The 2020s

January 21, 2023 at 20:49 (UT/GMT)
(Virgo) Elzxy
The 2020s
This decade is highly similar to the 1990s because of how much similar astrological transits they both share.

1990-1993, 2020-2023 (Saturn in Aquarius) - 1993-1996, 2023-2026 (Saturn in Pisces) - 1996-1999, 2026-2029 (Saturn in Aries)

Pluto in Capricorn (Early 2020s), Neptune & Uranus in Capricorn (Early 1990s)

Pluto enters an air sign, Aquarius, during March of 2023, Uranus entered Aquarius during 1993 and Neptune entered Aquarius during 1998.

Neptune shifts into a fire sign, Aries, during 2025 while Pluto shifted into a fire sign as well, Sagittarius, during 1995.

Of course, they are different regarding how they will play out but they are similar in respective to the energies of yin & yang.

The Early 1990s; Socio-economic collapse, Fall of USSR, The Gulf War, the 1990 Recession, First WTC attack. This was all because of Uranus & Neptune in Capricorn causing so much turmoil in the political and economic area, similar to what we are experiencing right now with Pluto in Capricorn transit currently with all the inflation, economic and political turmoil. Also fun fact, the 1992 Rodney King riots and the 2020 George Floyd riots are very similar, both of them faced police brutality which led to mass protests because of Saturn in Aquarius.

When Saturn entered Pisces during 1993, the AIDS epidemic reached a new killer status and peak. We can see a similar case happening this year when Saturn enters Pisces with COVID making a resurgence peak since it’s also residing in USA’s 4th house of home. During this time we can also see issues and stuff like Cancel Culture and constant remakes and rehashes get a lot of criticism and backlash because those are all Piscean themes and Saturn will be in those issues.

We can expect some new arts, music & entertainment this year especially with Jupiter in Taurus from May, I expect a new big music movement, something big like the Hippie Movement.

Pluto will be entering Aquarius in USA’s 3rd house, Aquarius is the sign of technology, humanitarian, independence. The 3rd house is about short travel, communication, intellect. Expect these areas of life to change a lot during Pluto in Aquarius from 2023-2044. That means more electric cars, cars will start to move away from the minimalist aesthetic and go towards the maximalist side but also we can see a lot of tragic stuff and changes around technology, transport, communication regarding technology in general so internet blackouts might be an issue or cyber wars.
Social media will become extremely unsafe for kids during this era, Leo is the sign of children and it is opposite Aquarius. Just imagine what Pluto in Aquarius will bring :66:

Why did the 1990’s see a huge internet boom? That’s because of Uranus & Neptune in Aquarius (sign of tech). The 2020s might be like the 1990s as it will be the last decade of the internet we know today before it gets transitioned into something bigger and destructive because of Pluto (we already see this with the mainstream use of AI Art & ChatGPT). Just like how the 1990s were the last decade of analog. The 2020s will be seen as a similar decade. Sadly, the internet is going to get shittier guys, this is just the beginning. Whatever pluto touches, it’s all dark, powerful and change.

The early 90’s were dark because of Neptune & Uranus in Capricorn while Pluto was in Scorpio. BUT. Why was the later part of the 1990’s so bright and ultra? That’s because Pluto entered the happy bright Sagittarius which then popularized the cheesy upbeat trends like Teen-pop, Spice Girls, with an addition of Neptune in Aquarius that made futurism a big aesthetic during the late 90’s.

And in 2025, Neptune will be entering Aries, an active energetic fire sign! Uranus will be in Gemini. During this time we can expect music, arts & entertainment to be very sporty, high-energy based, loud & aggressive since it’s Aries and Neptune is the planet of arts.

Also, the economy will potentially boost post 2025 era with Pluto in Aquarius trine to Uranus in Gemini due to new technological advancements and AI revolution. Not only because of that but we are seeing an increase number in the Baby Boom generation retiring and the next biggest generation which are the Millennials will take over. There are countless talks about a recession this year, I am side-eyeing that Jupiter and Uranus transit in Taurus in the 6th house of work, illness, daily routines & Taurus being foody, materialism. A sudden big spike in pricing of food? Jupiter isn’t always beneficial or good but we’ll see :37:

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January 22, 2023 at 09:18
You´ve made some very good points here! Thank you for sharing all these and I am happy that there are members interested in Mundane!

Below is the chart for 2020 decade.
Note how elevated :199: is and it gets :193: :153: :156: :151:
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January 22, 2023 at 09:23
iris70 » iris70
That´s the chart of 1990 decade. Similarities?

