Lilith as an autonomous energy system of the organism

April 14, 2019 at 11:03 (UT/GMT)
(Sagittarius) Steve Guesshow
Lilith as an autonomous energy system of the organism
Lilith as an autonomous energy system of the organism

From recent systemic constellations ("Brasil", November 5, 2018), where we dealt with the Lilith archetype and the "dark libido" (and which we combined with music and dance), I noticed another feature that is associated with it.

A well-integrated, acknowledged, accepted Lilith manifests itself physically as a steady stream of energy that constantly flows through the body and creates an autonomous circuit. This energy penetrates all the cells, vibrates them, creates vibrations, flicker, inner electricity and restlessness, and the need for spontaneous movement, dance, or erotic romp. If you have experience with kundalini meditation by Osho, then you will know what I´m talking about. This energy stream is libidous, delivers pleasure in pleasure. Outwardly, this is similar to what we see in some animals. We say about a healthy vital horse that he "plays all his muscles", then you can feel something similar from cats that blissfully purr - as "enjoying" their own autonomous energy circuit.

(Similarly, Mars is involved in the dynamic flow of energy through the organism. To the extent that we can be spontaneously aggressive, we open the flow for the total flow of energy, emotion at all. give us "over hold" but we know it could.)

This autonomous energy circuit associated with Lilith is not subject to "head-to-head" instructions, is not subject to control, does "in its own way" in its own way, creates its spontaneous creations and interactions.

In this type of constellation, the vision of Lilith as a woman with her arms outstretched, but she lacked her head - instead of her head rested an infinitely wide celestial vault.

This kind of energy autonomy is crucial for the free living of one´s own individuality. She considers herself what is in harmony with her and what is not. It does not follow the normative orders and prohibitions - it acts according to the spontaneous impulses that emanate from its organism. As if the cells unlimited by the "head" / mind apparatus produced their own instinctive wisdom, just as we can feel in the free, wild animals and carnivores. (On the graphological level, this nature, the refinement of its own biological individuality, manifests itself as a rhythm of movement.)

Therefore, so far, most social systems have tried to suppress Lilith´s function (externally, this is manifested as a result of, for example, burning witches). On the other hand, it is understandable that "detached" sexual, orgiastic, and aggressive-animal dynamics ("Kali below full steam") may raise some concern on the part of men or church leaders. The best way to understand this is with animals. Take the castration of a bull or domestication of a wolf in a dog´s pet. Without this energy autonomy, a person or an animal dies out in a way, his eyes lose his luster, breaks down, tilts his head and lets himself plow. The creature, deprived of its energy autonomy, becomes well manageable and manageable. It accepts good external management. (Loss of mental dynamics).

Children who are wild are said to be "angry" or "wild eggs" and we try to tame them. When children and dogs are obedient and have drooping ears, we say they are nice, stroking them and giving them treats. We program them, we try to "deflate" them - they then execute our orders better and more readily.

In an age-old game (I do not want to say directly in battle) between wounded men and wounded women, men try to "deflect" women (understand: under the guise of morality to control) and women try to "mock" (understand: castrate). Conversely, healthy men and healthy women appreciate this aspect on the other side and do not prevent it from spontaneity, knowing that they would lose it.

On the mythological level, we see it in images where God excludes Lilith from paradise and replaces it with "obedient" Eve, or if the rebellious hero is stripped of his wild mane ("Cut to the Little Boy´s Hat"), etc. The order of many communities is based on the elimination of Lilith. Lilith is to be kept under wraps, in the underworld, in the unconscious.

Allowing Lilith to return to the body to restore the autonomous energy circuit of this dark libidous force flowing through the organism, begins a kind of natural revolution based on decentralization. Just as the organism originally controlled by the "head" is decentralized, the whole social system is decentralized.

On the other hand, this does not mean that Lilith should dominate our inner system and exude other archetypal forces (Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, etc.). Rather, it is to coexist with them in rhythmic harmony. (If there are no limits to this force given by the male energy archetypes, it may go into an uncontrolled destructive chaoticity, so it actually says a certain amount of turbulence and limit setting - only then "happily purring"). This strength adds to our playfulness, wildness and nature - similar to that seen in wild animals or domestic cats.

Vojta Franče

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April 14, 2019 at 11:27
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Astrologically I like the concept of "lilith" and its position and sign on my map!! (lilith 1.) The concept of Lilith comes from the Kabbalah. All the stories you´ve given are like unspoken beliefs all over the world. isis, artemis, venus, hathor these are representative of a lilith
April 14, 2019 at 11:54
(Pisces) fishscales
Very interesting.

Personally I think we need to find a healthy way to integrate our Lilith energy into our systems, because unintegrated, it can be very destructive, similar to Mars and Pluto.

Although I think I can definitely feel my Lilith energy, I find it difficult to integrate, because my BML is involved in a "grand cross"* in my chart: it squares my moon AND nodes, and opposes my Venus. I believe this is especially problematic because Venus is my chart ruler, my most dominant planet (in some systems), and the moon is strong in my chart as well. My black moon Lilith is also in Scorpio AND conjunct the asteroid Karma. :39:

I firmly believe I misused my Lilith energy in past lives. Let´s face it, one of the things Lilith represents is wild, raw sexuality, and I believe I used that energy in a destructive, non-positive way in past lives.

I believe that is why, in this life, I was born with Saturn in the 8th house, in Gemini: in order to take a serious look at sexuality, and learn how to communicate about it, instead of just "doing it." Lol.

*I´m not sure if BML and the nodes qualify as points of a grand cross; that´s just what I call it in my chart, for the sake of simplicity.

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