Can dreams predict future??

November 11, 2019 at 04:50 (UT/GMT)
(Gemini) beep
Can dreams predict future??
So just this morning I dreamt my sister was pregnant lol it felt so real I didn’t think I was actually dreaming until I woke up lmao AND THEN TODAY I FIND OUT MY COUSIN IS ACTUALLY FUCKING OREGNANT LMAO... she’s been having complications and trying for yearss maybe 8++?? But the fact I had this dream about sis being pregnant and to get these news coincidentally like this has me wondering hmm

What do any of you think??

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November 11, 2019 at 05:31
(Aries) ram_goat
how about dreams predicting the present?
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November 11, 2019 at 06:22
(Gemini) beep » ram_goat
Lol ?
November 11, 2019 at 06:33
(Aries) ram_goat » beep
You can get vibes & "know" things happening in the present, that are unknown to you.

Even things happening far away.

Future predictions I think are much rarer..
November 11, 2019 at 13:54
(Pisces) fishscales
Maybe they can...

I think alot of times they do it by exposing what´s already in the subconscious which is bound to come to light sooner or later...

Then there´s the collective unconscious, which we can all supposedly tap into... Maybe that´s what´s responsible for the kinds of dreams that predict world events...

I used to have dreams of planes crashing into NYC before 9/11 happened... Never the twin towers specifically, just planes crashing into the city, and an overall feeling that something bad was going to happen there...

But then again, I can´t see how you can walk around any major city and not see it as a potential disaster waiting to happen...

I´ve had dreams that "predicted" personal future events, but the ingredients for those future events were already present... If it´s a bad dream, I think you´re supposed to take note of that, confront the way things are going, and try to change the outcome...

Then there´s symbolism too...I had a dream at an important juncture in my life of a crow sitting in my kitchen window... The dream wasn´t predicting that there would be a crow in my kitchen window some day, but rather, it was showing me that there were darker elements inside of myself... Things that I needed to confront things in order to move forward and change...the crow can be interpreted as a messenger from the underworld, and the underworld is not some place external to us, it is inside of us...I think the dream showed that I needed to address issues that came from my own "underworld"...

Then of course, some dreams are just nonsense...
November 11, 2019 at 16:10
System message: Post has been written by user orkest, who already deleted profile on this website:
I know a person who dreamed about two black horses pulling a coffin. The next day a neighbor from the house next door died. She couldn´t lie becouse she told the dream before the fact. Maybe it´s just coincidence...
November 11, 2019 at 16:34
(Libra) Lib_8
Congratulations on predicting a birth in your family!! ?. I would have told you that even if your sister wasn’t pregnant in real life then it could be symbolic to mean she may get a new idea for something that could transform her life.

I get very vivid and symbolic dreams pretty much all my life. Usually I try to keep track of the really vivid ones and watch out what happens around me. There are times when they’re correct and at other times something opposite has happened.

We have to be careful when we label dreams as being able to foretell events because at times they’re a reflection of our fears or our innermost desires.
November 11, 2019 at 16:36
(Aries) CrescentKitKat
I have a very intense dream life, they´re more like dream sagas. I´ve never had a prophetic dream though, at least not that I can think of.

I do have a guide that started appearing in my dreams when I was little, probably around 4-5 years old and then he ´grew up´ with me over a decade and a half. He appeared in the vast majority of my dreams during that time and would ´guide´ me through different sequences.

I lucid dream a decent amount, but I like to stay in the dream I´m in, because I´m in it for a purpose I need to fulfill. Whenever I get ´stuck´ in a dream or ´hit a roadblock´ so to speak, I call him up to help me through it.

Outside of dreams though, the last family reunion I went to, I was angry at my aunt. She was being cold and mean to my mother like usual and I didn´t like it. However, when I hugged her goodbye, I started sobbing. I´m not usually emotional with family and especially not her, because of how she treated my mom, but I knew when I hugged her that it was the last time I would see her. She collapsed a month later and never woke up. My whole extended family kept asking me if she´d told me she was sick, but she hadn´t. We weren´t close like that.
November 11, 2019 at 16:47
System message: Post has been written by user MarvinReal, who already deleted profile on this website:
One of my prophetic dreams fulfilled the same day. I got to know that few days later. I made a topic ´prophetic dream´ about that too.

Also, I was helping one user who made topic ´proposal dream´.

Dreams about pregnancy can also mean something creative instead of a child. The same about 5th house means more often creativity, games, sports etc. Sex, love and children too, but not only that. There are many people who have stellium or several planets in 5th house and are lifetime childless.
November 11, 2019 at 16:48
(Capricorn) boyakasha the guru
It has to do with the date today, it´s 11/11. It is a number of syncronicity in numerology and has special importance. Spirits wanna chill with you sis ??
November 11, 2019 at 17:44
(Taurus) IIyyaarr13
If you reveal a dream less than 72 hours from it´s occurrence, your subconscious may retreat, withdraw, and rebel, operate on the theory that the recent dreams may be for you and you alone!
The great sleeping prophet Edgar Cayce was under greater and greater false predictions as his end approached, predictionism is a perilous pursuit!
November 11, 2019 at 18:32
System message: Post has been written by user berrycat, who already deleted profile on this website:
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

Yes. Dreams can be precognitive.

