Please read chart of a girl...

March 24, 2019 at 02:41 (UT/GMT)
(Pisces) N_thecat
Please read chart of a girl...
I give a birth chart of a girl - I´ll be grateful for your thoughts and then I tell you her story. That what interests me here the most is if you can see in her birth chart something bad, negative or alarming/worrying ? A good things too, for sure. I think her story is very interesting and I want to share it with you, but first - I wait for your opinions and therioes.It can be very shocking...
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March 24, 2019 at 13:44
System message: Post has been written by user kaayli, who already deleted profile on this website:
Forcing their will into the environment. Wants to defeat others at all costs, behaves in confidence. Lack of adaptability, fate controlled connections, separation. Also, to achieve common success, gain public recognition.

Living an isolated or lonely life, is forced to live moderately and simply.

Works with discretion, organizes, works in accordance with the rules, makes rules or instructions.
Create success in battle.Defends violently or uses great force.

Comes to special situations and moods, crises, differences, grief, isolation.

Rare interests, intellectual tendencies, individualists. The power to take things through.
March 24, 2019 at 15:42
(Taurus) » Randomperson
System message: Post has been written by user kaayli, who already deleted profile on this website:
I do not think she loses money, it shows in what sign applies too. More like switching flow.Would not like to have Uranus or Neptune in the 2nd house then maybe they disappear.
March 24, 2019 at 16:05
(Pisces) N_thecat » Randomperson
Yeah, you have right.That person has a lot of money - it´s impossible not to see it ? But not necessarily her own (?)

I like your "guessing game" ? And I wait for more - Then I can tell the story.
March 24, 2019 at 18:56
(Pisces) N_thecat » kaayli
It;s interesting what you say with this "switching flow" What do you/does it mean? I like the way you think.
March 24, 2019 at 20:31
(Taurus) » N_thecat
System message: Post has been written by user kaayli, who already deleted profile on this website:
One might be wearing debts or installments.
March 24, 2019 at 22:46
(Leo) pilipili
Hi I love games!!!

I would probably say some crazy things but why not, let´s play!

I see an interesting connection between the 8th and 2nd house.

This lady is ambitious, focused on getting social status and climbing the ladder at any cost.

either a conning business person, a politician or a politician´s woman, or she works in finance.

Comes from a good family, a well of in society. She likes living in luxury.

She may had been getting money (a lot) and power from dubious sources either lying or not saying the whole truth, or diverting funds from her job. I can think of different scenarios :

She works in finance and has conned some big investors which have found out the truth (Uranus just entered Taurus and passed her 8th house cusp) and now she may go to prison.

She is in politics and has done some malversing of funds. Or she is the wive of one and has something to do with the scandal.

She has been having sex with a powerful married men and now the truth is out or she extortioned the man to get money.

Not sure about the combinations but sex, money, secrets and scandal are the ingredients

Jajaja I could write telenovel stories!
March 24, 2019 at 23:58
(Pisces) N_thecat » pilipili
Wow,pilipili I am so impressed - I saw that you´re active here on my e-mail box and as fast as I could I was here to read what you think and yes, You are ofc so close to the source, especially with this :

"I see an interesting connection between the 8th and 2nd house.

This lady is ambitious, focused on getting social status and climbing the ladder at any cost.

either a conning business person, a politician or a politician´s woman, or she works in finance.

Comes from a good family, a well of in society. She likes living in luxury."

And the ground for her story is :

"Not sure about the combinations but sex, money, secrets and scandal are the ingredients"

You wrote about prison. What can I say...Maybe from antoher point of view - try to wonder about prison not in the typical meaning : prison as a place for the criminals, but place for a prisoners and prisoner ...Because - how I think - we can be a prisoner in many ways. In many ways,because there are more than one type of prisoner.I am curious why do you think about that - why prison ? I wonder that maybe something bad is hidden in the 6th house in the sign of Pisces, but maybe this is only my imagination.I like the way you think, this is a real lead.

That´s what I see at first are Mars and Saturn in Scorpio (in second house) - I am afraid of placements like this.Sooooo strange, dark or maybe...kinky?

I try to tell you this story tommorow. Maybe some other say something here, but pilipili...You´are big and I knew I can rely on you.Thanks a lot :)
March 25, 2019 at 17:10
(Leo) Lilplayer822 » pilipili
Wow, that was amazing!!

