Planets on the Angles/Axis

May 10, 2019 at 10:50 (UT/GMT)
(Scorpio) SpaceChild
Planets on the Angles/Axis
AC DC MC IC - I´m currently trying to get a better foundation in my mind for the angles and the houses too.

I figured there must be meaning behind planets ON the angles, but what about planets that are pretty close to it? How close is qualified as affecting the chart?

I have Mars close to IC
Neptune and Uranus close to MC.


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May 10, 2019 at 11:31
(Scorpio) SpaceChild
Would this only be specifically significant if the planets are in the actual angular houses or is there anything to be said about the planets being ´close´ to the actual lines?
May 10, 2019 at 13:48
(Aquarius) krushi
The standard explanation of angular position is "prominence". When a planet is near the horizon or culminating, whatever is its influence, it is something which requires immediate action. It´s like a wild party next door. There is no way to ignore it. Either you ask them to be quieter, for your baby is sleeping, or go away until they stop, or even participate...

On the other hand, planets in succedent houses (2, 5, 8, 11) tend to show not so prominent, but constant situations. Imagine, your neighbour is drunkard. He may bother you with trash talk when you occasionally meet, or likes singing loud after finishing next bottle... Over time you adapt to his behaviour, and in general he does not disrupt your routine.

The same is true for favourable influences.
May 10, 2019 at 14:19
(Scorpio) SpaceChild » krushi
Thanks :15: :6:
May 21, 2019 at 18:59
(Taurus) yod_80
Here is how I see it.

Ascendent and Descent are part of the same horizon, so really should be understood together.

The Ascendent is what is rising on the horizon at the time of your birth. Most of the time, it is one of the Signs.

In that moment of your birth, it is as if the Sign comes out to greet and heralding to the world: You are born!

This energy radiates outward from you. This is the energy of the first impression people have of you, before they get to know you better. It is not necessarily something that you can relate to.

In most House systems, the Ascendent also sets the stage for the entire House. It is why we can use the Ruler for the Ascendent as the Chart Ruler.

A planet that is right on the Ascendent means that, in that moment, that planet is rising. A Sun on the Ascendent means that you were born at dawn. A Venus on the Ascendent means that Venus is coming up on the dawn. The energies of the planet colors the dawn that is your birth.

This effect is powerful enough that, the closer a placement is to the Ascendent, the more it is about the Ascendent and the less it is about House 1 or House 12.

The Descendent is along the same axis, and as such, is a complementary-opposite of the Ascendent. This is the part in the horizon where things are setting. A natal Sun conjuncting on the Descendent means you were born at sunset.

A planet on the Descendent indicates a kind of mirroring in other people. A Sun on the Descendent generally leads one to discover one´s sense of self through others. In Synastry charts, someone´s conjunctions to your Descendent means they are mirroring some aspect of you within them -- whether that is identity (Sun), feelings (Moon), thoughts and words (Mercury), and so forth.

For example, my step-daughter has a Jupiter-Venus in exact conjunction on the Libra Ascendent, about a couple degrees into House 12. Her Chart Ruler, Venus, is greatly magnified by Jupiter: she has that elegant, Libran/Venusian beauty ... but she doesn´t relate to it, and even tries to hide it (House 12) when someone compliments her on it. There are some deeper connections with her South Node and past life story, which I won´t share in a public forum.

MC and IC are the Midheaven and Undersky. (Undersky is an old name for the IC). Midheaven is usually interpreted as the career path ... however, from a karmic astrology point of view, the Midheaven points to your *purpose* and *aspiration* in which you incarnated as. The Undersky connects with your ancestral roots (and in my view, there is a whole set of ancestral karma and lineage that is separate and interwined with one´s celestial soul journey).

Conjunctions to the Midheaven and Undersky greatly influence those, and when read together with the rest of the chart (along with say, the Nodes, and Pars Fortunae), there is a lot to say about that. Conjunctions in Synastry can activate things related to that.

@SpaceChild -- looking at your chart, I would say your Neptune-Uranus conjunction is close enough to color your Midheaven, as does your Mars on the Undersky.

Your Neptune-Uranus is on the House 9 side, so there is a general seeking and questing for spirituality (Neptune) and individuality (Uranus), and it feels very, very close to what you deeply admire, respect, find purposeful and dignified (Midheaven, Capricorn).

On the other hand, your Mars is on the House 4 side of the Undersky. When it comes to you and your family, this is where you take action, maybe even take action to be protective of those under your care ... and perhaps, also, the source of a lot of conflicts as well.

Hope that make sense. I´d love to chat more about this.
May 21, 2019 at 20:38
(Scorpio) SpaceChild » yod_80
I really appreciate your reply and it resonates with me. Im not sure how to further the conversation at this point

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