Volunteers for my Solar Return (2021&2022)

May 16, 2022 at 20:33 (UT/GMT)
(Leo) TJShemaly
Volunteers for my Solar Return (2021&2022)
Hello everyone.
Can someone volunteer and check my solar return for 2021 (the one ongoing now) and 2022 (the one will be starting by August)? I would pretty much appreciate that. Thanks a lot in advance.

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June 20, 2022 at 08:43
(Leo) TJShemaly

(yeah, sorry, it´s not synastry, relationship, or new age stuff)
June 20, 2022 at 10:38
(Scorpio) Graham » TJShemaly
Have to be away from my computer for a few hours now ... but will "have a go" asap.

(Solar Returns for Kuwait City, 16-August-21 at 20:20 ... and 17-August-22 at 05:03 ?)
June 20, 2022 at 10:40
(Leo) TJShemaly » Graham
Thank you. Yes, I´ll be in the same locality on my next b.day (and was in same locality in my previous one too)
thanks again !
June 20, 2022 at 15:44
(Scorpio) Graham » TJShemaly
Using Whole Signs ... I see that the natal chart and 2020, 2021, 2022 Solar Return charts all have different Asc-MC sign combinations.

Cancer-Pisces in natal : Aquarius-Scorpio in 2020 : Gemini-Aquarius in 2021 : Leo-Taurus in 2022.

So, I´d expect 2021 and 2022 to be very different years - to each other, and to 2020 ... BUT, of course, - in all three of them, the Sun is stamped with the same natal chart indicators which define it´s ultimate purpose in your current lifetime.

You probably already know what that natal purpose is (ie. what will make this Sun "shine") ... and it will be helpful if you summarise it here, rather than have me attempt to guess it via a cold reading. [In particular, how is your natal Sun/Mercury/NN-Neptune-Mars/Pluto/Lilith triangle manifesting?]

Also, please confirm that you want the 2021 and 2022 charts to be analysed as both stand-alone charts and as 12 month transits to the natal chart.
June 20, 2022 at 17:45
(Leo) hermitfaerie
I´m new to interpretation of solar return charts so I´m looking forward to your responses.

Right off the bat, I see transiting Saturn is conjunct the descendant and is right on top of your south node for 2022. To top it all off this is being squared by your Uranus and transiting Pluto is in your 7th. That doesn´t bode very well for personal relationships for this year. Maybe a lot of restrictions or work in that area will need to be done in response to an unexpected event or impulse. Could be dealing with some cleaning up of your past relationships, or a resurfacing of something? Pluto can bring hidden things to the surface, to be dealt with via Saturn.

In 2022 transiting MC and north node are conjunct Uranus on your natal Chiron, meaning your work life will be shaken up resulting in either healing of old wounds or possibly a reopening of them. It´s also opposite your natal Uranus.. a lot of Uranus energy that´s for sure.

I can actually see a grand cross aspect pattern going on here when everything is factored in. Saturn square Uranus seems like the most significant aspect. Not sure how that will play out in your life but they are both in the houses associated with sex.
June 20, 2022 at 17:48
(Leo) hermitfaerie » TJShemaly
2021 seems like an easier year for you. More soft aspects and it´s quieter with less aspects overall. 2022 will likely have more difficulty and definitely just a lot more going on in general.
June 20, 2022 at 18:46
(Leo) TJShemaly » Graham
Thank you again.
Well, for the natal purpose of all the stuff in the natal 2nd house, I can´t be sure. I´m aware of some of its interpretations, but purposes? I´m not sure really. In fact, at the current time, I´m living in confusion in general, about my purpose in life and about many other aspects of life. Most of the time I feel life had ran me over, with few gaps in memory to let me think that I´m lucky in some aspects. Since 2020 onward, my mood swings had been severer and I´ve been struggling to fight them. I live with my family still (how life goes here) yet I feel so isolate.

2021 is already passed almost but I´m interesting about its visible patterns for other astrologers, this way I can study on my own charts you know.
2022 is coming so it´s more important now I guess.

Thank you again!
June 20, 2022 at 18:53
(Leo) TJShemaly » hermitfaerie
Thanks for the analysis.

As for relationships, they had always been in upheaval (almost non-existent). Latest encounter was prolly around 2015-2016 and a short-lived one as usual. So if the cleaning you´re talking about is about this relationship, well, this is what I´ve been trying to do for the past 5 years or so (and still thinking what went wrong).