November 11, 2019 at 18:34
(Aries) ram_goat » IIyyaarr13
Yeah Atlantis didn´t rise in 1968...
November 11, 2019 at 18:39
(Aries) ram_goat » CrescentKitKat
Never. Hug. Me.

Dainty, however, could use a hug from you..
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November 12, 2019 at 00:26
(Taurus) » berrycat
System message: Post has been written by user Helen.Pahlavi, who already deleted profile on this website:
Why berrycat?
November 12, 2019 at 01:22
(Pisces) fishscales » Helen.Pahlavi
"she can´t post anymore!"

She can´t?

I didn´t realize that users could have their posting privileges revoked. (If I´m understanding what you´re saying correctly.)

Makes sense that would be a policy though.

Maybe it´s karma for all the blocking she did.

Silence others, and you will be silenced...

Too bad Vanille couldn´t post in here...The real one...if she chose to...

Sure. she deleted her own profile, but if she wanted to come back under the name Vanille, she would have a problem...

November 12, 2019 at 01:54
(Aries) ram_goat » Helen.Pahlavi
How is that related to Dainty? You don´t know her at all. It´s not fair from you because she can´t post anymore!

What the hell are you rambling about, woman?
November 12, 2019 at 18:04
(Aquarius) nikkia » boyakasha the guru
I was in Las Vegas on 11/11/11. Brides and Grooms EVERYWHERE. It was dizzying - they all wanted THAT wedding date. I wonder how many are still married?

Yes, dreams can reflect the future. Some times with stunning accuracy, others not so much.

I´ve found with some dreams ´about the future´ some are plain as day when they happen - but prior, they can be cryptic when they don´t manifest right away. But when they do - it´s usually BIG. (ime)

Rarely are dreams so spot on that they manifest exactly the very next day - although it happens.
I often wonder if we´re unconsciously downloading ´vibes´ that come out to play during sleep.
November 12, 2019 at 18:18
(Aries) ram_goat » nikkia
often wonder if we´re unconsciously downloading ´vibes´ that come out to play during sleep.

Or we are just in a quiet enough state to hear them..

life is incredibly noisy & distracting. we lose track
of how loud it is.
November 12, 2019 at 19:14
(Aquarius) nikkia » ram_goat
To my limited knowledge, dreams come from the unconscious. Whatever is downloaded is cycled through the unconscious before becoming a dream. We become aware when it emerges in dream form.

*Or we are just in a quiet enough state to hear them..* Maybe.
Can we only hear the universe in our sleep?
Are there things stored in our unconscious that are on play-back loop?
The collective unconscious is universally powerful.

When we actively LISTEN, it´s a conscious act. A waking dream -- or vision -- I think is something different. Albeit, the ´vibes´ are coming from the same place, but we are receiving them very differently.
How the information is processed depends on how consciously open a person is at any moment of time. That´s been my experience, anyway.
November 12, 2019 at 19:41
System message: Post has been written by user Hayjilly, who already deleted profile on this website:
I once woke up feeling very ´off,´ not remembering any particular dream, but that ´reality´ wasn´t as firm as it typically is. Later that morning my dad´s best friend of 30 years died in a head on collision with a tree. I was 14.

When my father came out to the yard to tell me the news, I wasn´t as surprised as I´d expected to be.

It was a very strange experience... So yeah, I think that dreams and intuition can predict events. Interpreting dreams is a whole different ball park, but many people - since creation practically, have been fascinated with their meanings.
November 12, 2019 at 22:15
(Capricorn) boyakasha the guru » nikkia
You can´t forcefully go towards 11/11, it has to come to you. Plus this number is associated with spirituality and inner consciousness, not weddings :p The couples shouldn´t have rushed...
April 3, 2020 at 08:51
System message: Post has been written by user arush79, who already deleted profile on this website:
Well yes it is true the dreams can foretell the future events in your either the good once or the bad once.It all depends on type of dream you are having and what the elements in the dream.Most dreams are meaningful and you remember it because its for you to remember for some reason.You can get most dreams meaning on internet these days.If you have a some dreams go ahead and look for its will find your answer.Even Abraham Lincoln had a dream before dying about his death.
April 16, 2020 at 09:16
(Sagittarius) goldenlion32
I just had a dream a few weeks ago about a fake sheriff showing up at my relatives home and not giving information to me when I answered the door, and then finding out they weren´t real when I did.

It was interesting last night the Sheriff´s are rebelling against orders. Not exact the dream itself, but the branch of officers. And we´ll see what happens here, but it did blow my mind when I seen that.…

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