March 14, 2019 at 08:52 (UT/GMT)
(Sagittarius) Firegirl
Hi everyone!! I’m in serious need of help.
I just want some career guidance, and just overall guidance/any advice or any thoughts everyone has on my chart! Also- I was born when Mercury was in Retrograde so please excuse how much of a mess my writing is.
I was thinking of starting uni soon (bachelor of business with a major in marketing) if that helps at all.

Thank you all so much in advance!!!
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March 14, 2019 at 20:52
(Sagittarius) Firegirl » 1Cancer
Thank you so much!! I guess I’m just really doubting myself and also have a huge fear of committing to something and sticking with it.
Ps: you’re right. I am a little crazy.
March 14, 2019 at 22:41
(Cancer) Trevor77 » Firegirl
Business is Ideal for you, :172: Mc,

Taurus covers any jobs involving money, property, anything hands on too, its an executive sign and arty sign combine the two with your sextile to uranus in aquarius in 7th house and you get an entreprenuer

many aspects to your :152: in :171: is very enterprising, because aries is another executive sign, bill gates has a good moon in aries on his Mc, yours is in 8th and 9th, using higher knowledge and profiting from it,

your moon in aries sextile uranus in 7th, business relationships, contracts, uranus is future oriented so its connecting your business acumen with the people offering something different because uranus is very different and original.
moon in aries is a leader, so is leo on your asc, all creative, ingenius, original, enterprising etc

and you are a unique individual yourself shown by prominent uranus in aquarius with something new to offer.

Saturn in your 9th in Aries, obtaining your education may be a struggle, but will be right for you, one because your sagitarius and the learning will do you good, and two because it will enable you to master your career and future as facing where saturn is allows us to master that area of life, achieve alot, gain recognition and alot of respect etc, so I believe taking up education will alter your life

Part of fortune in your 8th house, a talent in the occult and prosperity in using astrology for business, studying financial astrology should serve you well,
this placement is benefiting from working with others in business, 8th is joint finances, others money, profiting, and any signed agreements, loans, all a prosperity area for you

neptune in your 6th house, can prob make difficult to know what job is best for you, maybe you have tried jobs that was just not right for you, and is why your not sure about the correct route,

What inspired you to choose Business and marketing, its definitely the right choice! according to your planets

I notice you have all the Air signs covering your 3rd, 7th and 11th houses,
the air signs are socially intelligent and these houses are communication, relationships of all kinds and friends, which is beneficial for business surely.

jupiter in pisces is highly intuitive on the 8th cusp of others money, perfect for making business deals of kinds, and intuitive towards others in general

mars in your 2nd house in libra, taking action on aquiring finance in a social and fair balanced manner, this is a good placement for business too, also balancing with your enterprising aries moon, could be offering service to customers in some way

venus in sagitarius, a love of learning, and having many friends or aquaintences of any kind.

mercury in sagitarius, good at learning, seeing the full picture and a good teacher, also a wise thinker, and intelligent in general.

because venus is conjunct your mercury in sagitarius, you need to study something you love, and can also show a creative mind, so dont be afraid to adopt a very creative approach to learning, an interest in artistic culture may be present also

pluto conjunct sun in sagitarius, you will have huge attention to detail, exceptional research skills, problem solving skills, in 4th house is doing alot of intensive studying at home. Your very academic as a person, and I see you being a top student in your chosen field

also others careers with your sun sextile uranus could be science, internet stuff or astrology, anything inventive or enterprising

craziness is 1st ruler sextile uranus in 7th, a madhead :98:

life path to focus on self, ones own talents and leadership to others

March 15, 2019 at 01:06
System message: Post has been written by user Davis212, who already deleted profile on this website:

I will give you my opinion on your birth chart - especially related to career path - with the clarification that I am NOT a professional practicing astrologer. However, I do have a very solid knowledge on this area over hundreds of hours of study and analysis.

I will also be using the “Whole Sign” house system and not the Placidus one, which is the one being used in the chart you are showing. If you go to the “Extended settings” in this website, you can change to the “Whole Sign” setting to have your chart being shown using that house system. Analyzing a chart using this system - which is the original and thus the oldest one (See Robert Hand’s research on it online) - explain placements so much better, IMHO.

Any particular placement (aspects, planet in a sign, planet in a house, etc) has some basic and specific POSSIBLE (with not enough emphasis) scenarios. A person can be manifesting the more challenging scenarios (the placement/aspect is “undeveloped”, for lack of a better word), or the scenarios that shows that the individual has matured enough so as to manifest the more positive scenarios. It is never a “black or white” proposition; it is a SPECTRUM of possibilities. “Free Will” and the capacity for change is the guiding principle, always.

With those clarifications in mind, let´s begin then (with emphasis on career paths):

1. There are 4 houses normally associated with career: the 10th house, which represents your “public self” and thus, what you will be known for. The 2nd house, which represents money, but more particularly the money you have already made, and ways of earning that money. The 11th house, which represents the actual earning of money (more so in Vedic astrology), and our goals/dreams. And the 6th house, which represents “service” to others and our day-to-day routines to be able to eat and have a shelter = basic survival = work.