Note the exact :192: between :156: and :199:.
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January 23, 2023 at 03:03
(Virgo) Elzxy » iris70
Unfortunately, I’m not highly skilled in the area of reading aspects but still thanks for sharing! One thing that’s bugging me about the 2020s is that Uranus is in Taurus in a 2 degree which is literally the Taurus degree itself sitting in the 8th house of debts, transformation & death. It’s also trine to the Sun in Capricorn in the 4th house of home in a 10 degree which is Capricorn itself.
January 23, 2023 at 04:19
(Taurus) s81 » iris70
"I am happy that there are members interested in Mundane"

We´re not so much I´m affraid, it´s difficult to compete against personal affairs driven interest.

Btw, nice to see someone posting a chart using the traditional Greenwich´s chart instead of the Kiribati´s chart that I´ve been seeing lately by some.
January 23, 2023 at 04:37
(Taurus) s81
Pluto in Aquarius is already felt with the start of the IA storm. This is not about merely automated art generation, it´s about almost any digital job (and even some non digital that will receive an indirect impact like, for example, universities), this will create poverty worldwide during this transit of Pluto 2023-2044 but specially in the first years. My guess is that the negative impact will be harder in the developed countries which are more technified and also where the economy is more active and interconnected.

Btw, the way I see it we should use the chart of January 1st, 2021 to analyze this decade, since this decade is 2021-2030, at least that´s the way our calendar works. "Gregorian calendar counts decades starting with the first year 1 CE. As discussed above, the Gregorian calendar goes from 1 BCE to 1 CE; there is no year zero. In this case, 2021 is technically the start of the new decade" (….).

This decade sucks so much, but I guess we still didn´t see the worst part, so let´s celebrate we are better than tomorrow. :117:
January 23, 2023 at 09:24
iris70 » Elzxy
:199: in :172: and 8th is about all the depletion with resources we are currently facing. The issue has a worldwide impact on the banking system, the markets and finances in general-8th house- and it affects the lives of us all with prices on all goods rising, people having trouble making ends meet, pay their energy bills, cover their every day costs of living. That instability in finances will continue for as long as t :199: is in :172:.
January 23, 2023 at 09:30
iris70 » iris70
I have started a thread on the 21st Century in Astrodienst´s forum in which we have tested the chart, plus the 20th Century´s chart against most important events that had global impact to prove that they work. I have not invented the wheel, Noel Tyl has suggested the use of them in one of his books. I started that thread to prove that they work.…

Below is the chart of 21st Century with transits and progressions on the date of Russian invasion in Ukraine.
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January 23, 2023 at 12:21
iris70 » iris70
In the chart of 21st Century posted above, we can see that that t :199: triggered the natal T-Square of the 21st C. chart involving :157: :192: :152: :194: :159:/ :199:. What is interesting is that at the time of the invasion, pr :155: :191: 6th cusp of military campaigns, pr :151:. :191: n :159: highlighting the refuges´ issue, probably triggering compassion to the populace too.
January 24, 2023 at 01:29
(Virgo) Elzxy » s81
We do have a fair amount of mundane discussions here and there in this forum but it is still very little. People love talking about themselves and knowing more about their life so there’s a lot of personal-driven questions on this forum. In my opinion, I seriously think most of the discussions here of synastry with a partner is useless. It is an eye-opener if you actually know what you’re doing and if you’re trying to fix the issues that show up on the chart but most of the time people only use it to see if they can last long or if they are compatible and then call it a wrap. It’s incredibly rare to find someone who has a perfect synastry with you, hence, it’s just better to let the relationship flow naturally.
January 24, 2023 at 01:47
(Virgo) Elzxy » s81
I really don’t like the way technology is moving. It will still be interesting to see all the new stuff but the way it is going scares me a little ngl. There are already issues with AI Artists getting more recognition than the organic artists who do the art by their hands, the dystopia of robots taking over humans daily lives seems to be nearing. I have tried ChatGPT, it’s good in a way where it provides explanations quicker but sometimes it doesn’t give out the right answers to some questions so I wouldn’t 100% rely on it fully. I’ve heard about the possibility of holograms being the next popular thing around cities or in the sky showing advertisements with Pluto in Aquarius.

