Compatibility vs knowing someone´s placements are bad

July 1, 2020 at 19:13 (UT/GMT)
(Sagittarius) jaderosez
Compatibility vs knowing someone´s placements are bad
So this is something I often ponder upon. A lot of placements that I would expect to be debilitated or just bad, I´m compatible with or others are compatible with. Which makes me ask the question, how serious should we take dignity and if you come upon people with debilitations, should you stay away from them even if you are compatible or drawn to them?

Like for example, you have sun in aries and mars in cap, so in general you are an ambitious, active, well rounded, healthy, energetic, and strategic person. Would you then befriend/date a mars in cancer person knowing that they may not share the same sort of enthusiasm for being proactive.

Another example is being a moon in taurus (I have a moon opposite pluto in taurus in 8th by the way), although you´re compatible with moon in caps and moon in scorpios, would you go out of your way or should you be in a relationship with these people knowing that they do have a disorderly darkside when you´re trying to live your life in peace?

Like for example me, I´d befriend a moon in scorpio person even though they may be dramatic but I would have a hard time being with a moon in cap (although I have sun in cap and thus being compatible) because in my head, they have little to no empathy.

This also translates to medical astrology as healthier planets typically prevent any sort of illnesses in the future. For example a bad moon can cause blood disorders (I know because I´ve been having menstrual issues during a moon trine pluto transit), heart issues, hypertension, kidney sisues, etc.

A bad mars can cause fever, blood circulation whereas a good mars can grant one a good amount of muscle mass. etc

I´d like to hear your thoughts. We all have things in our charts that are awful. No body is perfect but I just want you guys opinion on would you rather choose someone compatible with things that are unhealthy in the chart, or mediocre compatibility with a healthy chart?

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July 1, 2020 at 19:51
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In spite of debilitated placements, a person can grow and mature and develop positive traits they may not have had in the past.

Plus, in spite of what their chart may be or may say about them, I prefer to take someone as they come.

So, for me, it´s not so much a chart I´m going for, but the person and what they show me. I try not to rely too much on chart compatibility.
If anything, if I have to relate it to astrology, I´d be interested to see how they work with those debilitated placements. The philosophy I see in that is that if they were to rise above the debilitated dignity status or whatever, they´d probably be wiser than those who have "good" placements. It makes me think of the trine aspect and how I´ve seen many astrologers say that too much of them in a chart and the gifts are taken for granted and not really developed. By contrast, a few hard aspects here and there seem to be more conducive to growth because of the lessons learned through the struggles, conflicts and all that jazz.
For instance, you say that in your head cap moons have little to no empathy, but wouldn´t it be interesting to see one who does and as result asking yourself what it would be about that person that they possess empathy in spite of having a cap moon.

But idk, I don´t really look at dignities when looking at chart compatibility.

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