Saturn Return in 4th house

June 25, 2020 at 20:28 (UT/GMT)
(Aries) Emmanuel_131
Saturn Return in 4th house
Can anyone tell me about their experiences with Saturn Return in the 4th house?
I can say that mine hasn´t been easy. Since 2017 I have felt everything change dramatically in my life, in my beliefs and in the relationships with my family. I reviewed all my past.
At the end of last year (2019), I took courage and made some intense changes thinking about improving things for 2020-2021 but everything happened differently than I imagined for this year, Covid-2019 arrived and I had to step back in my attitudes and relate more intensely with my family. 2020 has been an emotionally and psychologically challenging year, I am being forced to mature beyond my expectations, capacity and will. Everything has accelerated this year. On June 12, my father passed away. Nothing has been easy and most of all the Ascendant of my Solar Return is in Scorpio.
And my Saturn has not yet reached its exact degree of return ... 😥

Ask me something if you want...

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June 25, 2020 at 21:11
System message: Post has been written by user hh, who already deleted profile on this website:
sorry to hear about your father passing, i hope you get relief soon.
you have saturn opp moon natally so your saturn return is unlike the average person. saturn will return and bring maturity but also some emotional issues as it currently opposes the moon in transit, like you have natally, (jupiter sitting with moon natally gives it support and wisdom). on top of that, transit of chiron is currently on your sun, so a wounding there as well.
your saturn sits near your north node so at is it returns, along with jupiter and pluto at the moment, a feeling of heavy change but also destiny and i hope soon for you there will be a reassurance of your life path and goals. with pluto trine chiron natally, you have the ability to come out of this wiser than you were before.
June 26, 2020 at 20:10
(Aries) Emmanuel_131 » hh
Thank you so much hh!! Through what you said I could see some things better. I paid more attention to my North Node, which I was usually forgetting ...
Do you think that the pluto aspects on June 12 may indicate my father´s death? I read somewhere that Saturn in the 4th house can indicate premature death of a parent.
June 26, 2020 at 20:27
(Taurus) » Emmanuel_131
System message: Post has been written by user hh, who already deleted profile on this website:
the transits to your fathers personal chart play more of a part concerning his passing, along with non-astro factors as well. but the transit of chiron to your sun is more responsible to the wounding you endured during this time, so not all chiron transits to ones sun will indicate a passing of ones father, but rather a combination of multiple things could make it more likely.
pluto could be playing a part but moves very slowly. its pretty much in the same place now as it was on the 12th. but pluto on top of your natal north node indicates some transformational happenings regarding your life path.

i havent heard of the transit saturn to 4th house interpretation you are talking about. but i have it natally, and my saturn return didnt experience a parent passing.

i use the sidereal whole sign system, in which you have saturn in the 5th, which is house of the sun, being leos original house. so perhaps an indirect theme of father when saturn transited to that house. the north node transit has been passing through your 10th for past couple years, which is the main house pertaining to father.
June 26, 2020 at 22:07
(Aries) Emmanuel_131 » hh
Thanks again hh! Could you point me to a page that talks more about this aspect between Sun and Chiron (Conjunct?)?
June 27, 2020 at 22:48
(Taurus) birchthoughts
I´m not sure, but I am just replying to say sorry about your recent troubles and your father´s passing! :68: I hope things will get lighter for you soon. I have Saturn in the 4th house natally too, in the equal house system, but my return is a while away yet, scared about it.
June 28, 2020 at 17:31
(Aries) Emmanuel_131 » birchthoughts
You are very kind Birchthoughts! Thank you very much for your support! I wish your Saturn Return is as light as your words and that the changes bring you happiness :)
October 4, 2021 at 12:12
(Scorpio) prereid
Hi, I just found your post as I began looking for more guidance for my Saturn return in 4h. Yeah, I suspect that after it goes exact in my chart things will get better. I feel like the past few years have been HARD and wonder if my Aqua Saturn is/has prepared me for what is to come. Like a futuristic teacher, I hope that what I have experienced is what Saturn already wanted me to learn in preparation for what is come after it goes exact, even though this should have been the pretest.

Hopefully, this makes sense. I´m optimistic that this is/was the worst of it and it gets better as I get closer to the actual return of this placement.
October 12, 2021 at 00:50
(Aries) Emmanuel_131 » prereid
Hi Prereid!

It´s been over a year since I wrote this post. Since then I have matured a lot and, more than changing, I would say that I learned to reframe most aspects of my life that went into crisis (family, home, religion, work). I used to believe that I should break up with all of them but no, I learned to critically accept them as part of me. What came after Saturn´s exact return was not a paradise but a period of acceptance and maturation in how to deal with my pains. As a final sensation I would say that it feels like I walked in circles, that I left home to go home, but on the other hand there is a strange expectation that something new is about to come and this has intensified now that Saturn is back to walking in direct motion.
October 12, 2021 at 05:26
(Scorpio) prereid » Emmanuel_131
Thank you for replying Emmanuel. Everything that you´ve typed is feeling so true for me right now, though I haven´t had my placement go exact yet. I moved across the world about 6 months ago only to know feel like it´s the only place that feels right for me to go to now. I too have/had the thought to cut off so many draining things and people but mostly because of the expectations and demands from the things/people.

Long story short what you just wrote gives me hope and helps me wrap my mind around some thoughts I have been having recently.
October 12, 2021 at 20:11
(Capricorn) Tubu_
I have natal Saturn in 4th house too but yet I´m waiting for my saturn return. A harsh placement for sure. Don´t know how to deal with this.

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