Tips in choosing the right AS for those born on the cusp. Q&A

January 6, 2020 at 18:52 (UT/GMT)
(Capricorn) Luna Alba
Tips in choosing the right AS for those born on the cusp. Q&A
Hello! ?

I thought to initiate the thread as I´m born on the Aries-Taurus cusp and I think I´ll always have a doubt about my true AS.
Also, I spotted other people are in the same situation, too.

In my country, the birth hour is not written on any official document and nobody pays attention to that.
They surely didn´t back in ´94 ?

I managed to find out mine: it´s 12.40 pm/noon. That would make me an almost 29 degree Aries As.

At 12.42.30 I would be a Taurus AS. 

As the hour it´s not written on official acts the probability to have it rounded up it´s pretty high. Not to mention how precise and linked to the Universal Time were watches years ago ?.

So I took into consideration several factors, which seemed to point up a Taurus As, which made me use the Taurus As even on astroseek (is this wrong?).

To make everything more complicated, both the rulers of Aries and Taurus are placed near my Sun, as part of a Stellium, which makes it normal to have influence from both signs.

Criteria I took into consideration:
Between () I applied it on my case:

1. Appearance. AS has a great deal of influence upon the way we look.
Phisical traits, but the way we choose to present ourselves as well - the way we dress speak a great deal.????

(For the Aries/Taurus cusp at least. For a Cappie Sun, the scenarios are a boyish woman with boyish attitude (Aries AS, as the 2 elements are masculine and squaring each other) vs an ultra feminine one (Taurus).
- I have the big round eyes specific to Taurus, dimples (Venusian mark) a Curvy body specific to Taurus and definetely not the slender, athletic one that describes Aries. I´m a foodie lover also).
- thick, curly hair like a mane - Taurus or my Leo Moon;
- I also have the big forehead and pointing chin that are Aries´ trademarks.

- Birthmarks and potential health issues, as every sign governs certain body parts.
(This is not very relevant for me)

2. Character Traits.

(I love the finer things in life and I can be quite lazy sometimes. Verrry Taurean BUT:

At this age, I´m not that interested in owning a home, I dont´t have a thing for cash/feeling my money (I prefer my credit card ?) and I can´t really say I live in a world of senses.
The latter traits are usually described as very Taurean characteristics and I don´t feel the urge to have them, like a Taurus would probably do)

I´m also very impulsive (Sun-Mars conj or Aries As ???), I like to take the lead and I feel confortable in this position and I like to fight causes (intelectual ones, I´m definetely not a sporty person. In terms of movement, I only really enjoy long walks and dancing - a very Venusian/Taurean activity)

3. "Inheritance"
Check your parents´ chart -especiallt Sun, As, Moon.
Some astrologers say we need to keep at least one significant aspect from a least one parent...

(Both my parents are Taurus with Sagit respectively Pisces Moon. AS I don´t know.
Still, I have nothing in my Chart in Taurus, Sagit or Pisces. Mom is a Sun-Saturn conj, pb the reason she had a baby Cappie ?

Also, I spotted that with an Aries As my whole 9th house Stellium would move to the 10th. I think that would make a very prominent chart of a ruler/leader/someone really keen on career and even workaholic.

Now I DO am a career girl, but there´s so much more to me than that. Hardly workaholic.

Are there any other indication we/I should take into consideration?

Should I use the birth hour I know even in Astroseek, which would definetely change my chart? ?

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January 6, 2020 at 20:30
(Taurus) IIyyaarr13
Sometimes a Doctor takes the liberty to put down the time of the next task they themselves take and not the time of exit from mother! :10:
Aught degree of :181: equal-house MC would only increase inquisitiveness into the matter to an inner self´s intensity.
The Ascendant and MC have orbs unto themselves which means the next sign does colour the Ascendant! :66:

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