Intuition and clairvoyance

July 20, 2020 at 16:44 (UT/GMT)
(Taurus) IntoTheVoid
Intuition and clairvoyance
How do you experience intuition? Do you have dreams that later become reality?
Do you have visions? Do you have ´spidy senses´?
I´m interested to know what how your intuition plays itself out, and which astrological placements/transits you may think have a role in it?

How to delve deeper into your intuition...?
I personally always just seem to ´feel´ things. In my gut and through communication. I can tell someones motives almost before I have even finished a conversation with them. This can be annoying.
I have feelings of ´Deja Vu´ a lot. I think these traits are passed down the maternal line from my Grandmothers side.

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July 20, 2020 at 17:02
(Virgo) RohiniMoon
Do you have dreams that later become reality?

Yes. First time this started I was around 18/19, my first nodal return. The dream plauged me badly for a long time. Then when I was 29 - my Saturn return, I had the same dream, again, but this time more detailed, then a few months later - it became a reality.

This was just my experience. I do have good intuition as well, but the precognitive dreams beat the heck out of any intuition... :80:

Edit: I should also add that this dream was paramount in terms of a turning point in my life..I am guessing that´s why I had it twice. But the second time was extremely more descriptive and i was even given advice on something for my personal life.

Needless to say, I did heed the warning. Thank God.... :79: :80:
July 20, 2020 at 17:20
System message: Post has been written by user 333, who already deleted profile on this website:
Great topic :)

For me yes, dreams offer a lot of messages - have had a few dreams before an event that almost prepare/warn me of something, someone, a place.
Then they came true.

My dad dreamt a colleague at work was pregnant - he forgot it was a dream, and asked her the next day how far a long she was. She was shocked he knew as she hadn´t told anyone yet, it was too early :6:

With strong pluto in my chart i can read others/ situations with accuracy. But I´m aware I see things through a plutonian lense...

So practice acceptance. Everyone has a different take on reality - so we all have a different lense we see/feel things through. I wonder how this can affect intuition... ?

But ultimately i´d agree with you about ´spidy senses´ and gut feelings. Never ignore them. Often the intuition is instant - listen. Or the mind might try to rationalise things and it gets messy haha

"I can tell someones motives almost before I have even finished a conversation with them. This can be annoying."
- do you find you´re hypervigilent trying read others?

I too would like to know how to delve deeper into intuition.
July 20, 2020 at 19:21
(Aries) ram_goat
Not so much dreams with me, but occasionally.. seeing dead people in a dream or being contacted in a dream. I never had dreams about future events, and I seldom have deja vu. If it´s in a dream, it will be a sit-down conversation with someone who has a distinct identity, even if I don´t know who they are.

Otherwise, it´s thoughts, ideas, messages, feelings (less often). On the most vague end of the spectrum, a sense "something´s not right", at the other end of the spectrum, a distinct voice in my ear, outside my head, with a clear message or idea. That is rare, usually it falls in the middle range of thoughts about things. Sometimes just thinking about someone or something in a general, unfocused way, other times very clear thoughts, almost being dictated to me in a one-way manner.. this is also on the extreme end. Sometimes there is a visual component to it as well- the face of the person who is speaking, even if they are unknown to me, or images of their words appear in sentences or phrases in my mind. Or a scene will be projected that the words serve to explain. Other times, a bit closer to the middle range of the spectrum, you get a sense of the presence of someone, they may say who they are or not.. and your mind is like a chalkboard.. they will "write" a message there, and you can "write" another back to them in the same way and get an answer and have a sort of conversation that way. It takes a lot of focus to maintain it, it´s easy to "lose" them or their signal. Maybe it is just as difficult for them to do this as it is for us..
Most of the time that "conversation" type experience is initiated by strong thoughts about someone, or just a strong sense that someone is there and wants to talk to you. Also, rarely, the smell of someone´s perfume. It can be quite intense, then vanish.

How you delve into it? Quiet your mind. Learn how to quiet your mind. These things are going on around us all the time, but most of the time we ignore them. The way society is structured, we are taught to ignore, and modern things are deliberately loud, bright and flashy, which also helps drown out quiter more subtle senses.
July 20, 2020 at 19:45
(Virgo) RohiniMoon
Native Americans believe women´s intuition is much stronger and potent due to our monthly menstruation cycle. More than males, because we are ultimately ruled by the moon, and the monthly cycle - they believe shows strong powers. They even have "menstruation huts" for the women to go to during this time.

Depends on what or who you read, some say it´s because they believe the women become "witches" during this time, and others say it´s for them to meditate and focus inward on their precognitive strengthen them. This makes a lot of sense to me, since we´re talking about the moon.
July 20, 2020 at 23:21
(Taurus) IntoTheVoid » RohiniMoon
Feminine nature is also all about ´recieving´ and ´holding space´ for things.

Everyone´s experiences all seem so intense.
July 20, 2020 at 23:29
(Taurus) IntoTheVoid » 333
Wow. It´s so cool that your dad predicted the pregnancy!
You´re definitely right about everyone having their own lense of reality... what works for one may be different for another...
Sometimes I can´t tell if it´s just paranoia or intuition - however, it´s helped me avoid some strange situations to say the least.
July 20, 2020 at 23:30
(Aries) ram_goat » IntoTheVoid
That´s just how it is..

and yes you can´t live in that space all the time..

it is too weird a place.

