Eclipse wild line up

April 28, 2022 at 08:17 (UT/GMT)
(Virgo) Lor3112
Eclipse wild line up
Hi everyone! I’ve had a bit of hyper excitement going on over the current transits the last couple of days. I know that in many cases, eclipses are perceived as bad, but I’ve always found them to be extremely helpful (even when they were somewhat destructive to begin with). I checked my personal transits with this one. I was born on a new moon, so have an affinity for them anyway. I recently realised that I was born 12 hours, 11 minutes after the September 86 one. (Given the fact I don’t know the seconds I was born, it could be 12 minutes too! 😅). Jupiter is in my natal 12th, (Pisces), 5° from my natal POF. I’m in my 36th year, and the transit stellium is happening in my natal 12th. This eclipse at 10° Taurus is trining my 11° Virgo sun/mercury. Incidentally, the venus/Jupiter conjunction is happening on my natal POF in the 12th. I had my Jupiter return a few weeks ago with the Neptune conjunction (the sun was conjunct my natal NN at the time). Transit Pluto is sextile my natal POF, and during the eclipse, transit POF will be conjunct transit ascendant and natal Pluto.
I’ve tried to discuss this with friends, but no one seems to understand my excitement. It feels very lucky and transformative to me. Does anyone else have any experiences with these sort of aspects? Ie: what happened when Jupiter/venus was transiting natal POF etc?

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