Animodar method of Rectification

September 1, 2020 at 16:46 (UT/GMT)
(Scorpio) Promethean_Soul
Animodar method of Rectification
I wanted to share one of rectification technique animodar with you. This method doesn´t give exact birth data but this will give you good insight. Who is not sure about his or her birth data they can use this method.

Animodar method of Rectification

- the Animodar method of rectification can be traced back to the work of Ptolemy and is explained in detail in several traditional works, such as Antonius de Montulmo´s work on nativities and the nativities section of William Lilly´s Christian Astrology. It aims to correct the degree of the ascendant once the astrologer knows which sign should be on the ascendant.

The method is based upon consideration of the degree of the previous syzygy (lunation). If the chart was preceded by a new Moon, it considers which planet has the most essential dignity at the degree of the New Moon; if it was a full Moon it considers which planet has the most essential dignity in the degree of the luminary above the earth.

According to Lilly´s instruction, having identified that planet you then consider whether it is nearer to the ascendant or midheaven. If it is nearer to the ascendant you alter your ascendant to the degree position of that planet. If it is nearer the midheaven, you alter the midheaven in your chart to the degree position of that planet and then adjust your ascendant accordingly.

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