April 10, 2020 at 19:23 (UT/GMT)
(Sagittarius) JupiterCreation
Hello astro people, i just wondering what are your thoughts about mars conjunction pluto in a natal chart (in any sign actually). I have a interesting in this placement bc i think it is so powerful, what u guys think? thanks in advance.

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April 10, 2020 at 19:41
(Libra) leorising
Mars conjunct Pluto
Desires and Actions Closely Identified with Power and Transformation through Crisis
The dynamic symbolized by the conjunction of Mars and Pluto may express itself through the interaction of the energies symbolized by Mars and Pluto or through the transformative function symbolized by Pluto. However, if the conjunction manifests at the level of energy interaction, this is only a preface to a potential transformative stage. At the level of energy interaction, the active, manifesting energy symbolized by Mars is forced to interact closely with the retentive and intense energy symbolized by Pluto. The result is often powerfully explosive. The assertive, active energy associated with Mars is held in and contained by the retentive energy associated with Pluto. This retention of energy, however, allows the force behind it to build up, so that it becomes more powerful. The question is, when it is released, does the energy explode forth destructively or is it released in a more controlled manner with its power channeled so that you are able to effectively apply your energy with the force and power necessary to accomplish your goal? Both are possible and which occurs will be determined, to some extent, by the degree of consciousness you possess regarding your desires and mode of action and by the extent to which you can discipline yourself to proceed toward your goal with conscious resolve. Your ability to direct power toward some external goal can also result from a transformation of your desire/action function. The relative strength of the Plutonian energy within your psyche also affects the how the Mars-Pluto conjunction manifests in your personality and psyche. If the retentive power symbolized by Pluto overcomes the assertive energy symbolized by Mars, your actions and desires are likely to be inhibited or suppressed. If this is the case, then the chances are greater that you will periodically engage in explosive outpourings of your emotions. The violence and irrationality of such outpourings are likely to be intensified by your frustration over your unfulfilled desires and your inability to assert your will. Another manifestation of the interplay between the energies symbolized by Mars and Pluto may be that your action/desire function is turned inward toward the Source of power. Such an inclination can result in your actions being intuitively and insightfully guided. It is also the basis for you undergoing a positive transformation of your action/desire function. Though the result your conscious or unconscious inclination toward the inner Power is likely to be positive, your experience of the transformative and purifying energies associated with Pluto may be difficult. The Plutonian function involves uprooting and eliminating outmoded psychological patterns and self-destructive complexes. In order to do this, you often must confront your "dark side" before these complexes can be dispelled. Frequently, these complexes are brought to light through a polarizing process that gives rise to conflict and crisis. The desire function is often a seat of such negative complexes and Mars conjunct Pluto frequently suggests that you may experience an "attack" of the purifying energies associated with Pluto on your desire body. As latent desires come to the surface of your consciousness, you may not immediately recognize them as being negative and so, in order for you to confront the dark side of your desires, you may have to play them out, often in a compulsive manner. Another manifestation of the Mars-Pluto conjunction is that you may seem to be in a perpetual state of crisis. These crises are usually caused by your inappropriate actions and arise in order to bring your negative behavior patterns to light. Your subconscious is trying to deal with these negative behavior or mental complexes through such crises, which may or may not be successful in bringing things to a head so that you can confront your negativity and heal the inner conflict that is producing that negativity. A great deal of power is involved in the transformative process. Sometimes you focus your attention on this power. Although this is a displacement of the real work associated with Mars conjunct Pluto, your focus on power is often rewarding for your ego. You may pursue power and use it assertively. Your actions then appear powerful to others. If your fate does not confer legitimate power on you, you may resort to manipulation, or become fixated on control. However, since you are likely to experience a crisis-laden environment—one which seems beyond your control—your obsession with control often results in you become frustrated. The ultimate goal of the Plutonian function is to regain the Pure Source. If you cooperate in the process of self-transformation through purification, then the Mars-Pluto conjunction symbolizes your desire to do inner work and your striving toward the goal of self-purification. In the process, your desires and mode of action are transformed. You become more aware of the consequences of your desires and actions and the need for self-disciplined control. Mars also symbolizes the animus (the masculine psychological archetype or male sexuality). If you are male, Mars conjunct Pluto may signify your experiencing (sometimes frequent) crises of masculinity. These crises represent the call of your subconscious to transform your concept of masculinity, breaking down old and outmoded stereotypes and constructing an animus that is authentic. However, if you do not respond to this push toward transformation, the powerful forces symbolized by Pluto are likely to manifest in other ways. You may exhibit an extremely powerful and intense male ego. The subconscious energy may also express itself in intense (and sometimes violent) sexuality. While it may be possible for your ego to control or sublimate these the force of your animus so that a strong and powerful, but positive, animus is projected, if you do not consciously work on how you project your masculinity, it can easily express itself with much negativity. If you are female, Mars conjunct Pluto may suggest that you are attracted to men who exhibit one of the Plutonian characteristics: power, violence, extreme sexuality or positive transformation, depending on the level of your own consciousness. Mars conjunct Pluto may also symbolize your urge to explore your animus at the psychological level. Entering your subconscious and engaging your animus can unleash powerful energies that can transform your psyche and bring you access to positive power and energy. Transcendent Potential You can realize the transcendent potential of Mars conjunct Pluto by focusing on the inner work of purifying and transforming your desire complex. This has a concomitant effect on your motivations and actions. Your desires and actions are turned toward the spiritual. You engage in intense efforts to unite with the Source of Being. This deep devotional focus transforms your life into a quest for inner purification. Your unrelenting pursuit of truth and your constant yearning for transformation and union with the Source of Being results in a continual reexamination and reconstruction of your desire complex. Your actions follow your desires, so that they, too, become pure and motivated only by your attractions for the Source of All Being. Your efforts to unite with the Divine within you may not be easy. If fact, in order for your desires to become purified, your heart may become a crucible where you must confront and reject your negative tendencies. You are called upon to display great courage, passing warrior-like through the flames of Divine Love. Insecurity If you are inwardly insecure, you will resist the pressure to transform your desire complex and actions, because this would expose your ego to its own failings and ultimate inconsequence. You remain blind to the Truth and the suppressed pull toward transformation instead manifests in constant crises. You may feel that dark forces are confronting you or that powerful enemies who will not allow you to attain your desires are oppressing you. These forces, however, are only the manifestations of your subconscious that are opposing those dark desires that you harbor but will not admit. In response to your insecurities and/or to those perceived forces that are standing in your way, you develop an intense and inappropriate desire for power and for the trappings of power--violence and sexuality. In order to protect yourself and/or validate your desires, you seek to become powerful—more powerful than anyone else. You may or may not be successful at acquiring the power that your seek. However, whether you actually become powerful or not, your desires and actions will be consumed by your obsession. The personality may also express undertones of Mars-in-Scorpio or Mars in the eighth house. Mars conjunct Pluto is often accompanied by a Mars sextile to Neptune (see Mars sextile Neptune).
Depth Astrology- A Handbook ( Gargatholil) :68:
April 10, 2020 at 20:49
(Pisces) fishscales
My wife has it in the 4th house...