Can you play a little with my chart?
March 25, 2019 at 17:20
(Cancer) Trevor77
Neptune conjunct jupiter in 4th house, Dreams of a Big House like a mansion

Saturn conjunct Mars (8th ruler), rarely gets money from others, or limitation of profiting, mars in 2nd is a gambler placement with Aries ruling her 8th, she very likely gonna gamble or use impatient ways to get money from others

Sun opposite jupiter is unlucky and very self indulgent

venus opposite jupiter unlucky with gambling, profiting, and social life is bland, desires more pleasure out of life,

sun conjunct venus, charming in public but materialistic and image is very important to her

cancer mc, career in caring professions, counselling, cooking, gardening, working on the seas or ponds, looked upon as a caring soft person through public eye

mercury in cancer, intuitive mind, creative, artistic, communicates in soft tone of voice in public

stellium in 10th house, popularity, sun opp jupiter desires fame/recognition

leo 11th, dramatic among friends, seeks center stage, likes to be center of attention, singing for friends, attracts creative people, good sense of humour, a bit of a drama queen

moon in 11th, indecisive of goals, friends change throughout life, emotional need to socialise, achieve goals
moon on 12th cusp secretive, intuitive doesnt like institutions, values privacy/discretion

moon trine neptune, psychic, highly intuitive, sings, draws, writes, artistic

moon trine jupiter, loyal, devoted, strong feelings, good person, popularity, generous, emotionally stable

libra 1st house, well balanced, fashionable, attractive, arty, sociable, intelligent

libra 2nd house, normally this would be good at handling money, and spending wisely, but her pluto square mercury in there can make her want more by using manipulative tactics on others in her career

saturn in 2nd house, born among poor family, very hardworker, determined to aquire financial security and luxuries as occupied by libra, but in scorpio will make her jealous of others wealth and a desire to obtain the level of wealth others have.

saturn conjunct mars in scorpio, ruthless actions and breaking the rules of what is legal in obtaining money, theft, fraud of any kind, and because mars is others money ruled by Aries, this could be a partners money, her approach is Aries, so then its not surprising for her to manipulate either a partner or boss, then physically take there money or even use assault to obtain it, as we´re looking at Scorpio and Aries aggressive and manipulative to getting money from others.

Sun quincunx Uranus (applying) - Eccentric, strongly independent, fear of relationships and unpredictable behaviour especially regarding emotions with sun in cancer.

This girl thrives on her freedom, but she is no doubt controlling towards others and money thirsty, to keep herself on top

neptune in 3rd is decietful communicator as its conjunct jupiter, very decietful.

5th house of love occupied by :181: its ruler Uranus is square her moon on cusp of 12th secrets, so she is a non trusting partner, a genius at lying, unpredictable in love, and likely to get in trouble because of something she did for the fun of it or summat towards a partner that she tried to hide

jupiter in capricorn 4th, very organised at home, reserved, likes sorting the house, would make a perfect house wife (maybe!)

if she dont want commitment due to her need for independence she may still take the guys money.

So.. I think she got with a rich guy fooled him in some way, and took all his money which must of been millions

March 25, 2019 at 17:43
(Leo) pilipili » Lilplayer822
Sure I´ll have a look!
March 25, 2019 at 17:50
(Leo) pilipili » N_thecat
Can´t wait to hear the story but let others add on, we may get the full one between all!

Her moon is conjunct her 12 house hence why I thought of prison but can be more like she lives isolated and alone or at least emotionally she feels she is alone.

The ruler of her6th house is on 3rd and Jupiter so I thought maybe in her job she communicates untruthfully or exaggerating perhaps especulating. Since Neptune can be foggy and saggi can be exaggerated.

I wouldn´t trust someone with those second /8th house placements. To hungry for power and material possessions.

I will check her transits to get the story more concise is the story recent? Or how many months ago? Transits will help us to solve the mystery :)
March 25, 2019 at 18:00
(Cancer) Trevor77 » pilipili
The moon on cusp of 12th is a secretive person, privacy is important to them, and they know who there enemies are. I have same placement.

The person may have step foot in numerous institutions, and have a fear of prison.

a spiritual person, highly intuitive, strong beliefs, isolation yep, feeling alone, tend to not be trusted by the law aswell
March 25, 2019 at 18:10
(Leo) Lilplayer822 » pilipili
Thank you!!
March 25, 2019 at 18:35
(Capricorn) FishyFrog » N_thecat
This noon birth time, is actually a case of no information for time of birth, right? So the houses are to be ignored?
March 25, 2019 at 21:33
(Leo) pilipili » Trevor77
Interesting in what sign you have it and how does compare to hers?
(we may get more clues)
March 25, 2019 at 22:16
(Libra) leorising…

translate from Polish to English, I think that what is reported in this link hits this map
March 25, 2019 at 22:33
(Pisces) N_thecat » FishyFrog
Yes, but in conjunction with her story that birth time seems to be very possible. And when I write here that story, we can use something like "upside -down" perspektive and match specific details from her story to the chart - I saw that people do things like this. But in my opinion a lot of things from their life match to this birth time.
March 25, 2019 at 22:38
(Pisces) N_thecat » leorising
OMG, how is it possible - you aren´t Polish, are you ?
March 25, 2019 at 22:40
(Leo) pilipili » leorising
March 25, 2019 at 22:43
(Libra) leorising » N_thecat
I am Brazilian I ve searched the name on google! And find! House 8th in evidence :kidnapping, fame after death
March 26, 2019 at 00:44
(Pisces) N_thecat » leorising
Yes, you are right - this is that story, but that story wasn´t so known and "popular" in my country.