The debate about the calendar starting from ‘0’ or ‘1’ is still up to debate but I’ll check the charts of both of two decades to see which one matches more, I’ll update you guys. But on a logical level, the decade starts with the year ‘1’. Numerically, it starts with the year ‘0’ and culturally it really depends on how trend cycles last like the 2020s started off with the pandemic right on time or the 2000s started off with 9/11 and the burst of the dot-com.
January 24, 2023 at 01:52
(Virgo) Elzxy » iris70
Yep. The American Pluto Return in Capricorn in the 2nd house isn’t making things any better as well. Astrologers are saying the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus in 2024 will be beneficial but I’m a 50/50 on that one because Uranus has shown to be quite a pain in the ass in a mundane format. I just don’t see the economy getting better until Uranus leaves Taurus for good and the US Pluto Return finishes for them. If I’m not wrong, near the Great Recession of 2008, there was Jupiter conjunct the 2nd house so Jupiter isn’t really all that beneficial all the time.
January 24, 2023 at 02:11
(Virgo) Elzxy » iris70
One question. Do all event charts have Libra ASC and Cancer MC, do they have a prominence since its the same?

The natal Moon in Scorpio in the 2nd opposition to the Saturn in Taurus in the 8th seems to fit, its like a battle of wanting the system to transform against the patriarchal structure & authority.

9th house (travel) being ruled by Gem and Mercury in the 3rd house in Sagittarius which has Pluto & Chiron shows the War on Terror and paranoia.

Jupiter in Aries in 7th expanding violence, conflicts and war. Interesting to see Chiron was there in the 7th in Aries during the invasion.
January 24, 2023 at 11:07
iris70 » Elzxy
Yes, they do, because the return takes place always in the same place-Greenwich, the place that is used in general by Mundane astrologers, although for more specific info, they use other cities eg Canberra, Sydney, Washington DC etc-and on the same time 0.00 on the same date 1st January. Yes, do not pay much attention to the signs. It is mostly aspects that matter, the aspects formed by outers to inner planets etc is what gives the difference in decades/centuries. It is also very important transits that trigger the different configurations as well as important progressions to natal placements.
The debate about the calendar starting from ‘0’ or ‘1’ is still up to debate but I’ll check the charts of both of two decades to see which one matches more, I’ll update you guys. But on a logical level, the decade starts with the year ‘1’. Numerically, it starts with the year ‘0’ and culturally it really depends on how trend cycles last like the 2020s started off with the pandemic right on time or the 2000s started off with 9/11 and the burst of the dot-com.
If you read the posts in the thread I have posted, the same question was risen, as well as others, but the answer is that:
1st Noel Tyl used the 1st January 1900 as the twentieth Century date in Greenwich at 0:00.
2nd it is proven in the thread that it *miraculously* works for that date for events affecting world events, eg the COVID19 first recorded infection, the start of WW2 and numerous other events, say conflicts, natural disasters, the September 11th 2001 terrorist attack etc. There can certainly be positive events, some charts of which were analyzed, like important inventions affecting the whole of Humanity.
3rd The celebrations for the new Millennium took place on 1st January 2000.…

The natal Moon in Scorpio in the 2nd opposition to the Saturn in Taurus in the 8th seems to fit, its like a battle of wanting the system to transform against the patriarchal structure & authority.
Correct, it´s one perspective. It can be also about financial matters, since both of them are in financial houses and when t :199: :191:n :157: The Russian invasion took place, shortly afterwards, resulting into the financial instability as a consequence of energy resources crisis/food crisis escalating.
Also note that n :159: :194: :152::192: :157: and the issue of the refuges´ was triggered too simultaneously with that war.
:157: in 8th may describe many crisis, catastrophes, disasters, death rate rising due to epidemics eg COVID/wars.

9th house (travel) being ruled by Gem and Mercury in the 3rd house in Sagittarius which has Pluto & Chiron shows the War on Terror and paranoia.
Maybe. That is a sore spot too. It may stand for manipulation using social media/conspiracy theories/the use of media for personal gain/status etc, why not paranoia. :3:
Jupiter in Aries in 7th expanding violence, conflicts and war. Interesting to see Chiron was there in the 7th in Aries during the invasion.
January 25, 2023 at 01:59
(Leo) cubic
Interesting and rare topic, wish I had time currently to write something, cause I´ve a lot of thoughts on the subject, though a bit over-confidently written in some parts.

"During this time we can also see issues and stuff like Cancel Culture and constant remakes and rehashes get a lot of criticism and backlash because those are all Piscean themes and Saturn will be in those issues."

