Help me to understand my chart.

March 11, 2020 at 08:08 (UT/GMT)
(Leo) Iaia
Help me to understand my chart.
Hi there! I’m Gaia and I’d like to ask you to help me understand my chart, ‘cause there many aspects that I can’t understand on my own. One of the aspect that I’m not able to clarify is the fact that in all my chart all the planets are in the opposite house. An example to understand better is: Sun in Leo in 11th house(aquarius),;Mars in Scorpio in 2nd house(taurus) and everything like that. I would like to understand these aspects, my qualities/defects and also the strong points and the afflictions of my chart. To sum up, I would like to understand myself better!
Sorry for my long request but as you can see my sun in Leo likes to talk a lot about himself and my Virgo rising is a details lover?
Thank you Cuties
With love

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March 12, 2020 at 06:29
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You are a Sun conjunct Venus so you may be very beautiful and/or charming, much like a Libra. Your Mercury trines Moon making you a charming communicator as well...with a mind that is understanding of people´s emotions; and also trines Pluto making you a very deep and perceptive thinker, unafraid to get to the root of things others may not like to explore. Your Sun trines Jupiter so you may be a fairly exhuberant person, upbeat, optimistic.

Your Moon conjuncts Pluto so your feelings may run very deep, kinda like having a Moon in Scorpio....and sextiles Uranus making you a fairly indepent person when it comes to how you feel about things.

Your Moon is in the 3rd house so that means you are comfortable thinking and collecting and circulating ideas.

Your Sun in a house means that´s the area of life you shine...and the sign it´s in is HOW you you could say in a simplistic manner you are kinda like an Aquarius Sun (independent, progressive, unique) but with Leo charecteristics. You seem to be balancing this Leo/Aquarius polarity....since your south and north node are also between these may be a bit too attached to your individuality in matters of your heart and self-expression....and may want to move towards communicating more with the rest of the tribe in this lifetime............your Sun is already in the 11th you naturally are good at it.

The Saturn and Jupiter in the 8th, along with Mars in Scorpio... are connected to that Pluto conjunct Moon....have to do with these deep feelings I talked about.

Anyway, I´d need to charge you BIG BUCKS in order for a more indepth explanation, but I gave it a bit of a shot :P

There´s no one big reason why your planets are in the opposite house/sign...I have them too, being a Libra rising.It´s very contextual, depends on the chart. The Leo/Aquarius balancing act seems to be a big theme in your chart though. Get familiar with what both signs/themes mean...and you are going to see your life revolves a lot around these things.

Take care :)

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