Does my chart point towards a career in teaching?

June 20, 2019 at 10:28 (UT/GMT)
(Pisces) HyHoang
Does my chart point towards a career in teaching?
I really need insight into my natal chart, as I am currently confused not knowing where should I head in life. What does my Pluto mean? And how can the aspects to my MC be interpreted?
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June 21, 2019 at 08:22
(Scorpio) MelodicBlu
MC in sagittarius is a focus onto higher education and wisdom aswel as teaching. Forexample, my mother has the same MC, and she is a teacher, but this is only one example. The ruler of your MC is placed within the 5th house, aswell as your MC is on 5 degrees, both related to leo/5th house, so i could see this as maybe teaching within arts, creative outlets, technology maybe , since jupiter is trine to uranus. you also have jupiter trine to mercury, so to me this is a good indication of someone who knows how to bring information, expand it, teach others about your knowledge and at the same time mercury is placed within your 1st.
If you would become a teacher, it would not be a usual subject if i see your chart. i have seen pluto in 10th before, and that could more so mean that the jobs you chose are rather unusual, and bring new beginnings and ending within yourself, it changes you on a core level. pluto is also the ruler of your 9th house, so again its related to wisdom, filosphy also.
I know its rather hard to find what way to go in life, im at the same process as you right now, and it sucks balls.
when it comes to the job you should do, a few things must be taken in consideration:
MC and ruler of MC
Saturn (restriction can bring great wisdom and with patience you can work through what was once difficult for you, this placement has the same meaning/effect as chiron in a way, meaning that you can use your \´pains\´ to teach others, once you\´ve grown strong out of it)
Chiron (what once hurted you can become great wisdom, which some use to help others, so it can be used within the job you choose. such as becomming an experience expret)
I dont have the correct answer to your question, but teaching would go well with the placements + MC that you have. find out for yourself what your biggest passion is, whether its easy to work towards or not, you should choose the path that makes you a happy person
June 21, 2019 at 20:43
(Sagittarius) goldenlion32
With Sagittarius Pluto in the 10th house there are many dimensions to Sagittarius Pluto. Which can mean teachers, professors, social workers, social psychologists, philosophers, religious/spiritual teaching. It’s worth investigating, but you can also be flying in airplane or other transportation, traveling agency etc. Since Sagittarius/Gemini axis is about traveling, also Social Media Nomads.
In Saturn in Sagittarius you should have had some experience with a job at that time in 2016-2017 for a first job.
Jupiter the teacher of knowledge, insight, wealth is in lower education and perhaps with children in the 5th house of Cancer/Leo since both are child related.
2nd house is Venus in Aries for your work house so this gives some mixed Venus and mars energy and kind of inner conflict with the love of the job and not liking it perhaps going back and forth or push and pull of whether it’s something you love doing, value doing, but a hard square between Venus and Aries and Jupiter in Cancer. Which I can probably guess, “Do I have the patience to deal with children. “
Pisces Mercury the artists, poet, music lover in chaos and confusion of being transformed with Pluto in the 10th house, so it might be difficult with the Pisces introverted and sensitive energy at times to work in the public and most likely will transform you on the emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, or sexual level being involved with the public with Sagittarius because it’s always an educational setting or dealing with belief systems, theories, concepts, and ideas. And Pisces doesn’t like conflict, debates, arguments, and rather swim away and be by themselves.
Saturn in Gemini and North Node Gemini gives you the speaking, presenting, and writing, skills you need, and it’s balance the energies between Gemini/Sagittarius with thoughts, intelligence, and deciphering what it is you believe in and stand behind, and can be quite emotionally objective with Gemini, where everything might not always resonate with what people say or do. You might have a difficult time with the North Node Gemini listening to other people, might be quite stubborn, and believe the others are wrong and you know it all, which might be quite difficult in the work place since you have to see from different perspectives, and see from different angles to work with others.
Uranus in Aquarius and Neptune in Aquarius in the 12th house indicates perhaps you’ve been innovator, creator, or invented something that others used to harm others wit in the past life. And Neptune unaware of how it was used. Uranus in Aquarius is also how you were wounded. There might have been some incident with electricity, bridges, or you were in some place where there were a lot of people who were harmed by some type of event or catastrophe with an invention and didn’t see it coming.
This may also give you a lot of stress since Uranus is the Nervous system, higher self, and higher consciousness, and in the 12th house it is the hidden self-undoing and self-sabotage, so there might be wounds here from past trauma you need heal dealing with other Aquarius individuals you know in this life time and may tend to worry to much and stress yourself out, or get stressed very easily by others.
Aquarius Ascendant is at critical degree of 29, so you might be familiar with events on this degree like last year with the Aquarius eclipses and Mars in Aquarius perhaps passing through the 12th house and bringing up things in your subconscious mind to be healed.
June 21, 2019 at 21:33
(Scorpio) ancient_astrology
Yes, I think teaching is a job that you could do. Mercury is in the domicile of Jupiter and is in reception to Jupiter with a trine. Jupiter is in exaltation in Cancer and so Mercury shares in Jupiter´s joy. So it would be fine for you to teach. Actually I would say that it is a VERY good choice.

However, Venus is in adversity in Aries in second house. Although teaching might be good for you, later in your career don´t take job as principal of the school. That would be a bad choice for you. In other words, if you decided to teach, do not later change and become part of the school administration.

I don´t usually answer these types of questions in the forum, but for once I decided to make the exception.

This is a fifth house profection year for you. Please take the time to enjoy yourself and indulge your pleasures this year.
June 22, 2019 at 00:54
(Leo) HeavenSent
You have lovely career aspects.

Your chart confirms not just a career in teaching, but your Pluto (power) in Sagittarius (higher learning) in X (career), ruling your IX (higher education), indicates you can look forward to a position of substantial power.

Pluto´s dispositor, Jupiter, in V, sextiles Mercury in I, emphasizing that you express yourself as an intellectual, through and through.

Your Pluto trines Venus in your II House of income, which bodes very well for a earning a good salary to match your position of prominence in your field.

The fine arts and performing arts are indicated. Mars in Taurus in III supports a career in a school (III) setting, which can be in administration (Taurus), and related to the fine arts (Taurus). Additionally, your VI house of work is governed by Leo, the sign of performing arts, self-expression, and teaching. Your VI House ruler, the Sun sits in your House I, further emphasizing a life path centered on V House themes (arts, kids, fun, hedonism, self-expression).

Finally, your angular Pluto conjuncts your nodal axis, so your career path, whatever happens, has fated aspects.

With Cancer, Leo, and III emphasized, there´s a strong indication that you could happily be teaching children (rather than adults, although both are favored).

Whatever you choose to do, you are an irrepressible communicator (Mercury in I) and a deeply unconventional spiritual nature (Chart Ruler Uranus in dominium conjunct Ascendant, with Neptune in XII).

Paradoxically, however, your House I is intercepted, which affects your Sun (life path, authenticity) and Mercury (communication, thinking). This impacts you deeply, and can introduce a sense of perpetual struggle when it comes to authentic self-expression. It can create a haunting sense of insecurity, and even fear, with regard to expressing your creative, artistic, and spiritual nature. Where others seem to speak out freely, you may fear showing your thoughts and ideas, and even your very identity. This fear is not really justified. You struggle to overcome it, however, due to the interceptions. Keep pushing through any insecurity. Rest assured that the rest of your chart solidly confirms a successful career path in teaching.

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