Please explain my chart....

June 20, 2020 at 01:06 (UT/GMT)
(Aries) DoubleA169
Please explain my chart....
I am new to this astrology field. My question, at the moment, my life sucks. I was used by an ex GF and now I am back in Chicago.
My BD March 30, 1972, in Peoria Il, usa and at about 0:15 am. Why has my life bottomed out? What can I do to stop this? What job should I look for my future? I do not understand if the planets are just not favorable, but I have been on a constant downward slide since Dec 2008. I am tired of my life being hell and I hope there is something positive in the future.
Thank you. I dont understand these charts well, but I know they are very important.
I appreciate any feedback or information.
Everyone, I thank you.

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June 20, 2020 at 05:07
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did this ex girlfriend encounter happen in thailand? i was curious and ran your astrocartography and noticed you have a nodal/decendant line running through thailand which indicates possibility of something karmic and fated regarding a relationship (desc) when residing in that area. your also in a saturn planetary period right now which deals with karmic encounters of the 7th kind, as your natal saturn is in 7th sitting with mars. i would say its very important that you get a synastry compatibility reading before joining with a partner because of this combination in 7th.
and to add more saturn, transiting saturn is on your own north node at the moment, indicating structure and responsibility being brought to the life path. end of this year, the transit of north node moves into your 7th house of relationships. chiron is transiting your natal sun. which you have natally, so a chiron return on top of it all. chiron also opposes natal moon. mostly an ego and purpose restructuring (sun) but also an inner emotional emphasis (moon). at home in chicago, you have a chiron/ic planetary line in that area. a place to heal inwardly in the temporary but i would recommend another place to live once you have gained your inner strength back.

just be patient and resilient as your being tried and tested now with many of these transits happening same time, creates a theme of being broken down to be made stronger, and you will come out much stronger and wiser than before.
south node in 9th indicates you have the ability to see the big picture through it all, if you have faith in a higher power, you can fall back on that now to help you through it.
with a north node 3rd house, writing might be very therapeutic for you. as heavy transits happen in this house currently, there will be an emphasis on communicating and verbalizing the details of your struggles. for this purpose, i would recommend seeking counseling if needed.

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