OK, so here are the most important informations in short:

This girl which chart we "read" came from (very) rich family - her dad is a founder and owner of food company, one of the biggest and the most popular in my country. He is on the list of the most richest people in country, but he doesn´t strive for it. He was always that kind of founder and boss that is very humble and polite, he lives in the same small village all his life and is seen as great because he gives work in his factories over a thousand of people. He has one wife all his life and three kids.

That girl was the youngest of his children and she fell a victim of polish gang called "fingertip gang". That was a group of many "soldiers" (they call themselves like this) that kidnapped rich people for their money and then they ask ransom for a life of their hostage. Victims were usually these people who earn wealth or their children. These victims were eariler observed, kidnappers were trying to know their habits and places where they live, work or learn. They were call "fingertip" gang because they abuse their "prisoners" and torture like for example through cutting off the finger(s).

Informations from Daily mail about them :…

That girl wasn´t a random victim too. That was a planned kidnapping act. She was abducted in the centre of capital city, in broad and sunny daylight - she gone back from her university (she studied some economic - financial things on second grade) with her exam results. She was only 21 years old - she studied in capital city of Poland, has her own apartment with a panorama view of big city .She was engaged and planned with her boyfirend a trip to Mexico. She was engaging in business affairs in family company, like her brother and sister.I think she was that kind of person seen by others as that with a "great future".

She was kidnapp while she was trying to get into the car. Near her car was parked one white bus and there were these kidnappers that waited for her - their knew her daily plan and were sure that they "met" her that day and that hour...

Second part in second post under :
March 26, 2019 at 01:09
(Pisces) N_thecat » N_thecat
There aren´t many informations about what happened with this girl later. That kidnapping was seen by the employees of nearby bank. And that bank has got one lucky thing - surveillance camera that recorded this act of kidnapping. And that WAS the only one screen and the most important,visible track of this incident - last time when we could see this girl alive. I can get here link to this video, because that was in tv reports.

Kidnappers asked ransom of over half million euro. When they got this, they said it is short of money and they raised ransom to amount of million. Her dad didn´t have that sort of money that they wanted, so they broke up contact.

That girl has never been found, she is still missing, even after 14 years (she was kidnapped 30 Mai 2005). This abduction is like a taboo for her family and place where she grew up.But people ofc gossip - and there was a gossip like "There wasn´t any kidnapping - this girl is in prison for a drugsand her family tries to hide it",but...The truth is the worst - this girl can´t be alive,but there is no body, so there is no indictment and judicial process...It is very sad like she "vanished into thin air"

Case of this girl is terrifying - the last tracks of her are : personal papers that she had in her car, that screen from video camera and her HAIR that kidnappers cut off and sent her father. And recording with her voice when she cried and asked for paying the ransom, giving some intimate clues that she is she and without ransom kidnappers cutt off not only her hair but other "things"from her body .Nobody except for criminals/murderers know how long she was alive. She was being held against her will in rented home in some village near the capital city in the dark basement, with hand tied to wall hook.To this day there is no sure "Where" or "which" home that was (kidnappers have a few "hideout" like this) .She was being drugged, tortured and raped numerous times by a few men. Even criminals talked that her life there was like "Hell on earth".They didn´t have any mercy and money didn´t worth so much as we think. They´ll kill that girl anyway. Her body was probably dissolved.
March 26, 2019 at 10:40
System message: Post has been written by user kaayli, who already deleted profile on this website:
30 may 2005.clock 10 am. Uranus/Asc/Mars. Shocking experiences, surprising incidents, accident.
Will be threatened, damaged.

Saturnus/Asc/Mars/NN. Meetings of the suffering or obstacles caused by the environment or family, damage caused by humans, isolates, breaks away.

Living in uncomfortable family conditions. - Secluded.
March 26, 2019 at 10:50
(Taurus) » kaayli
System message: Post has been written by user kaayli, who already deleted profile on this website:
Strange, which coincidence, I got a new workmate yesterday, her name is Evelina.
March 26, 2019 at 11:16
System message: Post has been written by user kaayli, who already deleted profile on this website:
Later Uranus/Mc/Mars 30 may 2005 - 2 june Moon/Uranus/Saturn. Fighting, accident. Seeking independence, the desire to suddenly resign, unexpectedly injured. - Fast diseases.
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