I think there are quieter forms, as well, it just depends on the person.
July 20, 2020 at 23:31
(Taurus) IntoTheVoid » ram_goat
Very very interesting... communicating through other dimensions...
Quieting the mind is very difficult, but once done it can work wonders. You´re right about that...
July 20, 2020 at 23:34
(Aries) ram_goat » IntoTheVoid
and for me it´s very visual, it can be other things for other people..

emotions, sensations, whatever.. each person is tuned to their own wavelenght.
it can use any of the senses.. or .. none of them at all.. (think about that..)

Other people who are psychic can also "amp" you up.. or you amplify eachother´s abilities when you are around them.. but also troubled people can do this, too.. emotions, psychic energy, who knows what feeds this?
July 21, 2020 at 01:56
(Leo) Zephyrin
"Do you have dreams that later become reality?"

Yes, unfortunately. I see symbolic things and creatures that play a role in my life. For example, everytime I saw dead cats, I experienced very difficult things (I hope doesn´t gonna happen again). It doesn´t have to be only about my life, but also can be about my family´s life, my loved ones... My dreams are extremely bizarre and I definitely don´t like them besides their high possibility to be real.

They can also be about bothering angry souls but I don´t want to talk about them because it sounds like a ghost story and I can´t stand people underestimating, mocking on the creatures we can´t see.

Other than dreams, I deeply feel the energies of people, I can understand whether a person are evil or not and this thing is hasn´t proved itself wrong so far. The disadvantage is, I can´t control whose energy I should focus on when I´m in a crowded place. So I absorb all the negative energy in the place. Here comes severe headache and feeling to faint. I want to sleep suddenly.

I have Pluto/Chiron conjunction in 12th house and it may be the source of the very strange dreams but I have no idea why they mostly become real. During the Mars/Pluto transit, the strangeness is doubled.

As for the relation with energies, it may stem from the Sun and Venus in 8th house in natal, I think.

My intuitions have become really disturbing recently.
July 21, 2020 at 05:09
(Cancer) Anikey
I have done a lot of research on dreams and once I did a small-scale survey with about 40 people - the most surprising finding for me was that almost all of them reported having dreams that later became reality and gave examples they still remembered, sometimes for years :22:

I have never had them myself although I have very complex dreams and have done a lot of interpretation...
July 21, 2020 at 19:57
(Taurus) IIyyaarr13
I may have used clairaudience to get through a hearing test recently!
:181: :199:, :180: :157:, :179: :156:, :178: :160: sometimes do better jobs of posing as intuitive than :182: :159:!
Deja Vu and Jamais Vu are subjects in and of themselves!
July 21, 2020 at 22:32
(Taurus) IntoTheVoid » Zephyrin
Very interesting... you say your Sun is in the 8th house? Leo and felines... 8th house = death/psychic house.

Pluto in the 12th house would be very heavy. I can definitely see that bringing on illusions of death.... with Chiron there, perhaps you were a messenger to help them cross over? Hmm... lots of possibility. It´s not fun when they´re angry...

I hope they get less disturbing for you!
July 21, 2020 at 23:36
(Pisces) ><(((º> » IntoTheVoid
."Very interesting... you say your Sun is in the 8th house? Leo and felines... 8th house = death/psychic house."

Sun in 8th is not bad :3:

I think that Sun in 12th is very perceptive. But...

>"Pluto in the 12th house would be very heavy."

Pluto in 12th? It sounds like "pure hell",sorry... :3: :4:
July 22, 2020 at 01:14
(Taurus) IntoTheVoid » ><(((º>
Aww, it surely does sound hellish, it would take the right person to be able to handle it with care! :1:
July 22, 2020 at 01:19
(Aquarius) Leo Moon
I knew You were going to ask this! :4:

( not really) ( Though Tuesie May have known)
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July 22, 2020 at 01:28
(Taurus) IntoTheVoid » Leo Moon
Cats are definitely in touch with the other realms... What a sweetie.
July 22, 2020 at 02:45
(Aquarius) Leo Moon » IntoTheVoid
Aww....You split! Such a wide taste in good tunes.
July 22, 2020 at 02:53
(Pisces) ><(((º>
ITV - so sad :42:
July 22, 2020 at 04:31
(Virgo) RohiniMoon » IntoTheVoid
Another one bites the astroseek dust, sigh. :8:
July 22, 2020 at 06:29
(Aries) ram_goat » RohiniMoon
Maybe she´ll come back..

Maybe she just fell into the void..

I´de sacrifice 4 idiots in here to have one of her type back..
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July 22, 2020 at 06:36
(Virgo) RohiniMoon » ram_goat
It´s been an emotional last few days for a lot of people. :9: :8:
July 22, 2020 at 10:05
(Taurus) » ram_goat
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Society, you´re a crazy breed...
July 22, 2020 at 10:06
(Taurus) » RohiniMoon
System message: Post has been written by user Morena_Lu, who already deleted profile on this website:
Maybe she come again after some time..:))
July 22, 2020 at 10:52
(Pisces) fishscales » ram_goat
Why stop at 4..
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