Trying to make a decision

May 20, 2020 at 16:47 (UT/GMT)
(Gemini) dontkillyourfuture
Trying to make a decision
I´m not relying on astrology for this decision but I´m wondering if it might help assist me.

The question is:
Do I quit my job and move back home?

If you want to know the waffling details:

I broke up with my partner of 4 years a few days ago. It was an amicable breakup, a very sad one, but no nastiness or hard feelings. This now means the world is my oyster (not with my financial situation and not amid covid-19, but you know what I mean).

I have expressed my unhappiness in my job on here previously, it is to the point where I just want to quit. I have tried to get another job for several years, but I have failed.

If I quit my job, I have no savings or alternative income. I would have to move back home. I live in London, my Mum is in Northern Ireland.

I currently rent a house with 3 other people. The contract is up in a few weeks and due to be renewed. If I was to move, this would be the time (again, apart from covid causing problems).

Do I want to be single and jobless living with my Mum at 28 with someone who abused me as a child living just a few doors down? When put like that, no. However, I really HATE living in houseshares and I really HATE my job and I am obviously quite fragile due to an important relationship coming to an end. Perhaps I would benefit from time at home. Maybe it gives me a chance to form better relationships with my family (we aren´t close and I hold a lot of resentment, in Synastry all of my family have Saturn falling into my 3rd house so perhaps there is something worth looking at there idk). Maybe I could get a better job in N.I (I laugh as I write this as I have struggled my entire life to get employed). Maybe I could take on another shitty job but benefit from not having to pay extortionate rent. I know I have considered moving to Canada in the past, and I could save money and maybe do that in the future.

In general, I think moving home could be a really stupid and really damaging decision, but I also think there is potential for it to be healing and it could offer a chance for me to regroup. It´s a terrifying decision and one that I feel like I have to make pretty quickly (next few days really).

I know there are quite a few 4th house transits I´ve had going on for a while, so perhaps that is influencing this idea?

Guys, I´m having somewhat of a life crisis and I need to know there is some hope in my career, living situation, and relationships at SOME POINT. I am stressssedddd and I know that astrology probably isn´t what I need to be looking at right now but here we are. Quite a few people on here helped with this stuff a few days ago, but things have changed a bit since then.

Going to go meditate...

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May 20, 2020 at 16:51
(Gemini) dontkillyourfuture
I have my Solar Return coming up, so that might be useful
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May 20, 2020 at 16:53
(Gemini) dontkillyourfuture
Current transits
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May 20, 2020 at 17:15
(Aries) hh
youll do better setting up home in another country away from homeland (sidereal nn in 4th). you have nothing to lose, take a chance while your young.

slow moving chiron transiting the 7th house, its tough i just went through this.

north node will soon transit your 9th house of foreign travel end of this year, thats sidereal.

only part of canada im seeing as beneficial is far west, vancouver.

and new zealand will make a great place as well.

May 20, 2020 at 17:25
(Gemini) dontkillyourfuture » hh
Ideally, I would be able to move to somewhere away from my homeland but I am not in a financial position to do this, unfortunately. I´m in a live paycheck to paycheck kind of situation. New Zealand has also been a consideration actually!
May 20, 2020 at 17:56
(Aries) hh » dontkillyourfuture
living in london you were on a nodal ic line. things may have felt comfortable but maybe non progressive. pursuing not your own goals, but other peoples. sense of security but perhaps stagnation. as karmic planets have moved out of your 4th house of comfort, and into your 5th, an emphasis will be placed on what drives you creativly and a sense of thrill and romance. but with saturn moving there, it will starve those things first to get you thinking about the aforementioned. things with the mother should have been settled for the most part last few years so theres no need to rehash all of that. only reason you think of it now is these planets go retrograde, they look back to the house they were last in, 4th. makes you second guess things. as they go direct again things will be confirmed with 4th house matters and on to tackle the 5th.
May 23, 2020 at 10:20
(Gemini) dontkillyourfuture » hh
London life has definitely felt non-progressive and stagnant, but I wouldn´t say I have felt secure or comfortable. I have felt stuck here because I don´t have the finances to leave. The karmic planets are still in my 4th house though? The only reason I would move home would mainly be to get a job there and save money by not having to pay extortionate rent, then I´d be able to move to New Zealand or Canada. if I don´t move home, I cannot save. I can keep trying to get a better job in London, but it hasn´t happened in the last 4 years? It makes me think at some point I´m going to have to give up here?
May 23, 2020 at 10:24
(Gemini) dontkillyourfuture » Gemdraco
I haven´t made the choice, and I wouldn´t say my heart is at home either. My heart is elsewhere (New Zealand or Canada). I want to make a plan to make moving abroad happen in the future, moving home for a while could either facilitate that or completely destroy it. I don´t want to make the wrong decision, which is why I thought Astrology could offer an outlook that could help me assess things further instead of me just feeling really lost.
May 23, 2020 at 14:32
(Aquarius) nikkia
You’re literally between a rock and a hard place. My heart feels for you!

