Point of view on my analysis ?

December 18, 2019 at 20:52 (UT/GMT)
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Point of view on my analysis ?
Hi everyone :D
I recently started astrology, and I tried to make reading of my own birthchart. Could anyone tell me if I´m in the right direction, and if I made crucial mistakes / misunderstandings ? THank you very much :D

Hi everyone ! I am a beginner in astrology, and I´m starting to analyze my own birthchart. I was wondering if someone could read my interpretation, and tell me if I´m doing ok or if what I´m completely mistaken ? Thanks a lot :D (PS : English is not my first language, so there may be some errors left, as I didn´t have to right such a long texte in a while now)

So here we go :

My first house is empty and I´m a scorpio rising, very close to sagittarius. Pluto is not in my first house, but very close to. I read that when a house is empty, it just does mean this is not a central focus in this lifetime. So if first house is empty, it can mean I just donot want/like/can put myself first, and with my Scorpio rising, this could show my tendencies to hide emotions, not display them. Also, Mars and Pluto being my 1st house rulers, I should put extra attention to aspects between mars, pluto and my ascendant. I have pluto conunct ascendant, which seems to mean I am independant, but I also have difficulties to anticipate and realize impressions I make on others, which caused me some pbs with a coworker last year.

I have a stellium in my 2d house in capricorn (uranus, neptune, north node) which means finances and material security would play a big role in my life, especially with the presence of the north node in this particular placement. I will or did struggle with money, usually because of my own poor management and maybe some hoarding tendencies (Taurus Moon).

With Saturn in Aquarius, its negative effects seem to be softened. I read that wherever SAturn is situated, it makes the native dedicate a lot of time to. It says 3rd house is related to early education and communication,and I work as a primary school teacher with kids with special needs. Communication seems to be a big theme in my chart, according to Mercury in GEmini 7th house and MC in 10th : Mercury is lord to Virgo sign, and 10th house rules work and career. So as a whole, it seems that my career, the "traditional way to earn money" (capricorn 2d house) is especially important to me and plays an important role in fulfilling what my north node represents. So as a whole, it seems that according to my natal chart, I seem to have chosen the right career.

My 4th chart is empty too, so it seems that family is not a very important part of my life. Even though it is in Pisces, and my mom is a Pisces Sun and Cap rising. So maybe this house represents my mom ( the "nurturing parent"), who is important because of the sign assigned to this house, even though I feel detached from the idea of family (I don´t want to have children, or get married, and have conflicting relationships with my father, and tend to not keep in touch with other members of my family apart from my mom and sister). My mom being a Capricorn rising may also mean she helps me find material and financial security (which she does), and that in order to grow in this lifetime, I have to learn to manage money better, with her help in this learning (she is a social worker specialized in budget management).

My 5th house is empty too. It is in Aries, and Aries is ruled by Mars and 5th house ruler is Leo. I have a Jupiter/Mars/Venus stellium in Leo, in 9 th house. So even if 5th house is empty, it may be important because Mars is in Leo. I read that in order to analyse a stellium, we should look at the slowest planet and its aspects, because it is the one that will be dominant in this particular type of conjunction. So a stellium in 9th house means that everything related with long travels, philsophy, spirituality, higher education and learning will be very important to me. And it seems to be : I worked abroad for several years, I speak 3 different languages, I have several higher education degrees and would like more in very different fields, and I am interested in astrology, mythology and traditional religious practices (witchcraft, wicca etc...). Mars opposition Staurn here makes me difficult to finish what I have started, and Saturn being in my 3rd house makes me have difficulties in focusing/concentrating in my speech (I frequently stop in a middle of a sentence, and jump to another subject for example). Also my mom being Pisces, and Jupiter being its ruler, we could have determined that she played a big role in this area too : she always encouraged me in my studies, and work related long travels (Mexico, Estonia, Canda, Ireland, she helped me with my bills when I was a student), both emotionnally and financially. As a whole, it seems that my mom had a very important and beneficial influence on my life (even though I didn´t need astrology to understand it of course, but I find this interesting that it could be anticipated with the natal chart :D).

I have a Taurus Moon in 6th house. It means helth is a focus, and in my chart particularly intellectual health and growth, according to stellium in 9th house. This is also a house related to security and work. However Moon opposition Pluto may mean I have a problematic relationship with my body, and have troubles to express it, especially with my Scorpio rising which have encouraged the eating disorders i still suffer from. Also as 6th house is related to health, my placements seem to mean that even though I am "intellectually" healthy, it is not really the case with my emotional health, and that this emotional instability partly roots from "early childhood grievances" that I still have difficulties to deal with (conflicting relationships with my father and bullying in secondary school), and this manifests via my eating disorders (nothing new here, but again, i find it interesting to read it in the chart). Also, the opposition to the ascendant, being in Scorpio here and the opposition moon/pluto, also favors instability in this area.

I have my sun and mercury (domicile) in Gemini 7th house. They are conjunct, so it seems to favor artistic expression, especially on stage (mercury being the planet of communication and sun self expression planet). I do, and used to do, lots of artistic practices : drawing, embroidery, sewing, music (piano), and drama (I used to teach drama, and I still do with my current students. Mercury is Sextile Jupiter and I read this, and I quote : " However, they like to satisfy their mental interests even if they do not have the money for it ". Seems true, I had some pbs last year because I ordered lots of books related to my work and my interests, particularly feminism and decolonial studies, and ended up having a huuuuge bank overdraft that would have been avoided with more anticipation and control. This aspects also enhances instability, particularly "location" instability : since 2009, I changed cities and countries about 10 times, and never lived anywhere after high school more than two years in a row.

I have Chiron in my 8th house in Cancer, wich seems to echo my empty 4th house with matters regarding my family. It also seem to echo my naivity by saying I contiuingly trust manipulative peoples, and also have suicidal thoughts (which is something a try to deal with since I am a teenager). But I also read this, and I quote " Firstly Chiron in Cancer describes the wound of believing oneself to be unloved/unloveable, and so one of your life quests is in search of a sense of `mother´ in the world you live in. You may be (unconsciously) searching for a warm set of arms to encircle you. ". Any thoughts ?

I already worked on 9th and 10th houses, so I´ll skip to 11th house.

I have an empty 11th house, which seems to mean I don´t need a large groupe of friends, but very few. It also seems I need a partner who is also my friend because of Libra. I also read this " The search for balance these people need becomes clear in their relationships, emotional, social or professional. It is never easy to find it though, and they will jump from one serious social bond into another, in long time periods, as if they had no intention to settle for a friendship that isn’t perfect. ". I don´t really understand what this house could mean for me.

With Pluto in my 12th house, it seems to reflect my interests in philosophy, spirituality and also the want to help people "in exile or the lowest class of their society" [astro seek]. It seems to be reflected in my work : I work with disabled children, and used to work with migrant adult learners. Actually, what I would really like to do is to work with the children who arrive in France, do not speak the language (which was my first job, before primary school) and had no prior experience of school. I am very interested in the connections between migration and disabilities/mental illnesses, because we come into contact with a lot a children that are in the middle of these thematics.

So I hope someone will have the courage to read all this, and please let me know what you think :D Thank you very much :D
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