Her mom was pretty much nuts...complete control freak... Vindictive... Sometimes violent...

As for my wife herself, she can be a bit controlling too (minus the insanity) ..especially about where stuff goes in the house...again, the 4th house influence...with Uranus conjunct ascendant and moon in Aquarius, I am naturally averse to being controlled in any can be a battle... If I walk away with a 50% victory rate, I am satisfied...

Still, it´s strange to me... If I bring something new home, and it´s something on the larger side, she immediately starts worrying about where it´s gonna go...

Both planets are also in Scorpio...
April 10, 2020 at 23:49
(Cancer) TimeLord
How close Mars and Pluto ?
It depends.
For example my Mars 21° in Libra 5th and Pluto 24° in Libra.
I´m Powerless.
May be because Mars is Detriment here.
April 11, 2020 at 09:39
(Taurus) IIyyaarr13
Like the Moon being 45 degrees or less to New Moon (applying) is balsamic, the outer four planets are like dark stars that the inner solar system planets can be balsamic to!
Mars one eighth of the time is balsamic to Pluto.
Mars one eighth of the time is balsamic to Saturn.
Mercury one eighth of the time is balsamic to Uranus.
Venus one eighth of the time is balsamic to Neptune.
The position of rest and healing (balsamic) is the best to have! :30:

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