Why i can not have higher paid jobs

March 11, 2023 at 20:01 (UT/GMT)
(Cancer) GreenMoon
Why i can not have higher paid jobs
I have qualifications for jobs where the salary is pretty high. Still, I work as a freelancer and i want a stable job. The money are too little. I know people that ”made it” without networking or the qualifications i have.

It seems that after interviews i never receive calls back. My planets in 12th house (especially venus) would contribute to this weakness? My aspects to MC does not look well either. What do you think?

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March 15, 2023 at 23:25
I think you may be good dealing with the public, but that Moon conjuct to Algol in the 10th house may make you loose your mind about job and career
March 16, 2023 at 00:58
(Cancer) doonit
I would be interested to know what it is that you do. I think you possibly have two factors of influence so, using whole sign houses...

You have moon in the 10th and cancer ruling the 12th. This could suggest that you don´t display yourself and quickly develop a reputation for being secretive, introspective and solitary. Or at least that there are parts of your public persona that are difficult to fathom, even though you can be a really good psychologist type who absorbs your environment and moves forward with that feminine spiritual intuition.

You have neptune in the 6th and possibly this brings a kind of looseness to your work ethic. Certainly you struggle with tight routines and keeping times. Capricorn rules your 6th and this could be a mitigating factor.

One other thing is you have mars in the 3rd. It´s in libra so there is balance in your communication but mars there to me says that your communication style may be abrasive to some. Working on toning down that mars and thinking before you say things could be a factor to consider.
March 16, 2023 at 11:22
(Cancer) GreenMoon » Thetraditionalastrologyart
Lose my mind about job? What do you mean?
March 16, 2023 at 11:25
(Cancer) GreenMoon » doonit
Thank you, I appreciate the comment !
I struggle with routine in general all my life, you spot it. It s very hard to me to stick to any routines. And my NN is in Virgo...the master of routine. Too much daydreaming and artsy thinking in my highschool and first 2-3 yrs in my 20s are felt now. :4:
March 16, 2023 at 16:07
Thetraditionalastrologyart » GreenMoon
Causing emotional stress
March 17, 2023 at 09:31
(Aries) Aprilia
You find your soul and you need some solitude to show up for yourself. You thrive when kinda left alone. We have Chiron conjunct your IC opposite MC which says that if you come from a healing family or your ancestors also were in healing arts or med field you might help public in that way. Serving people in the peaceful way and bring peace. Your soul craves and wants you to not look at the paycheck but to the service you can provide. It can be delusional or making delusional illusionary art could be your forte. All that you are and would show up would come when you look into the wound you carry in your emotional abode. Freelancing would suit you. 9th house MC and Saturn in Aries right there confirms that you will have your own drive and would do much well when self employed. Do you have lots of sisters?
Moon in Taurus in 10th house is delicious. Moon is opposite Pluto and you will have intense power dynamics and maybe had an intense relationship with mom or mom like figures. Moon is training Mars so there is no tension or chaos there is a good drive thou you might become restless sometimes. You might tend to have escapist tendencies.
Ground yourself and use your emotional affinity to build your finances up and everything in that sector. Woman will play a good role in your work or finances. I hope it helps!
Transit wise - Mars in 11th has been brushing up your hopes towards the future. Hear it comes as raising paycheck or money for you. Saturn has just entered your 8th house so inheritance, other people´s money will be on table for you. Also, it is very likely that you will have a money or persona makeover later this year.
March 17, 2023 at 09:32
(Aries) Aprilia
I´ve used whole sign house system
March 17, 2023 at 12:28
(Scorpio) srgeorgio
When I saw the question I wondered whether the ruler of your fortuna house of money acquisition is in detriment like mine... and it is, mars in libra. You can still gain a lot of money but most of the money you receive in life will probably come to you without you needing to seek it out or ask for it.

You also have saturn near your midheaven like me. That can´t help either. Saturn causes delay making us need to travel the long way, learning hard lessons before we can fulfill that area of life.
March 18, 2023 at 00:26
(Capricorn) Emanuel
Well, your 2nd house (of personal income, gains) ruler is Mercury in Cancer in 12th house. So, it´s understandble. You actually dont need to seek money with this placement, at all (if you dont listen, this might be you self undoing, since the 12th house is the house of self undoing)
March 18, 2023 at 14:48
Consider gaining from outside for the time being (either online or by traveling).
It seems you wouldn´t do well in routine jobs specially where there is someone giving you orders to do something.
March 18, 2023 at 15:47
(Sagittarius) nik$Nite89
Wait until Uranus goes out of Taurus in 2025/2026!
Uranus in Taurus is hitting your Moon in Taurus, causing chaos in your financial life!
Things might lighten up after 2025/2026!

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