Have you considered looking into New Zealand or Canada to see if there are work programs you can take advantage of? Even if it’s not in your current ‘field’ – it can give you time and space to get your bearings.
Who knows - it might be good to so something completely different for a little while - while you gain some mental clarity and emotional healing.
You´ve been through a lot.
May 23, 2020 at 14:48
(Gemini) dontkillyourfuture » nikkia
Thank you for being so nice, it´s really appreciated. I have been researching ways to move to NZ/Canada and I think I just need quite a bit of money to start off with, which I don´t have. I don´t want to move somewhere and have no money to enjoy it. I´m applying for jobs throughout the UK rather than just where I live so that someone will hopefully give me a break somewhere! Decent work experience in the UK and a chance to save money in a job with a bigger salary will really help my chances of moving abroad. I´m just a bit broken from trying so hard and failing at everything continually! But not broken enough to stop trying. I don´t think I´m going to make any rash decisions to quit my job without having something else in place (not yet anyway).
May 23, 2020 at 14:51
(Virgo) Peter Davis » dontkillyourfuture
"I haven´t made the choice, and I wouldn´t say my heart is at home either. My heart is elsewhere (New Zealand or Canada). I want to make a plan to make moving abroad happen in the future, moving home for a while could either facilitate that or completely destroy it. I don´t want to make the wrong decision, which is why I thought Astrology could offer an outlook that could help me assess things further instead of me just feeling really lost."

I´ll take a look at everything during my night today. I think you have been missing a few perspectives in your general concept about your chart, which is keeping you stuck.
May 23, 2020 at 14:52
(Gemini) dontkillyourfuture » Peter Davis
Thank you Peter, any insights are really appreciated!!
May 23, 2020 at 17:33
(Gemini) dontkillyourfuture » Gemdraco
Thanks for the advice. I should make it clear that I am in no way saying I’m going to go off running to New Zealand at this time, I’m not a complete idiot haha. I am just figuring out if it’s something that I could do in the future. Like you, I predominantly use Astrology as more of a personality tool, but I guess when you’re a bit freaked out about the future it’s only natural to see if it can offer any guidance. Like I said I am not relying on it to make my decision. I agree that going home could be healing, but it could also be really damaging hence the hesitancy. I take astrology with a pinch of salt, it is a useful tool for prompting thinking though. Thanks for sharing your story as well.
May 23, 2020 at 19:25
(Capricorn) Luna Lena » Gemdraco
Listen to your heart is kinda good advice. Not precise but good altogether. The rest is just absurd.
May 23, 2020 at 19:26
(Capricorn) Luna Lena » dontkillyourfuture
Well, I will be harsh a little.

Don´t consider humanity in your decision. Humanity don´t give a damn about you. You can consider your closest ones, your family, yourself...
May 23, 2020 at 21:50
(Aries) hh » dontkillyourfuture
as an astrology forum we can only offer you advice on that, which is calculated beneficial times to do things as the energy of the planets permit. its up to you and your willpower to fill in the practical things.

i will say though, doors open once we are in different places of the earth. you just have to take a leap of faith to get there. so save your money and make your practical plans (i was feeling for you after you said you had negative experience in your hometown so i didnt want to encourage returning). but things may need to be completed with the mother. but it will be positive as jupiter retrogrades back into your sidereal 4th house end of year, and saturn will look back in retrograde. pluto retrogrades back as well will bring a completion to that 4th house matter, where the sidereal natal node and moon both sit (meaning great importance). and then pluto will go direct again and out and never bother that house again as long as you live.

i spent a month backpacking in new zealand when i was 24 (jupiter return). i was offered menial jobs at farms but turned them down. a big regret for me knowing what i know now. which is that one job network could lead to another job opportunity. next thing you know you have a work visa. or maybe im just projecting my regrets. haha.

good luck :)
May 26, 2020 at 11:01
(Gemini) dontkillyourfuture » hh
Well, the update is that I´m not going to move back to my Mum´s on a whim. I will only do it if I have a job in place. I am applying to jobs there as well as the rest of the UK. Whoever gives me a job determines where I will be for the next 2 years as I am thinking of planning on moving to New Zealand in 2 years time. I´m not sure what astrological influences I will have going on in 2 years time, but hopefully, some that will facilitate this move. In the meantime, I am looking for work that will help me to generate savings/get experience working in the charity/healthcare sector. I seriously need someone to give me a job soon :8: Then I hope to go pick some fruit in New Zealand and "find myself" haha.

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