in a general week I would work upwards of 60 hours a week up to 85 hours as required and in a high paced and rapidly changing environment.
And had great working relationships with my bosses and with all our contractors and tradespeople most of whom have become good friends. In the 9 months of the last financial year I worked for the company and including 4 weeks off around Xmas I’d earned quite a substantial a,Lunt of money and had managed to save somewhere between 15-20% of that amount or $15-20k.
I’ve always had a similar type of issue and experience regarding work and it has been very inconsistent and sporadic with breaks in between, I had a work accident in 2013 and from 2013-17 was unable to work due to ongoing and debilitating neck and back spinal injuries, and I suffer from horrendous migraines ever since, I’m carpenter by trade and also a qualified residential building draftsperson, and will be completing my diploma of construction (builders registration) in the new year.
I own both my cars outright and have a work Ute and a toy for pleasure and I own my own house in Perth, or should say I am in the process of paying it off and I am also aware that I am much better off than a lot of other people and I also don’t take those things for granted as I’ve had to sacrifice and work hard to have those things or to acquire them, and it mostly involves never being home and always being away for work. But I’m forever grateful and appreciative of the tremendous blessings and skills that I have been fortunate enough to be blessed with in this life but it’s not ever been easy or a path of zero resistance to get to where I am. And after reading a few things about astrology and inquiring into the 6 retrograde planets in my chart and the sun opposite my moon and some other parts I’ve since read the sun moon opposition and the constant feeling of being pulled in two opposite directions at times was a bit of a revelation.
I’m also at 38 years of age and after some bad experiences with workplaces and especially in the company that I hurt my back and the behaviour and the things they did in the wake of my subsequent leaving and injuries reoccurring and the damage they had managed to cause in my personal life and my relationship at the time it has had a profound affect on my outlook and my wants and desires in life and on where I place the value of importance in regards to material possessions as none of those things mean anything to me anymore and I’d be quite happy to give them away and have offered to do so to my dad as I no longer feel they serve me or ever did in the first place, I was trying to prove myself to people in my life and family and friends that I now realise I have nothing to prove anything to any of them about and owe them nothing as they owe me but whom I am happy to do whatever I can for any of them to see them have a better life and if it will improve or better their current positions in life, and I expect nothing in return nor do I seek to help them so in turn I have either something to use to manipulate them to my own will or for my own benefit nor is it to be able to lord it over them or to have any influence in their lives, I simply do what I can because I hate seeing anyone in life struggle although at times I feel like I’m drowning myself and am bereft of direction and unsure of what the purpose of life is or why I’m here.
It’s taken me the best part of 35-36 years of my life to finally realise what my family mean to me though to be honest and I’ve not ignored them or been unsympathetic to them or thought I was better than them I was simply chasing something I thought I had to have and to prove in life to feel worthy of anyone’s time or company. My family all love me to death and as the eldest of 6 children myself and eldest sister have the same Mum and dad and I have four other brothers and sisters from Mum and my step father and being the eldest grandchild on both sides of the family, I’ve had a life that is and would be quite unbelievable to most people if I was to write down all that I’ve been through up until now in it, and the fact that I’m alive at 38 still is a miracle in itself as I was run over by a car as a 3 year old and in a coma for weeks and lucky to survive.
I’m adored by nieces and nephews and I absolutely love them to bits and same with my family immediate and extended, and despite the traumatic experiences I’ve had and suffered through and had to endure in this lifetime I’d not change any of it up until now for all the earth, as it’s made me who I am today. Be that for better or worse, but I’ve never been happy or known happiness and my dad says that something changed in me when I was run over by the car as a kid and I was never the same in that regard and I now know I will not find my happiness in wealth and materialism and possessions or in a partner or any other external source it will only be found when I look within myself and align I with my true purpose, but it would be nice to know if at some point in life if that’s possible and if I may catch a break and things will start to get better.
Some of my reading has led me to think it may no5 and it’s going to be this constant battle of two steps forward and then two back.
November 25, 2020 at 18:31
(Taurus) Adzy
Thank you to all of you guys who have replied and taken the time to offer your advice it is greatly appreciated and I am grateful for your input. Having my natal chart done has been a catalyst of as yet unknown change but I feel that what’s to come be it good, bad or indifferent i am moving in a direction that is going to allow me to embrace whatever lies ahead far better equipped and in tune with what these messages are trying to convey.

I am starting to embrace the changes and to learn to roll with the punches as they say and although I don’t think I’ve ever been a bad person in life I’ve made decisions selfishly in the past and the consequences of those decisions or my actions however unintended they were have caused hurt to those I love and mean the most to me and for those people I’ve hurt and whom I’ve affected either by neglecting to consider their feelings or through selfishness and stubbornness I can only say thank you and that I am and have been humbled by their willingness to forgive me and accept my apologies and to allow me to repair any damage I have done. This may sound like I’ve left a trail of destruction throughout my life from what I’ve said but I more refer to my inability to understand others points of views and being so steadfast and self righteous in my opinions and in seeking to blame others for where my life has at times been headed, these revelations have been neither new in their appearance or occurrence in my life or of those I care about as those that know me well and I know well in return are all well aware of who I am and I of them and we take the good with the bad but there have certainly been moments in my life that I’ve been none to proud of and upon reflection outright ashamed of my behaviours.

However I refuse to let my past dictate my future nor to I subscribe to the fact that the mistakes I’ve made will be the actions or consequences in life I allow to hold me back or keep me stagnate in life and prohibit me from becoming the best version of myself or living my best life, as I’m a big believer of the famous quote that “to err is to be human” and I don’t think a more true statement or quote could really sum up some of the idiosyncrasies that exist throughout life and that boggle the mind. For in my greatest mistakes and with the benefit of hindsight some of life’s greatest silver linings have come to me out of what have been some of the darkest days and have been waiting for me after emerging from having plundered into some of the deepest and hardest days in my life where I couldn’t tell if I was ever going to make my way back out of them for it was so dark at times I could not see the light and at times refused to get out of my own way to allow myself to do so.

So thank you to all who have commented for your replies and your incite, you are all truly amazing people and I can’t wait to finish reading all of the comments and replies in depth and a few more times and glean any help and advice that I can.

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