2. We analyze the signs of each of those houses; what planets are in each one of them; how those planets aspect each other; and we also analyze the “rulers” (the planet naturally associated with a given sign/house) of those signs occupying those specific houses, the houses and signs they are in, and the aspects these “rulers” do with the planets in those 4 houses.

3. Important planets to analyze are: Sun, our “Ego”, what we are trying to become this lifetime as opposed to our Ascendant, which is the archetype that you brought this lifetime, and which feels more “natural” to handle life with, as you ARE already that.

Jupiter as it represents expansion and luck, and higher education - among other things.

Saturn as it is associated with the 10th house, and represents hard work and discipline.

The Moon as it represents where we feel “at home”, what make us feel “comfortable and secure”, what makes us feel “at ease”. A career - IF (with emphasis) it is the right one - should make us feel that way. Work and career are NOT necessarily the same thing. In fact, they are usually NOT - in this society based on covering “basic needs” as the main “purpose” for living. Career should be what your heart and soul calls for; it has nothing to do with the “care of the body”.

Mars = our basic drive/impulse and motivation. What make u to want to get out of bed each day.


1. MC (10th house) in Taurus.

2. Taurus is “ruled by” (represented by, associated with) the planet Venus, the planet of relationships of all kind, the concept of love/harmony, the ways we make money, and the arts/creativity.

3. Venus - the ruler of your Taurus 10th house - is sitting in your 5th house in the sign of Sagittarius.

4. The 5th house represents - among other things - CREATIVITY, the arts, specially, though not necessarily, the performing arts (acting). This house also represents children, romance, enjoyment, etc.

5. Sagittarius - where Venus the ruler of your 10th house sits in - is a sign which represents - among other things - philosophy, spirituality, higher education, foreign lands, religion, and PUBLISHING; as it is identified with the 9th house, which represents those things. Sagittarius tend to be very optimistic, positive, citizens or the world, love to travel and interact with other cultures, bent towards philosophy and higher learning, bent towards teaching others, being mentors, lovers of freedom and independence.

6. My interpretation of that (which may or may NOT apply to you): the ruler of your 10th house (Career) is Venus which represents arts, creativity. Such a ruler (Venus) sits in the 5th house of creativity in a sign (Sagittarius) which - among others things - represents higher learning and ALSO publishing.

7. That ruler (Venus) of your 10th house (career) is conjunct (close to by 8-10 degrees of separation or less) Mercury, a planet having to do - among other things - with written (and spoken) communication. That planet Mercury (communication) sits in the the 5th house of creativity, arts, in a sign (Sagittarius) which represents philosophy, higher learning, teaching and publishing.

8. The Sun - your basic “Ego”, the “core” of your personality - is ALSO conjunct (close to by less than 10 degrees) Venus = art and creativity, and Mercury = communication, in a sign which represents higher education/learning, philosophy, teaching and publishing; ALL of them sitting in a house that represents CREATIVITY - the 5th house.

9. Your Ascendant - the way you handle life; the “beingness” and set of characteristics that you have already developed in past lives - is Leo. Leo is associated with the 5th house of creativity. Leos are well known for their inclination towards creativity, the performing arts, being people who others follow/listen to (leaders), etc. Leo is associated with the Sun, your “core” being, what you are supposed to become this lifetime.

10. Well guess what? The chart ruler - which is the planet ruling (representing) the sign of your Ascendant, and one of the most important planets in a birth chart - is the Sun, which rules the sign of Leo. Your Sun is sitting in the 5th house of creativity in a sign (Sagittarius) which represents higher education, philosophy, publishing, etc. That chart ruler (Sun) is sitting with Venus (art, creativity), together with Mercury (communication), in the 5th house (creativity, arts) in the sign of Sagittarius (higher learning, philosophy, publishing).

11. Your 2nd house - the way you make money - is in the sign of Virgo. Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Mercury sits in your 5th house. Virgo/Mercury has to do with spoken and written communication.

12. Your 11th house of dreams, goals, and earnings, is in the sign of Gemini, the sign that has to do with COMMUNICATIONS. Gemini is ALSO ruled by Mercury, which sits in your 5th house of creativity.

13. Your 6th house of work is in the sign of Capricorn, a sign that want to go all over the top, and who is very disciplined and structured. The ruler of Capricorn is Saturn the planet of discipline, order, structure. In Vedic Astrology and ancient texts it is associated with career as it rules the 10th house, because Capricorn is naturally associated with the 10th house of career.

14. The ruler of your 6th of work, is sitting in the 9th house of philosophy, higher learning, publishing etc. Your 9th house is in the sign of Aries = initiative, action,energy, leadership.

15. In the 6th of work with have Neptune = arts, spirituality, imagination, healing others.

16. The ruler of your 9th house (in Aries) is Mars = passion, drive, our main impulses in life. Mars is sitting in your 3rd house of COMMUNICATION in the sign of Libra. Libra is about balance, harmony, arts and aesthetics. The ruler of your 3rd house of communication (in Libra) is Venus, the planet of creativity, arts, balance, harmony, sitting in the 5th house of creativity.

