Mars and Pluto almost exact conjuction in 11th, and moon in 10th [Sag stellium].

November 18, 2019 at 01:21 (UT/GMT)
(Virgo) KriziaNicole
Mars and Pluto almost exact conjuction in 11th, and moon in 10th [Sag stellium].
Hey, So I have this placement and I was wondering what´s the conection between this almost-exact aspect (Mars and Pluto conj in Sag), Moon and Lilith also in Sag, and why my emotions work like they do.
How can I help myself through these configuration?

All my life I felt very deep and instense emotions and I´ve always let them go out(but with an increasing self-control, avoiding to be hurt, sometimes at the point of isolation), even if it´s not enough and at the end of the day I find myself drowning in the emotions, which eventually cause me so much pain and health problems.
I want to know how other Sagittarius moons or mars work with manipulation and frustation when things doesn´t work.
Do you feel you overreact or take things very personal?
Do you hold resentment and a huge inner rage hard to manage?
How do you deal with emotions and relationships?
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November 18, 2019 at 04:47
(Taurus) Iceblu333
Need religious partner or partnership. Rahu 7th
7th 9th from moon

Moon in Sag original lord of 9th.

Just a guess take it with a grain of salt
November 18, 2019 at 05:13
(Aries) ram_goat
does anyone read their own chart descriptions in here? ever?

read about what "applying" means in an astrology context..

sag stellium.. forget it..

mars conjunct pluto.. red herring

10th house, not important for this question..

lillith in 11th is important.

Lilith (Mean) in the 11th House
Very demanding friend; difficult integration into groups in their society.

you need to ask these question to other people with moon-pluto aspects..
moon opposite pluto, moon square pluto.

not sag or mars moon people. You have pluto problems not jupiter/mars problems.
your moon sign is of secondary importance here.


Moon Conjunction Pluto (6°30’, Applying)
This aspect causes unnecessary stubbornness in conflicts with loved ones. These people do not like making compromises and they are dificult to get along with. They hide their true feelings and then they have emotional outbursts. They often decide to make radical changes, even in matters of important and personal nature.
- This conjunction in the horoscope of a woman almost always creates a pathological connection between mother and daughter. It brings coercive relationship between mother and daughter, in which the mother subconsciously does not want to let the daughter become independent.
- This conjunction in the horoscope of a man manifests itself differently; the mother also does not let her son out of her influence and the son become subconsciously dependent on his mother.
In both cases, this person needs strong pressure in order to be able to perceive at all.


about your moon, you need to learn structure and control of your emotions.
read st. ignatius loyola.. spiritual exercises. train your mind & emotions.
train yourself by practice not to think the bad thoughts, or to feel the negative
emotions. learn to dismiss both when they come. They will always come.. about
that you have no choice, but you have much choice in how you receive them into
your "home".. your mind, your emotions..

about pluto, search for the following words together: "scorpio, dove, eagle, scorpion"
and after reading, a lot, ask yourself which aspect of scorp/pluto best describes the way you express your will and emotions.. the archetype of the scorpion, the eagle, or of the dove.

mastering those things should keep you busy for about the next 35 years of your young life.


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