I think Cancel Culture is simply Pluto in Capricorn, being akin to Pluto transitting the 10th house of the world. Meaning an extreme and manipulative force could be applied to anyone´s reputation / position in the hierarchy. Once it goes to Aqua, it should be over. Pretty sure of it, but let´s see.

Instead we´ll have mobs / reformists creating chaos in society for better or worse.

Anyway I joked with someone once 2023 came, that this year seems like it´s going to be so good, like it´s the 90s again yeah? Hopefully it was a case of a joke being a vehicle of truth.

I think Scorpio, as a sign/part of reality humanity historically seems to have trouble looking straight at, doesn´t get enough credit for its sophistication.

It´s very easy to see that once Pluto transitted to Saggitarius the previous depth, verve and sophistication in even popular art was done with.

Instead Saggitarius is open to diverse array of experiences, and is a louder, external sign. The decline in popular music started in the mid 90s, another matter is how 9/11 modified everything after that, and things got so much worse, that it started to look like 1995-2001 was OK, even good in comparison. Well in comparison to post 9/11 yes it was, but in comparison to pre-1995 a lot of things were spotty at best. Anyway for partying, high energy, trance/techno stuff it was insane, for discovering new styles, joining new communities and trying things out it was insane.

I think what is generated during Pluto in Scorpio was distributed and popularized during Pluto in Saggitarius. I do think Sag has to do with PUBLISHING, it also opposes Gemini, so I´d attribute the obsession with communication/the web simply to Pluto in Sag. For me the web is a publishing platform. Of course you need a communication method to reach it / do something.

Further it´s means to escape the local situation, a Sag thing, and to contact people all over the world too.

You could say that a typewriter is "Gemini" but you still need it to transfer your own higher Saggitarian thoughts onto paper.

I´m not well acquired with Uranus / Neptune in Aquarius transits, and further I´m on the fence about calling the internet an Aquarian thing. Perhaps they didn´t hurt the futuristic trend, but honestly you can find it in the late 70s at least, definitely in the 80s, all due to computer / internet tech picking up, and speculations what would be possible with it.

In the 90s there was pre-millenial high energy hyping up of it all. I mean it was the psychological boundary of the round year of 2000 that we got fixated on. As if passing it would do something, and we´d be served strawberries cut to precise by robots in speedos by 2005 or something.

So for me it seems like an uninterrupted continuation of a futuristic vision, that because of Pluto being in Sag and its future orientation, and the round year of 2000 got even more fueled than it already was. Some could say that the Solar Maximum of 1999 or so contributed somehow too yeah.

Saggitarius started on some rough notes, and wasn´t devoid of crisis of faith, and nowadays some revisionistically say we were naive about how bad things were underneath, but so what? Was it a party time? Yeah. We might have been all collectively naive, but that created a possibility to experience so many new things!
January 27, 2023 at 01:41
(Virgo) Elzxy » cubic
Nice insights! Thanks for adding. :37:

Maybe it’s just my eagerness for overly-political correctness to fade into another dimension :4:

I tend to over exaggerate as well with my leo mercury, it gets me hyped.
January 28, 2023 at 16:39
(Leo) cubic » Elzxy
Yeah I´ve also Mercury in Leo.

It´s an interesting placement, learned to yield it with caution sometimes, because it can hype people up or convince them despite all logic/facts, and frankly reality sometimes, just because I´m personally so convinced, and anyone could be wrong, so. But yeah. it´s quite persuasive placement.

But here is another thing: Mundane astrology seems to somehow generate this style a lot of times, and if one takes a distant look, it´s mind boggling, because this is territory where it is very difficult to be correct.

One has to start checking history for past events. 1-2 repeating instances isn´t sufficient, there have to be way more than that,if we are to begin to stand on something truly solid, and that´s work. Opening websites/books, reading about particular time, thinking/comparing etc.

To disprove someone´s mundane correlations also takes equal amount of work, so it´s rare to see any debate going about it.

But that´s not what majority of even highly visible astrologers do. For some reason for most history is limited to something like 1900/WW2 - current times. So a span of about 100 years.

Then the events that get focused on are very few - WW2,civil rights movement whatevers, some protests, that whole 60s thing where bunch of people got high on LSD and "changed the world forever" or something, fall of the USSR, 9/11 and a few others I can´t think of right now, and that´s it. On and on.

My view is that this is based on american popular news media cycle. This is the time window and the events they talk about mostly/only, as if history outside of that does not exist.

Now, since this is what people are already trained to focus on, to retain viewrship/attention, astrologers would keep focusing on the same.

