Massage Therapist here..YODS/SATURNRETURN/FAN PATTERN???

September 27, 2019 at 17:29 (UT/GMT)
(Capricorn) pei_mei6
Massage Therapist here..YODS/SATURNRETURN/FAN PATTERN???
i’m a massage therapist who’s diving into astrology and energy work and could use help. So i’ve been told my chart is very interesting and rare? anyone familiar with YODS and the FAN pattern? What does it mean? Also i’m confused about saturn return? what does this mean and does it only happen once?

any other info on my chart would be a big help!!
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September 28, 2019 at 11:24
(Cancer) ZynCitrus
Your Saturn return is in about 3 years - having it in the first house it will make you reevaluate everything you did so far, how you come to the world, what are you doing... It can be stressful time because it will show you where are you lacking and what you need to change
Now to natal - all your personal planets are combust which means that your Sun took over (partially) rolls of what Ve, Me och Ma should do, and those planets don´t have strength of doing their job. ie. Mars is exalted in Cap but here it´s to take action you will need to force your ego, your sense of self to do things, it will not come naturally also your sun which is otherwise career oriented goal oriented, patient, structured now get a bit more impulsive and out of a might not even want to achieve huge things, have some social status, you might be inward oriented, focus on yourself and do just enough to fit into social norm.

Having Saturn in 1st house, feels like you were born old :D you take responsibility on you from early age, you might even look older for your age now, but later you will preserve that and look younger than other like time stops at some point hhaha, sounds stupid but hey :D Anyway, your actions a re calculated, you are full of fear what to do, how to act...fear is dominant emotion...and it might be that you are building and starting things but it gets distorted so you have to start over...that´s :160: :194: :157:
Pluto is now sitting on your Uranus for a while makes you nervous, irritated, short temper, desire for change is huge internally and externally, Neptun s blurring your path this period which is long you might get some mental issues stay away from alcohol, drugs anything that alters your thinking... stay calm, exercise, meditate, be mindful - it will pass!! And fallow the flow, don´t get stuck in an idea or goal, just follow where it takes you without too much resentment...
it is a very difficult chart and a lot of difficult aspects and now transits too, last year and a half was very intense and it will continue for cca 6-7 months ... so read about Saturn a lot, find bunch of material and master it, what he wants, how to deal with it and learn learn learn...Jupiter will help you there... those 2 things will help you balance your emotions and get you in check (moon, yod apex)
Can´t stress this enough stay away from drugs and alcohol
September 29, 2019 at 03:58
(Capricorn) pei_mei6 » ZynCitrus
this is the most accurate read i’ve ever gotten tbh. especially the parts about not feeling like a true capricorn. i’ve never felt like a cap. i’ve never been career oriented and a “go-getter”. it literally takes so much energy to even do the things i WANT to do.. i’m not a typical cap at all. i’m not very structured.. kind of mute all over place
also the fear in everything i do is seriously so accurate its scary. im afraid of everything! never wanting to make decisions bc fear. never wanting to try new things bc fear. always in my head thinking about my options. my life. my past. futures. all of it.

thank you so much. like i said, most accurate read i’ve ever gotten. hit the nail on the head for real. i was very shocked at how true everything was because no one has ever done that!!

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