As for the work life, well, I´m retired actually (for disability), so not much on that front at the moment.
June 20, 2022 at 19:13
(Leo) hermitfaerie » TJShemaly
Interesting.. I probably should have paid closer attention to your natal chart on it´s own first lol. MC can also be public life in general, your reputation, etc. :63:
June 20, 2022 at 19:24
(Leo) TJShemaly » hermitfaerie
Indeed. Though when using Whole Sign system we typically focus on the 10H more rather than MC.
Anyway, I think the natal chart alone wouldn´t show current status unless it is merged with some timing techniques (which is something I´m trying to learn still).
June 20, 2022 at 20:02
(Leo) hermitfaerie » TJShemaly
What timing techniques are you learning? I am just beginning to learn about zodiacal releasing but find it kind of overwhelming
June 20, 2022 at 20:16
(Leo) TJShemaly » hermitfaerie
yeah ZR is hmm a mess somewhat ... I´ve watched videos and read texts about it - i get the general concepts but still, so much is left out and hard to judge.

For me, I´m jumping around in between Firdaria, progressions, distribution through the bounds, annual profection, and of course, solar return. And quite often the work must be done in combination of 2 or more techniques.

I sometimes visit the Dasha system too and check in both tropical and sidereal to see if things would make sense or not
anyway for some reasons out of hand i didn´t quite focus much on studying these techniques
June 21, 2022 at 04:21
(Leo) hermitfaerie » TJShemaly
I have never heard of Firdaria or distribution through the bounds! This is why I am here, thank you :4: the learning in astrology definitely never ends. Would you mind glancing at my solar return chart?
June 21, 2022 at 07:39
(Scorpio) Graham » TJShemaly
Because Solar Returns are "one-year-life natal charts SPECIFICALLY for the Sun", they have to be interpreted in the context of the soul-intended-purpose of the Sun in the whole-lifetime natal chart. So, before looking at any Solar Return Chart, we have to look at the natal chart to determine what the Sun has been programmed/"tasked" to do in the course of the current life/incarnation.

And, on the surface, that is quite clearly depicted in your natal chart ... as a North-Node-driven educated Leo Sun learning to value it´s Mercury intellect/ideas/views; with an already well-developed intuition/"nous" (Neptune trine) and now striving to use it actively/consciously (Sun and Neptune sextiles to Mars).

However, the Sun´s APPARENT semi-sextile (to Saturn) and sextile (to Pluto) are actually 23rd and 13th Harmonic aspects. ... So, these two contacts indicate that this Sun is also wanting to increase it´s ability/"power" to influence others.

Moreover, this is a night chart - so (at the Leo degree occupied by the Sun) Jupiter-in-detrimental-Virgo has essential dignity (by both triplicity and term) ... which enables it to considerably influence the Sun. And that is increased by Jupiter being the traditional ruler of Pisces (where Neptune is located).

Hence, although it is clear that this natal Sun is focused upon "personal" self-development, the ultimate purpose in doing so may be dictated by the (generational and evolutionary) outer planets.
June 21, 2022 at 07:46
(Leo) TJShemaly » hermitfaerie
I will try and DM you - but as you can see, I´m just a beginner
June 21, 2022 at 07:47
(Leo) TJShemaly » Graham
Thanks for the heads up. So, how does that play in 2022 SR?
June 21, 2022 at 09:34
(Virgo) Astrooo

Check that the map of SR2022 is correct, please.
if so, I´ll comment on it (although I think you´re quite capable of commenting on it yourself)
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June 21, 2022 at 10:02
(Leo) TJShemaly » Astrooo
Yep, looks about right (confusing a bit because of the house system but yes the planets positions are ok)
June 21, 2022 at 10:07
(Scorpio) Graham » TJShemaly
The Gemini ascendant-Aquarius MC in the 2021 SR Chart indicates that Mercury, Saturn and Uranus would be dominant influences ... and that is confirmed by the Moon-Mars/Mercury-Saturn-Uranus Trapeze Figure which dominates the chart.

That figure is found in charts of people who have worked on the foundations of their personality and are in the process of becoming a model (for others) of self-actualisation. So, if you have had the personal freedom to express your creativity and wisdom, this should have been a year in which you have done so.

However ... you state that "at the current time, I´m living in confusion in general, about my purpose in life and about many other aspects of life". So, my guess is that Uranus (in 12th house of undoing) and Saturn (in 9th house of higher learning) have used their Taurus-Aquarius fixed square disruptively - by instructing Jupiter-in-Aquarius (ruler of Pisces + the Sagittarius South Node) to confuse the opposing SR Sun about the (natal-Sun) objective of the SR chart.