Sure, sometimes it´s not so intentional, it´s just that people don´t know or care to know anything else.

My real problem isn´t even in that, it´s that I´ve encountered endless differing correlations between planetary configurations and what "triggered those events".

Everyone and their momma and daddy has popped out pinning down WW2 to something, they themselves have figured out! Look at this, what a sensation, someone figured out the reason WW2 happened! Astrology must be valid, I´m clicking subscribe, I´m buying this book etc.

Now, no shame in figuring out why WW2 started, lol. But the ease with which people make correlations, and just put it out there without putting the effort to find more than even 1 correlation in history, combined with the lack of corrective mechanism for that (no back and forth debates), and the indirect profit off of just making a bunch of correlations about events in the popular consciousness, and stating it with conviction on top of it, lead to a field rife with lazy thinking and frankly bullshit results, that can fall with very little scrutinity.

I guess it´s easy to get off of the feeling of having figured out some worldwide, historical event, and the sense of control (through predictiction) one can acquire, that also plays into it, so yeah then you want to burst out announcing to the world you´ve figured out the reason this and that big event happened, and I know this because I too have had such inclinations, so I get why it happens.

Finally, it´s endlessly frustrating to keep finding out that, what you thought is correct, is being contradicted by lack of past instances after finding some initial ones.

So lots of work for mundane results.

Sometimes, of course, it´s not so hard, and so much work isn´t needed, if one has the definitions right technically - say Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn - slow/subtle dissolution of sophisticated structures, and sudden changes in those same structures. Which usually means governments. But then there is the whole Saturn/reality problem - which ones MAY fall? The USA didn´t fall, because it was solid enough. USSR did, Eastern Europe changed as consequence of that as well, Germany re-united. So you had to already think/know that the USSR is unsustainable to be able to predict a concrete outcome.

Just like Pluto in Cap, would run through banks/big companies/governments at first, putting them through the grinder, turned out that Greece and Spain were not on solid enough grounds, so there was the whole Greek crisis. Most of us wouldn´t be so privy to economic unsustainability-corruption to know which ones would crumble. With the USSR example is think it was probably way easier to see.

But then you could also argue - Pluto was in Scorpio when it comes to the USSR - doesn´t that mean change/transformation in.. everything? Yeah it seems? So then what? Neptune having to do with art/visuals/mass media in a way, we have to check for change in that to see if it happened at that time, and sure enough we´re still riding on modern aesthethics that were first established in the early 90s, I traced it exactly to something like mid-late 1989 as onset, and 1990 as a start of the change in visuals. Before that, anything seems non-modern visually.

So this change matches the timing of the USSR dissolution, so then yeah that would be it, most likely.

So I´m fleshing these things out, because you seem to possibly, genuinely be trying to get to the actual bottom of it all, and my message is that it´s challenging, and more work than what most seem to do would be needed for the actual good results.

Here is another thing - the zeitgeist of a culture is NOT contingent on astrological transits! What do I mean by that?

They run in two separate lanes:

Say Pluto in Scorpio - why is it still rememnbered as such good time? Why is there such positive zeitgeist reflected in the tunes from that era? Where is the troubled, tortured, brooding Scorpio, being all paranoid about everything? Well there is - for instance most Euro Dance songs, despite being dance oriented, and all happy, in their lyrics they are incredibly dark underneath. I mean up until relatively recent times, not sure most even looked straight at the lyrics of "What is love?" or the video to the song. That´s some super dark stuff.

So this non-astrological level is just the flow of culture-society on its own. The West winning WW2 was a big deal, that inevitably gives confidence and security. The USSR falling in the 90s elimiated the remaining threat, so naturally that created a situation where the West had won utterly and completely, and the triumph of that of course created great waves of positivity and contentment in the respective societies in the early 90s.

So then Pluto being in Scorpio theoretically would create quite a lot of crisis situations, and with the stellium in Cap - yes, you´d expect that to be a "dark time", and for Eastern Europe and USSR an overnight change from central to free market economy was brutal, but it was also change that was wanted, and sought after, and even though the fuckery of the change was unspeakable, there was hope, even shared idea, a new plan for where these societies will go next. The kind of hope and big time shared narratives we do not have now. It was known that this will be over. The kind of general aimlessness and malaise with no end in sight, of our present times, I´d argue is darker than the crises of Pluto in Scorpio, even if we have more stability and are more moneyed up.

