Never done this before.

February 16, 2020 at 12:51 (UT/GMT)
(Capricorn) AmberCap90
Never done this before.
Happy day all you beautiful souls!!! So I´ve never done any of this before and recently have found myself totally dedicated to reading and studying it all. For most of my adult life so far I didn´t have my birth certificate so was unable to find out my birth time. Well, this week it finally came in the mail and the first thing I did was jump online and look up my chart. Once I did that, I realized I had no idea what I was looking at. I mean, I knew I was looking at me.....but what about me? haha. So here I am. After reading a few posts in the forum and getting a feel for this site, I come asking for your help. Can you give me any insight as to what you see?

Thanks for you time in advance. I´m so happy to be here.

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February 19, 2020 at 02:40
(Cancer) SaturnineMoonchild
Have you read the prepared interpretations for your planets, signs, houses, etc. on this and other sites? Such reports are very generalized, but reading and combining various interpretations should bring you to a greater understanding of how they apply to you. There will still be much more to discover after that, though. The reason I mention this is because often when asking for help on a forum like this, it helps to have a specific question or matter in mind. Most of us, I´ve found, are not professional astrologers, so we´re all learning together.

That said, if you believe in reincarnation and karma, you should definitely turn your attention to the retrograde planets in your chart: Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter. Various sites have information and interpretations for retrograde planets in the natal chart; I recommend and to start with those.
Just as a quick, amateur summary of placements in your chart, the matters of the 4th house (home, family, roots, etc.) and the 5th house (romance, pleasure, creativity, children) may be areas of great importance and great challenge in your current lifetime. Basically, these are the areas where focusing your attention and resolving the challenges that arise are key to reconciling the karma from past lives, when you may have mishandled or ignored these areas of life.
It´s interesting that retrograde Jupiter opposes the stellium of planets in your 4th house. In my opinion (with my very limited beginner´s knowledge on the subject), this creates a karmic link between your 4th house (home, family) and your 10th (career, reputation). Jupiter, even retrograde, is known for doling out good fortune and karmic reward, so in my mind this indicates that matters of the 10th house and the rewards Jupiter bestows there, are greatly influenced by how well (or poorly) you handle matters of the 4th house (and possibly the 5th as well). In other words: Put love and family first, then you can turn your attention to other matters.

Again, I am very much a beginner on this subject, so I´ll encourage you to do further research and seek other insights, to figure out how it all applies to your life.
February 19, 2020 at 13:54
(Capricorn) AmberCap90 » SaturnineMoonchild
Thank you so much for your response.

That is actually where I started my research, learning the planets, houses, symbols, etc. Then I found on a generalized reading for each of my houses & the planets located there. I am actually in the process of expanding the places I´m reading the information from as you mentioned. has been especially helpful.

Thank you so much for your insight. As ´limited´ or ´beginner´ as it may be, you definitely showed me I´m going down the right road in my learning. I was onto the same thing with my 4th house and 10th house. I don´t have much luck in either area of my life so once I learned the Houses, I knew for sure something was up.

Thanks again for your time.

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