How does Astrology work?

September 18, 2023 at 01:54 (UT/GMT)
How does Astrology work?
Here´s my theory:

The Sun affects the Earth due to its mass, light, and the radiation it emits.

The Moon affects the Earth due to its proximity. It moderates the Earth´s axis, and without it, the Earth would experience extreme climate and we´d all be dead. It also causes the tides which regulates the weather and ecosystems, and so on (….).

Now, if the Sun and the Moon have a direct effect on the Earth, why wouldn´t the other massive objects orbiting the Sun also have an effect on the Earth?

Notice the size of Jupiter and Saturn and how they´re notorious for being potent planets in Astrology.

An interesting lecture on Jupiter and Saturn:…(10%25).

It´d be interesting to hear other´s thoughts on how Astrology works. :5:


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September 18, 2023 at 02:14
"Why wouldn´t the other massive objects orbiting the Sun also have an effect on the Earth?

There must be some yet-to-be-discovered force coming from them.

Cultural rant: Nothing wrong with speculating and hypothesizing, except that we can´t have ´undiscovered things,´ since that flies in the face of ´established facts,´ :61:

Which is, for some reason, reacted to as ´wrong´ quite often enough, even though at some point, their ´established facts´ were also in the process of discovery and speculation. But it´s like they don´t realize that? Strange... Anyway, that´s another topic. Pretty interesting question again! I hope people dish out some speculations they had freely about it, that´s why I´m front-running the deniers of that process.
September 18, 2023 at 02:50
(Taurus) Rosincvist
:108:I often stay away from the topic of the :152:, there are others for whom the :152: is the main thing in the sky cuz it relates to `witchcraft´. :119:
Planet `Eris the mother of a multitude of monsters´ is the cause of going all the way to the Pacific Ocean to give decent names to Kuiper Belt planets!
The term "Hellenic" and the already prodigious count of Graeco-Roman names teleports us straight towards Classical history and away from our current stark reality! :23: :28:
The Astrological Charts that suggest the greatest difficulty with the Science of Astrology usually point out "Literature" as something to immerse the subject within so that everyone is happy :4:
About the workings of Astrology; Would dissecting a stradivarious like a lab Frog really make ANYONE a better violinist? :32:
:31: :32:
September 18, 2023 at 03:42
(Libra) Eros Arcano
The perspective of my technique is mainly symbolic, but supported by a quantum order that we cannot yet define 100%. In this sense I would say that it has physical, metaphysical and psychological foundations, all interacting at the same time.

I began to practice Astrology from skepticism, but to adopt ideas for my literary works, in fact I have read many birth charts for other skeptics from that point of view, I tell them: How many times have you read a book or seen a movie and you think "Wow, I really relate to that plot, this story really inspires me"?

So I tell them: Imagine that what I´m going to tell you is like one of those fiction books that you identify with, only in this case the protagonist is directly you. If you identify with your character and consider that it may be of some use to you, take it without shame, as if you had been told a story about your life.

Over time I realized that the results were too precise to be simple stories and coincidences. I searched for answers about how it worked for a long time until I understood that that wasn´t what really mattered. So I simply dedicated myself to trying different systems and techniques until I decided which one gave me the best results. But to avoid getting into trouble, I continue to say that my main premise is symbolic.
September 18, 2023 at 07:50
(Scorpio) Metaterrestrial
Personally? I suspect that the stars, sun, and moon are some sort of expression of either:

1) extra-dimensional beings that can affect objects/events on earth
in ways we simply aren´t aware of yet or,

2) principles that "congeal" into the lights of the heavenly bodies
that also happen to exert influence on physical reality and the
minds of conscious beings (also in ways that we do not fully
understand, of course).

One way to think of astrology is as humanity´s bumbling attempt to catalog these correspondences/synchronicities/correlations and try to find patterns of possible meanings.

Just being convinced that astrology at least somewhat works at some level beyond coincidence is really all we have to work with, since we are limited to using the rules of logic and empirical science to even "know" that we know anything for certain.

The underlying mechanism is an open question that I doubt will ever be conclusively solved. It´s fun to speculate on (and an important question), but without some sort of conceptual or empirical breakthrough, I personally don´t feel like such speculation ifs particularly useful at this point.

I hope to be proven wrong in my lifetime though.
September 18, 2023 at 19:46
(Taurus) Rosincvist
Since I sometimes refer to `Great Lord :157:´ there is the exoplanet spied upon with our new gear & skill that is not only quite huge, but has an enormous amount of "ring" around it!
Paremahansa Yoginanda astral travelled to other planets and declared that those far exoplanets are usually full of evil mether-feckers!
Astrological definitions might really require major re-adaptation if we were meditating and recapitulating in the light of red :78:s & green :78:s!
September 19, 2023 at 01:46
(Aquarius) Waybread
Sorry, but the physical explanation just doesn´t work.

The obvious explanation is that astrology deals with the complexities of love, marriage, career, family, friendships, and big theological questions. Astrology deals with personalities. You cannot read these transparently off of simple gravity or electromagnetism models.

Some astrologers believe that Pluto is a very powerful planet. It is 5.5 light hours from earth, during which time the ascendant would have moved over two signs.

What do you imagine Pluto´s gravitational pull on the earth to be?

The physical models also collapse around horary astrology. It doesn´t deal with planetary influences on bodies, but on questions asked at particular moments of time.

A lot of predictive astrology has nothing to do with planetary influences on bodies. Secondary progressions and solar arcs deal with year-for-a-day substitutions. A solar return supposedly predicts an entire year ahead, even though transits can change significantly during that time.

Astrology takes place in the mind of the astrologer.

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