You can find supporting evidence for that again in the art of the times, popular music etc. It does not seem at all to me that people experienced it as dark or negative, while it was full of drastic changes in the same time.

Essentially a positive general ambience in the art, underpinned by Scorpionic themes.

So, 2 lanes - the actual cultural zeitgeist/ambience of the times ,and the technical lane of the transits are are two different things in my view.

Now one one thinks of 9/11, it´s easier to comprehend why even though Pluto continued being in Sag, the ambience was at best bland, due to the collective trauma inflicted that spread around the world through globalized media.

The reason for the zeitgeist of that time being so good is a far reaching consequence of the West overcoming the opposition in WW2 - the winning side gets to enjoy prosperity and security that gives grounds for higher on the Maslow scale things to be engaged in.

it´s a similar run (even in lenght?) to the one the Ancient Greeks had after the win against Persia. Much of what we refer to was created in the decades after that.

I suspect that we´ll continue to refer to these times also, Pluto in Scorpio was very generative, and basis for much, and pre-9/11 Pluto in Sag was more or less the peak of human existance.

I think the new musical movements are generated cyclically with Saturn in Scorpio, but it takes, what 15-ish / 20-ish years until they reach the mainstream. So the new thing is already here in my opinion, and that´s the vaporwave-synthwave genre (Saturn in Scorpio 2012-2014). Which is an unique "new" genre and sound based on.. unique takes on old tunes. it´s quite interesting actually. Cause Capricorn likes old, proven, classical things I guess.

Recently I´ve heard some mainstream songs here and there on the radio featuring vaporwave-synthwave aesthethics, so it´s getting there, but otherwise it´s still quite underground.

What will happen with Pluto in Aqua is that the textures, sound movements, and underlying themes of all art forms will switch, but I don´t see astrological, neither cultural basis for something entirely new to pop up currently.

P.S some parts could have been written waay more elegantly, but that´s that.
January 30, 2023 at 17:06
(Virgo) Elzxy » iris70
So if the chart for the new millennium starts from 2000, does that mean the chart for the 2000’s decade start in 2001? Or is it still in 2000?

- Pluto in 3rd in Sag is conjunct Chiron. It’s also affecting the ascendant which shows the decade of death, rebirth in travel, religious.

- Jupiter in 9th conjunct Saturn showing an expansion of conservatism in the decade

- moon in the 6th house of enemies squaring pluto in the 3rd
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January 30, 2023 at 17:22
iris70 » Elzxy
No, the decade starts from 2000, much like the 21st Century.
January 30, 2023 at 17:23
(Virgo) Elzxy » iris70
Oh, my bad.
January 30, 2023 at 17:36
(Virgo) Elzxy » iris70
2010’s decade.

Saturn in 1st signifies the minimalistic look of the decade. Rise in politics interest. Squaring all venus, moon, pluto & sun in the 4th.

- jupiter and neptune conjunction in Aquarius in the 5th shows the optimism and the upbeat era in the 2010s with EDM and club music. Music being more mixed with electronica. Chiron is also there which shows people were using upbeat music as an escapism from the problems they were facing during that time.
Jupiter in 5th in Aquarius also showing legalization in gay marriage and the left-leaning society.

- Venus aspects could relate to the Great Recession effects. Not the best decade for the economy but definitely much more peaceful than people give credit for. Low inflation, gdp growth every year, low unemployment & robust consumer spending.
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January 30, 2023 at 17:51
(Virgo) Elzxy » cubic
Another astrologer has said this decade could be like a mixture of the 1960’s & the 1990’s but more 1960’s leaning. I wouldn’t be surprised about this at all knowing the Pluto in Sagittarius generation are quite vocal on issues regarding social issues. I think this decade will be known for the counterculture with that Jupiter in Taurus & Saturn in Pisces but also mix in with that 90’s technological change and advancement with Pluto in Aquarius and Uranus in Gemini. Also psychedelics are being decriminalised sooo

Also the topic on when music sucked is very objective. For instance, my father was a teen during the early 90’s and he thinks music died around the late 80’s so it’s really subjective and more based on bias.
January 30, 2023 at 19:26
iris70 » Elzxy
Maybe, but in Mundane these planets mean other things too.
I am not a Mundane astrologer; I have just read a couple of books and have limited experience. What I know is that the planets stand for different meanings.

An example:…
January 31, 2023 at 01:11
(Virgo) Elzxy » iris70
Oh wow, thanks for sharing the link :))

I have never seen this. More things to learn :1:

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