And, if so, what your natal chart Sun is being taught by this is "unless consciously/actively controlled, the outer planets will control the chart owner". BUT, you still have a couple of 2021-SR-months left (for Mars-Mercury to take control).
June 21, 2022 at 10:20
(Scorpio) Graham » TJShemaly
Currently, I am reflecting upon the prominence of aspects to the vertex in the 2022 SR Chart ... which (to me) appears to be emphasising the transit Uranus to natal Uranus that occurs during this chart´s 12 month lifetime.
June 21, 2022 at 10:45
(Leo) TJShemaly » Graham
That´s very interesting. Thanks again. It needs reflection again and again.

I might as well add that in 2021 in the period between October 31st, to December 9th, I´ve became officially retired. I´m stating this as a period because there had been issues; My official stated date in paperwork is October 31st, but to finalize some issues in the workplace and be officially retired and get pension, all that didn´t finish till about December 9th. So when I personally check my charts to reflect back and study, I´m not sure which date to pick to look at transits and so on.
June 21, 2022 at 15:05
(Scorpio) Graham » TJShemaly
"My official stated (retirement) date in paperwork is October 31st, but to finalize some issues in the workplace and be officially retired and get pension, all that didn´t finish till about December 9th. So when I personally check my charts to reflect back and study, I´m not sure which date to pick to look at transits and so on."

I think this may have been the work of your "what really is my soul-purpose" natal Jupiter.

Transit Jupiter was first conjunct your 9th house 0Pisces00 natal cusp on 14th MAY 2021. ... It then turned retrograde on 6th June (at 2Pisces11); opposed transit Sun from 27Aquarius13 on 20th August 2021**; turned direct again on 19th October 2021 (at 22Aquarius20) and made it´s final pass over your 9th house natal cusp on 29th December 2021.

[ ** In "Cycles of Becoming", Alexander Rupertii asserts that the Sabian Symbol for the degree from which a retrograde planet opposes natal Sun will provide a clue about the focus/objective of that planet until it next opposes the Sun whilst retrograde. ... And this is Lynda Hill´s interpretation for Sabian Symbol Aquarius 28 :-

This shows the need to take what’s available in the environment and use it to your advantage. “Trees” sawed into logs to “Ensure a Supply of Wood for the Winter” implies the ability to be able to plan, or think ahead. By seeing what you’ll need for the future, you can work ahead of time to ensure there’s a good supply. There are many things that grow around us during life. Sometimes there can be other uses that are of greater benefit than just to let these things stand like monuments or memories. You may need to sacrifice something old to find its current usefulness. Gather resources when you can, don’t wait until supply might not be so readily available.
Gathering resources. Prepared for harder times. Stockpiling. Open fires. Publishing books. Renewable resources. The making of paper. Printing money. Fuel. Gas. Recycling.

Destroying the old for modern advances. Hoarding supplies and not sharing. Not planning ahead. Fear there won’t be enough. Environmental destruction."]
June 21, 2022 at 16:44
(Leo) TJShemaly » Graham
Thanks for the insight. Lynda´s words seem a bit overwhelming to me. Specially the last 2 lines. I´ve always seen myself as a traditionalist; I don´t believe everything modern is a good thing. Of course there are good things but here we are with the environmental issues you know. This is why I always think that not everything new is a good thing (generally speaking).

However, the explanation seems parallel to the situation back then around the retirement time. But what about 2022?
June 21, 2022 at 18:52
(Virgo) Astrooo » TJShemaly

Before studying your SR2022, I feel you are stressed = I took a look at your currents transits and understood why you are stressed.
The peak of stress will be on June 30, 2022 around 9:00 a.m. =
// Exact conjunction [Sun / Black Moon] transit / natal Venus
//+ various significant oppositions.
(see map)

I let you interpret these transits.
I just interpreted the opposition Natal Sun H3 vs Saturn retrograde Aquarius H6
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June 21, 2022 at 19:23
(Leo) TJShemaly » Astrooo
well, many things are stressing me out (for years now) but which are the reasons you think you see here?
and what do you think about June 30th?

honestly, I´ve been sleeping a lot lately. Just today as well I suddenly got struck with allergies out of nowhere. This is not a typical time for my allergies (it would be usually the seasonal one in March and September not around the ends of June). This adds to my stress as well.
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