Question about venus jupiter midpoint in solar arc and midheaven

September 9, 2019 at 17:53 (UT/GMT)
(Aries) ohristou
Question about venus jupiter midpoint in solar arc and midheaven
I would like to ask sth that I observed yesterday. My natal venus jupiter midpoint is at 14,42 in Pisces. As I saw yesterday the solar arc jupiter will conjuct my natal venus jupiter midpoint at 2020. It will make exact conjunction in November of 2020 but I think it is already in 1 degree conjunction aspecting orb. I couldn’t find anything on this subject. I know that progressed solar arc planets conjuct natal midpoints is sth important. Another thing is that solar arc midheaven will conjuct my natal part of fortune in natal 11th house. But I don’t know to interpret this.

My 2020 solar return is important. Pluto, mars,jupiter,vertex tightly conjuct each other in solar return 5th house and all off them conjuct saturn in 5th house as well. Saturn is in 0 critical degree in Aquarius. All the above 5th house planets trine sr venus in 9th house. Sr ascendant in Virgo and natal 7th house. Ruller of sr 1st house mercury is in sr 7th house with neptune not conjucted and with sr 7th house cusp in pisces. Neptune in sr 7th house has a wide sextile also from venus in sr 9th house. I definitely see a relationship personal or bussiness theme. What worries me is neptune in 7th house although it is in its own sign and has positive aspects. Also from february 2020 my secondary progressed moon will enter my natal seventh house and has a trine to natal venus, mercury and uranus. Another 7th house theme. Also in 2020 5th, 6th, 11th and 12th progressed house cusps change sign. And the funny thing is that all progressed house cusps will be in the sign that they rule. The certain thing is that 2020 will be a major year for me. But it will be positive or negative?
Everything seems perfect but saturn in sr 5th house and neptune in sr 7th house although they form good aspects and they are in their own signs, worry me. Sr Saturn has a square with sr uranus in 9th sr house. Also sr venus conjuct my natal north node. Another major thing is that sr sun conjuct sr moon, conjuct chiron, conjuct lilith in sr 8th house. How all those energies will blend is enigma.

Everything seems too good to be true and I am wondering if the conjunction of solar arc jupiter with my natal venus jupiter midpoint will help clear things a little bit. Also Solar arc moon is opposite natal uranus.

Thank you.
Chart is solar arc outside natal inside
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