Family Synastry- Mother Daughter Relationship

July 13, 2019 at 17:09 (UT/GMT)
(Pisces) Tiana
Family Synastry- Mother Daughter Relationship
Me and my mother have had a very rocky relationship ever since I was young. I feel our relationship is very hot and cold, some days it’s great and other days we can’t stand each other. I feel like she’s a dictator and is very critical, nagging, self-righteous, and cold emotionally at times. She feels I’m always angry, disrespectful, etc. We argue a lot and I usually end up feeling frustrated and misunderstood. So with all that being said I was hoping that someone could find out why we bump heads so much by looking at our synastry chart any comments, observations, advice is welcome!

I’m blue and she (Mom) is red
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July 13, 2019 at 17:11
(Pisces) Tiana
Here’s our aspect table
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July 13, 2019 at 17:52
(Sagittarius) goldenlion32
Saturn in Aries, Mars in Aries, and Mercury in Aries vs. Jupiter in Aries and Chiron in Aries is in the first house on the Ascendant can feel quite burdensome, and Jupiter expanding the Mars energy to fight and argue.
This deals with the solar plexus. It might be necessary to work on your es communication skills with Mercury in Aries and work on the solar plexus. Being the Aries in Chiron generation, she’s in her Chiron Return right now and doing some deep core healing the next 8 years, and Uranus in Aries swept over our wounds once, but we’re going for a 2nd wrong to see what we still need to heal within ourselves.
With your Saturn in Aries, you might kind of dig into those deep wounds from childhood, along with your Mars and Mercury. Since this is Spiritual/Military Warrior energy, and on the negative side it can be difficult, and if you one planet in Aries it’s not so bad to deal with an Aries, but when you have all three, it can be quite difficult between bot h of you.
At the same time through the wounding, she learns to take back her personal power, and fight for the right to exist in this world, since we’ve often been told by the Leo Pluto Generation to be silent, submit, and stay in pecking order.
There’s a tendency there for both of you to get out of control and might become to emotionally, mentally, spiritually, abusive with one another. And there might be you, taking yourself out of the room and calm yourself down and find a way to communicate in a more positive way and go back to the situation.
She may be teaching you as Jupiter in Aries to do the same thing, because she’s a Jupiter in Aries and knows her Aries energy. She’s an Aries in Chiron healer, and please respect her. (Wounded Warrior) The Peaceful Warrior.
She’s earned those stripes she wears. Listen to her and ask her about her life, and take interest in her. If you respect her, and listen to her, she will teach you a lot of wisdom, knowledge, and insight. You need to change your perspective about her and help her heal.
She just finished her Uranus in Libra opposition Uranus in Aries (Mid-life Crisis) or Mid-life transition.
Sun in Virgo on your North Node Virgo, this isn’t so bad with the Sun, she has your best interest in mind, but may be a bit harsh, strict, and critical in a negative way. She also has inner negative critic inside about herself.
She has North Node Scorpio while you have Scorpio in Chiron. You’re both playing out some karma here and wounding and healing one another. Not very fun by all means, but you have to get your solar plexus balanced (Aries/Scorpio), and the karma ends when one of you steps up higher and evolves and ends the dysfunctional relationship communication skills, behaviors, emotional, mental, and spiritual patterns.
Moon in Leo is her mood, thoughts, emotions, and feelings, and Neptune in Sagittarius, along with the Aries she has some dharma here, and spiritual teacher whether she knows it or not, but it depends on what she’s doing to help herself, and her fire signs.
If she’s impulsive, fast, and hasn’t learned to hone that fire element, it can be like a wild fire, and it’s like driving a fast car, crashing, and smashing, unless she’s learned to discipline it. She may have some irritability, agitation, and may move a lot and take action. Perhaps wants things to be done now with Aries on the 1st house.
For you, you’re a bit more sensitive with the Pisces Moon and Cancer Ascendant, and a different breed where water is more about emotions, feelings, and nurturance.
Maybe you’re an Introvert and she’s a dominate Extrovert. I think if you have Jupiter in Pisces this expands your emotions and south node Pisces. She may think you’re too emotional and too sensitive.

Uranus in Aquarius, Neptune in Aquarius, and Venus in Aquarius, you’re very Uranus and more unconventional, innovative, creative, natural rebel, natural revolutionist, natural advocate, and she might see you as a trouble maker sometimes. Which you’re just a different breed than her, and she’ll probably never understand it’s natural for you, and the part you play in this world standing up for human rights and advocating on what you believe in.
She doesn’t have any Aquarius in her chart like you. Only Uranus in Libra.
Your sort of in the same situation I was in. Fortunately, you have to do your healing inner work and take full responsibility for your life, reach your goals, and do your own thing, and probably you will get a long better if you live apart.
Your Saturn in Aries is on her Jupiter in Aries (Bank Account), and probably gets into arguments with you about money. Not sure if that is Saturn in Leo or Saturn in Cancer, but if it’s Cancer she’s in her Saturn opposition Saturn at the moment.
Uranus in Taurus squaring your Aquarius is going to make you revolt like myself, for the simple reason in society it’s a time to speak on certain causes. I would suggest volunteering at a non-profit, organization in your community to use that energy up in a healthy way where you can use that voice.

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