Black Moon Lilith as viewed by you?

May 13, 2022 at 18:20 (UT/GMT)
(Pisces) RizingTythe
Black Moon Lilith as viewed by you?
Please, will you share your understandings and experiences with regard to :163: Lilith?

What I´m offering here, per my 11th house placement, is my own :176: interpretation!

Moon movement, around Earth, elliptically forms focal point Lilith. Whereas we can consciously perceive planets, Lilith we clearly can’t! So since it’s unobservable, its energy may be understood how?

I’m working on two theories. Want to join my theorizing? Let’s theorize!

I think I may have found at least one way to see only the effects of Lilith. I say effects, you see, simply because the cause is invisible! We couldn’t possibly visualize vacated mathematical points in the space around us, except in our imagination, right?

Lilith’s denial! Can’t comprehend what we defiantly deny? So, we must work with what’s been causally forced.

Okay, then how to see evidence of causal forces? By observing actions! Specifically those actions which could only result from shame.

Consider a chess game. Each player absolutely wanting to win! However, one player obviously blunders, but for what possible reason?

Consciously desiring victory, it’s pointless to blunder. But unconsciously in us, if there was a sudden requirement to express shame, would blundering make sense? Yes!

Is this Lilith Logic at play? That’s the theory! Undeniably, out of shame, Lilith denies us from successful creation.

Thus my first theory concludes that Lilith, against our will in the game of chess as well as life, forces us to shamefully blunder! My second theory starts to explain how the energy became internalized. Let’s crunch numbers some, ready?

As a mathematical point, moving through space 30 degrees at a time, Lilith takes approximately 9 months. Is there something else that takes us that long to accomplish? Gestation!

Now already perhaps some of us see how, while we’re in the womb, our bodies easily internalize Lilith energy in the form of shame? For most of us, it’s not easy to admit! But when you’re ready, let’s expose some uncomfortable energy.

Pregnancy hurts, no? Beyond awkward, there’s so much it denies from mothers. For one, their normal life of sex!

Let’s not fool ourselves into believing, during our first 36 weeks, energetic shame wasn’t present. It was! So now may we see how, unconsciously in us, it first formed?

These theories got you thinking? I think maybe we´re onto something! By the way, lol, this theorizing required no mythology nor sexy social stereotype pushed on us by :21: zealots.

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May 13, 2022 at 19:44
(Pisces) Leo_Ness…

I dedicated a lot of my time to Lilith and what I finally realised is that she is like a devine mother to all of our rejected parts of self. Lilith manifests as unconciousness created of all that we had to supress to accomodate to social norms primarly.
Lilith therefore does not have to be the gardian of demons and low passions but also angels that want to love everyone, that we also had to supress to accomodate to society.

If Moon is the mother of our children (parts of ourselves) that walk at the light of the day and do not have to hide, Lilith is the mother of our children that are rejected and forced to exist in the dark, shamed and unwnated.

I hope Lilith will be nice to me this year since I have it in conjuction to PoF in my SR.
May 13, 2022 at 19:56
(Aries) WhiteMoon » Leo_Ness
Oh gosh, I really liked your interpretation of Lilith. It appeals to me a lot. :1: Very interesting.
May 14, 2022 at 19:09
(Pisces) RizingTythe
Wonderfully insightful, thanks!

Throughout our history, from child sacrifices... to all forms of sexual decadence.., societies (sometimes in secret) have intentionally normalized shameful behavior. To me this seems incredible! How could such obviously harmful self-sabotaging actually come from members of our own society?

Well, in truth, it didn´t. But rather it came from the circumstances that were naturally present at the time of our birthing, right? Inclusive of :163: Lilith!

I think it´s really interesting to look at how the Motherly Moon may always be influencing both our Earthly and Lilith behaviors.
May 15, 2022 at 06:42
(Pisces) RizingTythe
Lilith’s not a fucked up wife;
it only seems that way —
causing obsession in our life,
and twisting words we say.

Think we’re smart enough to know?
Nah! She just laughs at us, and teases.
Nothing from her’s hidden — no —
Lilith does as she damn well pleases.

Something deep inside us screams
“Will our torture never end!?”
It’s just how she lets off steam;
you see, to us Lilith’s not a friend.

On and on, Lilith eggs us on;
it’s the passion of our plight.
Driving us from dusk to dawn;
our sheets are fucking soaked tonight.

{Inspired by the Moon_Queen post showing Lilith square Mars produces the most poets!}

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