Ancestor´s Astrology

April 19, 2019 at 22:38 (UT/GMT)
(Sagittarius) Amartya
Ancestor´s Astrology
Hey folks,

I was wondering has anyone here ever studied the astrological charts of their ancestor´s and found anything interesting that in some way relates to them in the present?

I am lucky that I come from a country with a pretty large amount of well preserved ancestry records. I am able to trace my ancestry back to the mid 1300´s in England, 1600´s in Netherlands and 1700´s India. As well as some more recent ancestry in Ireland & Wales. However, I am yet to study my ancestor´s charts in depth.

Anyone try this? And does anyone recommend what lines I should look at? I´m thinking of studying my direct matriarchal line or matrilineality as I believe it is called first. Then, see where it takes me.

Advice? Comments?

Thanks in advance


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April 19, 2019 at 22:45
(Scorpio) ancient_astrology
I recently have been doing lots of research on my ancestors on I´ve gone back 14 generations on my mother´s side and about 10 on my father´s. I´m lucky to have the date and place of birth. Forget about time of the best I could do would be to make a partial birth chart.

I don´t know what you´re asking. There is which is mostly for Americans, though I do think they´ve done some European stuff.
April 19, 2019 at 23:17
(Pisces) fishscales
Wow I would love to be able to do what you´re talking about but I lack the info (birth records and such) of my ancestors.

The only member of my family I have a birth time for is my mom, and we have some similarities between our charts.

I have birth dates for other members of my family, but no times. Still, it is interesting to study their aspects, planet positions, etc.

Karma is the principle operative force of the universe, and I believe that our karma and our inheritance operate simultaneously. In other words, our inheritance is the mechanism by which our karma manifests in our physical life.

Regardless, the project you´re thinking about undertaking sounds very interesting to me. (I have moon in the 4th, so I love anything having to do with ancestry, family history, etc.) Perhaps you will be able to find certain trends, patterns, and similarities between members of your family tree, and watch them evolve through time.
April 20, 2019 at 00:17
(Sagittarius) Amartya » ancient_astrology
I probably was not clear.

I have researched my family tree via .

What I was referring to was, let´s say I study my 3x Great Grandmother´s Natal Chart. Then see if there are any similarities between that specific ancestor and her descendants like me.

Repeating patterns etc

Hope that makes sense.
April 20, 2019 at 00:23
(Sagittarius) Amartya » fishscales
Quote: Perhaps you will be able to find certain trends, patterns, and similarities between members of your family tree, and watch them evolve through time.

Yep, that was what I am looking for. Trends, patterns and similarities throughout history. Like you, I do not have the exact birth times for a lot of my ancestors but I have the birth date/location/records going back into history.

Without the time it will make it a little off but the full date & location should at least provide a good basis to start. :1:
April 20, 2019 at 03:57
(Taurus) Doublecrossed74
Yes, I have done this-and I noticed lots of repeated signs and patterns played out over and over, mosty with the mothers. I feel like its all energy, and if its more of a bad thing, you can work to literally break cycles in familys, especially if you are aware they are there! Very Interesting
April 22, 2019 at 03:37
(Taurus) IIyyaarr13
I have a bunch of planets and cusps the same as a 1 1/2 dg. :172: rising Edgar Allan Poe, but he had no long living children; Ascendants and Descendants do not decrease our attachments to this world. :20:
April 22, 2019 at 22:47
(Virgo) elaviel
Hey Amartya,

I had some similar questions about this topic a few years ago. And yes, something like ancestor´s astrology exists. It´s actually really interesting to go through your family members´horoscopes. I don´t even have to go deep into history. For example, my sun is Virgo - my ascendant Sagitarius. My mum is Sagitarius, asc. Virgo. My father Leo, asc. Scorpio. My sister Scorpio, moon Leo. And I´m not talking about the aspects of the signs, for example typical for women from my mother´s side is Sun - Saturn, usually in conjuct. Always some ´issues´about the father. Something like family karma... Is that what you´re asking about? :1:
April 24, 2019 at 00:30
(Sagittarius) Amartya » elaviel
Yep, spot on elaviel. I was thinking a bit further back into history (Great Grandparents and beyond) but the same principle applies.

Family Karma. Sums it up perfectly. :1:

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