17. Your Moon - what makes you feel “at home”, “at ease”, and comfortable/secure - is in your 9th house of philosophy, higher learning, teaching, publishing, etc, in the sign of Aries = initiative, action, leadership, etc.

Chart analysis is ALL about recognizing THEMES, especially REPEATED themes, because those are the ones which are the most likely and heavily manifesting in your life.

And what is the repeated theme here as career is concerned?


To me - and take this JUST an informed opinion based on patterns of possibilities shown in your chart and my own “intuition” - this is the chart of what is to become a very successful philosophical/inspirational (AND educated) writer. You were born for the creative arts. Business managing? I doubt it VERY much, :-). A waste of talent, IMHO. This all might or might not (most likely not, as you are still so young) become real to you at this point in you life, sweetie.

Possible barriers to overcome:

1. Saturn - also the planet of restrictions, limitations, and deep fears - in the sign of Aries = initiative, assertiveness. Saturn in Aries - especially at a young age where we still have not learned Saturn´s lessons - can block or diminish Aries’ assertiveness and self-confidence. Because the 9th house also represents faith, Saturn here affect you with fears, especially about your abilities, as the hope/faith factor of the 9th house is being negatively affected by Saturn - especially at our younger years when Saturn has not matured yet.

2. To support the theory/possibility of #1 above, your North Node is in your 1st house (basically YOU) in Leo. The standard interpretation for this placement is that this lifetime, you need to develop self-assertiveness, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

Because that puts your South Node at the 7th house, this means that in past lives you developed the skills of relating with others, the skills of diplomacy and really knowing how to interact with others. This is supported by the fact that you were born a Leo Ascendant, and a Sagittarius Sun, which creates a VERY, VERY likable and non judgmental personality - probable a very popular one among your friends.

3. Forget about the “I was born with retrograde Mercury” thing. Many “astrologers” and websites misunderstand this. Retrograde planets are NOT a curse. In fact, they can become a blessing. Being retrograde means that its “energy” (its mental functions) are mostly directed inward instead of outward, that´s all. Having Mercury retrograde means that you can direct your mental/intellectual and communication process more inwardly = better and deeper analysis. Essentially, you CAN communicate with yourself, which is just GREAT for any artist/writer.

Watch out for being constantly worry about things, though, and about over analyzing things. Just “go with the flow”, and try to also use intuition to guide you, besides the purely intellectual process.

4. Chiron - which represents our deepest wounds - is in your 4th house exactly conjunct your IC. This and Saturn in Aries, is what you mostly need to work on.

The 4th house represents “mental peace”, security, and nourishment (being cared for, especially at the emotional plane). That´s why this house is ruled (represented by, associated with) by the Moon - which represents those things. This is also why this house is associated with our mother - the person usually providing us with such things - and our “Home” (especially where we grew up), the place that also represents those things.

Chiron there could mean several POSSIBLE scenarios:

1. We didn´t feel well taken care for by our parents, especially by mom. She probably felt “absent” in our lives, possibly due to an early divorce, being constantly traveling (your Moon is in the 9th house of foreign traveling), being emotionally unavailable (Moon close - though not conjunct - Saturn), or having died when you were young.

2. We might feel that we don´t belong to any place (we don´t feel we have a “Home” - a sacred place to retreat to), possibly because our home where we grew up was just too toxic, hostile, and/or tense.

3. We might have been the victims of physical abuse (or other types) or emotional abuse by one of our parents - possibly by mom. This might have resulted in low self-esteem and self-confidence.

4. Money was REALLY scare at home with its resulting sense of insecurity.

Pick one (or more) of those among those 4, :-(.

You have Jupiter (expansion, luck, education) in the 8th house of the “hidden things”, of digging deep into things, especially into emotions and the mind. It sits in the sign of Pisces = spirituality.

So you are VERY much interested in the occult, the esoteric, the mystical world, the deep philosophy of life. Use that to your advantage to heal yourself, to UNDERSTAND and value yourself (to assert your individuality, to developed assertiveness), which is your soul mission (not necessarily your career) this lifetime: North Node in 1st house in Leo.


1. Find out WHO you really are by analyzing EACH element, placement, and aspects of your chart. Become an EXPERT at your own chart. Make that your goal.

2. Set a goal based on what you find in #1 above.

3. Do ONE step at a time - many small baby steps = an accomplished goal.

4. Develop self-assertiveness (and self-confidence) meanwhile, using self-forgiveness, honestly forgiving those that hurt you in the past, and embracing self-love through meditating daily and the practice of daily Hoʻoponopono (just Google search it).

I really took my time to write you all this, because I did it thinking I was writing this for my own daughter. So I did it with all my heart and doing the best I could. I hope that you can find it helpful enough.

Peter Torres
March 15, 2019 at 03:26
(Taurus) » 1Cancer
System message: Post has been written by user Davis212, who already deleted profile on this website:
Sure, I´ll be happy to help, ☺
October 18, 2021 at 19:41
(Capricorn) Emanuel » Davis212
Nice and thick answer.
October 18, 2021 at 19:45
(Virgo) Aren Levi
do something about finances with foreign people or countries while comunicating in some way about their flaws and betterment.

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