Sun transit 8th house

June 21, 2022 at 18:31 (UT/GMT)
(Capricorn) sullenxx
Sun transit 8th house
What should I expect?

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June 21, 2022 at 21:24
(Aries) cierra
The sun illuminates, or brings attention to, the house that it´s in. While the sun is egoic and creative, it´s also intellect to some extent, since without consistent light there is no clarity. While the sun is in your 8th House you may find yourself interested in 8H topics like joint finances and investing. You may be interested in things like the stock market or perhaps thinking about starting a business that would be better with a partner. Or maybe you are interested in buying a property. Even if these aren´t things you are actively bringing your attention towards, they may come up gradually or present itself as opportunities. (In a more modern astrological lense, 8H is also about death, secrets, and the occult, so you may be going through a change in your life that causes you to let go of something.)

Also because we have just entered Cancer season, pay closer attention to the transiting moon and which houses it enters in your chart. The moon reflects the sun´s light and acts as the energetic/emotional undercurrent for whatever the sun is doing.
June 21, 2022 at 21:48
(Leo) Zephyrin
I experienced it last summer.

It may double the need for being alone and getting rest.

I remember I was into dark, unknown stuff about sorcery, astrology, religion, etc. more and conversed intensely with people about these during that transit. It may be fruitful for research and intellectual development.

My intuition became eerier when I was analyzing natal charts. I wished not to see people that clear. Pay extra attention to your gut feelings, they may be helpful more than you think this time.
June 22, 2022 at 13:17
(Cancer) Victor_Valiant_
Hi Sullenxx ;D

I also have sun transit in 8th right now ^^

You also have lilith transit in your 8th, just like I do ;D
It´s good to keep that one´s influence in account too ^^

On the transit page it´s described as:
It´s time for changes! This transit brings with it a profound transformation and it will shine light on everything hidden.
If you are not satisfied with any aspect of life, it is the ideal time to reflect on it and get rid of things that are not for your benefit. It can be people who influence you, your negative qualities and habits, or material things. This transformation is necessary and will provide space for the emergence of new circumstances that will be more beneficial to you.
This house is also associated with mystery and things hidden deep in our psyche. Therefore, you may face internal fears and depression. This transit gives you the ideal opportunity to think about the psychological blocks you have in yourself and find ways to deal with them.
You will tend to be secretive, and you may need more privacy and time to contemplate. You may also become more interested in astrology, spirituality and occult sciences. You will also focus more on your sexuality.
This transit may reveal information that has been hidden to you until now. So, if someone is deceiving you or lying to you, it is likely that you will find out. You also may have to deal with issues of shared finances, taxes, debts and inheritance.

And I agree with most of that happening ;D
Changes transformation in life, new ways of doing things.
Change lifestyle reinventing oneself.
Strategy planning. Deep dive research getting to the bottom of something.
The astrology & knowing oneself & others.
Getting sexual prompts in thoughts randomly, increased libido, heightened desires etc.

All can be expected to come in & play during the month cycle sun transit.
The intensity per days depends on the degree of the transit.

For example next week or so, when it hits 9degrees,
it will be conjunct with your transit lilith & natal lilith 1-2deg,
so those vibes and characteristics gets more energy on that day.

And end of the month when it goes over 20-21 degrees, it will be opposite most of your capricorn natal planets within 5degrees.
So that is an big influence.
Checking them out one by one, you´ll get an overview on day to day.

The "Personal daily horoscope" calculator is great for that ;D

Cheers :37:

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