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August 24, 2020 at 15:56 (UT/GMT)
(Gemini) slazzurus
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Hey, I´ve never really had a full chart reading done of myself; I do charts for others but there´s always some sort of bias when it comes to reading your own chart.

I can see many of my deficiencies and flaws, as well as my strengths, plus possible outlets, but I´m curious what a complete stranger would say about my chart.

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August 25, 2020 at 17:21
(Aries) JayJayAstrology
FYI - More aspects would be helpful in a reading.

A good reading requires more time than what can be provided here.

SOUTH NODE in LEO - 12th house - you suffered a loss of self-identity in your past life. You may have been in a position of authority without having earned it - like you were born into the position or inherited status and wealth - and you weren´t properly prepared for it - or the position completely didn´t suit you at all. You may have hated being in that position. Whatever happened, the result is that you were not given an opportunity to develop your natural impulses and self-identity. You weren´t given the opportunity to experiment and explore what you really wanted to do and be - what would give you joy.

North Node in Aquarius - 6th - In this lifetime, you are asked to explore your true individuality - your uniqueness - what truly defines who you are. In the 6th house, you´ll do it through a service - that is helpful to others.

Your MC - IC is very close to sign cusps. I´d probably ask you a bunch of questions to correct birth time, if you were a client. The way it is, you have intercepted signs - Taurus and Scorpio. Before I read the chart that way, I´d want to see if it fits you.

Many planets in houses 10-12 - you are very aware of yourself in the social world and the effect of the social world upon you. Your attention is there. You also have Moon and Saturn in Houses 4-6 quadrant ( we don´t count the outer planets). So you are very aware of how the actions of others have on you. You tend not to think of yourself in an isolated way like an Aries might. Nor do you tune into others like an empath might. You have to work at these things with the empty quadrants of houses 1-3 and 7-9 (again we don´t count the outer planets).

Moon in Sag in the 4th - well, you enjoy learning and expanding yourself. You may like exploring philosophy or religion - the big picture in life - have some kind of code to live by that brings meaning to your life. You like to set goals. You would have the tendency to have many homes opposed to staying put in one place. That Sag Moon is ruled by Jupiter - tend to give a person a generally optimistic mood - but of course, no one is always "up". You like a varied routine - if you get into a grind for too long, you will want to change it up or go nuts. On the negative, you could be judgmental or have judgments put upon you from family members.

Sun in Gemini with Jupiter and Gemini - again, I´d say you tend to have an optimistic view. Gemini Sun is usually pretty intelligent, likes good conversation, and seeks the truth of things. With Jupiter conjunct Sun, you could sometimes set unrealistic goals or in Gemini - too many goals - with too much mentation around them - instead of just doing them. If a Gemini has opposing goals - goals or ideals or desires where one cannot happen if the other does happen - in other words - if you do one, the other one is absolutely not going to happen - like taking a job here while wanting to live somewhere else - then a Gemini can go crazy still wanting both and working it out to have both in their minds. It doesn´t happen to all Geminis but they are prone to that kind of thing.

Your Sun in the 10th is there so that you can explore who you are from the inside out and bring it out into the world. You will want to do something that is good for others while also bringing some notoriety for yourself. There´s nothing wrong with that. You need to accolades.

You tend to treat your emotions or feelings in a mental sort of way. I mean, you may feel a feeling but tend to think about it and resolve a feeling through thinking. You have a lot of Gemini - Sun, Mercury, Jupiter - and Sag is a mental sign, and Virgo is a mental sign. Mercury rules your entire chart. So, you will need to work at getting in touch with your feelings or make an effort to feel (if you need to). You do have Venus in Cancer to help with that. It may be that you are overly sensitive to what other´s think - Chiron in Cancer is interesting - or you are prone to falling for other people´s plans for you or their enthusiasm for something. But I do think you need to pay attention to how you feel deep inside in order to heal the loss of self. If you´re too much in your head and not in your heart, it makes it harder. But you are meant to think deeply about the truth of things - to perceive the truth - and that can be applied to feelings too.

Virgo rising makes you humble. But is also makes you hyper critical of yourself and others, if you dip into negative Virgo. The positive Virgo is very helpful - analyzes in order to understand things in detail. This is deep understanding that is very helpful in discernment of all kinds - helpful to you in your quest for true self identity as well as in understanding others.

You may be in a relationship, but this lifetime isn´t really about relationship. It´s about healing your loss of real self-development and self-identity.

That´s my cursory take on your chart - just tidbits - without considering a whole lot of things I would consider if doing a professional reading.
October 7, 2020 at 10:28
(Gemini) slazzurus » JayJayAstrology
Thank you so much for that reading!

The Destiny node interpretations, I haven´t heard of, but it´s incredibly striking.

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