Career advice?

October 8, 2019 at 03:11 (UT/GMT)
(Leo) merasmus
Career advice?
A lot of my placements point towards me having or being happy with a career dealing with the public or people in general, but that kind of thing makes me anxious. I also don´t even really know if I´d be happy dealing with people since I´m very new to astrology. Any sort of advice would be very much appreciated!

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October 8, 2019 at 04:23
(Aries) ram_goat
have you looked at the description of your own birth chart?

North Node (Mean) in the 10th House - South Node in the 4th House
North Node in the tenth house brings the conflict between personal life, public career and spiritual self-awareness.
These people need to learn to get out of their fragile shells. They need to grow up, develop discipline, consistency and be more outspoken. They should get rid of emotional addictions and learn not to emphasize their own needs.
Beware of emotional dependence and being in the position of a hurt child who is looking for the culprits of his failures. Beware of clinging to affection and protection instead of finding the courage to acknowledge the harsh reality.


That´s a pretty tall order right there.

Many occupations could fulfill the placements in your chart.

It is very hard to give specific advice to this question, much less useful advice simply because everyone´s circumstances are so very different.

But this question gets asked several times a week in here despite its dubious usefulness in answering anything worth knowing.

Instead of an occupation, think about the path in life you´de like to take.
What sort of life would you be willing to get out of bed each day and fight the quiet fight for? I think that is a better guide question than "what job does my chart indicate..." So many jobs require so many skills, it´s hard to say which one suits an individual. Being a stay at home mom of small children has a lot in common with being CEO of a company or a political leader.. similar skills required. Which one of those would you be willing to put your time and energy into becoming? Which one of those would you be willing to fight the quiet fight for each day of your life?

The career thing is a very vague and poorly conceived question that gets asked a lot, and illuminates very little in here, or in an individual´s life, I think.

Having looked at your chart I think it´d help you most right now to get grasp of your chiron, lillith and north node placements..

let the rest of it run on autopilot for now.


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