Astrochronicles - Jupiter and Neptune

April 12, 2022 at 06:20 (UT/GMT)
(Sagittarius) Steve Guesshow
Astrochronicles - Jupiter and Neptune
Jupiter and Neptune.
The two big players have met in Pisces, in the mystic world, and are showing us how our world, planet Earth, will gradually change. And it is quite possible that this also applies to our inner world. And it´s quite possible that it won´t be all sunshine...
It´s an aspect that manifests on a longer time scale, so the fact that it´s peaking today may not mean anything major - we´ve been feeling its influence for at least a month now, and it´s going to fade over the next month.
Both planets rule Pisces, Jupiter as the old ruler, and Neptune as the new ruler.
Yet nothing at all may happen. Or rather, we may not notice anything at all. It´s a very subtle, subtle energy that works more on the spiritual plane. It doesn´t have any practical results, more of a feeling of unification, dreaminess, fabulousness. But it also gives a strangely misguided ideology, a saviour or saviour syndrome, and throwing yourself into something hopeless. I imagine that our peculiar ideas about the Ukrainian war, our aid, which is not really aid at all, but rather just a kind of indulgence, a game for the plebs, by which we show off, oh, how virtuous we are and how right we are ideologically.
A lot of astrologers will see something very virtuous, spiritual and progressive in that aspect...I am personally a little bit afraid of the negative side of it, because that is exactly the type of thing that everything is incredibly underestimated, relativized or said to be nothing. There can be - and already are - government proposals for expropriation of property, many big companies issuing circulars about the need to register all possible immovable properties, especially those that could be used as accommodation for Ukrainian war refugees. There is no need to conspire too much, because the reality itself is very conspiratorial at the moment. But I want to dwell here primarily on this Jupiter-Neptune illusion.
The main illusion is that we are holy, virtuous. That we are the initiated ones, the ones under the right star, in the favor of God...or simply standing on the right side of the barricade. What happens here is that slowly individuality ceases to be important and people submit to some fixed idea, vision, image... This allows all sorts of atrocities to happen that we are witnessing, e.g. Buca. Because we are no longer acting according to morality and some unwritten principles, but according to a spiritual vision. We can somehow depersonalize, in the sense that we don´t even consider some people as human beings, as worthy of existence. We´re just the right collective, the hive, and we´re not going to suffer this filth here.
The Russians are licking it up today. There´s not a day goes by when we don´t hear the media pushing the idea that they can´t even be human beings, etc... It´s more than clear that the Russians themselves are far from sacramental and are running on the same agenda, namely that Ukrainian Nazis and others who are against Russia are not even human, so we can treat them worse than animals. It is important to realise that we are all in this together.
I would love to see something positive in this conjunction. It would offer an epiphany that wars really don´t solve anything, that we need to finally see planet Earth and the world as a whole from which no part of it can be seen. That neither Russia nor Ukraine will disappear from the world as if by magic. Do we even understand that we are slapping ourselves in the face? That we are reaping the wind and reaping the storm? But the fact is that this conjunction also works miracles. The energies it works with are so beyond our comprehension that anything can happen. God will descend from the sky, UFOs will arrive, or SHAEF troops will finally arrive to finish off the remnants of the Deep State Cabal...we can be ready for we´re not, and the new reality will roast us all anyway. Just because I´m seeing more of the worse reality at the moment, please don´t mean it´s the only one that´s just a slice, a part.
My private view of the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces, in its more positive form, goes something like this: I feel, perceive and realize that I am a human being, a man, an inhabitant of planet Earth, homo sapiens, and I have exactly the same blood running through my veins as any other human being. We differ only in race, nationality, creed, and the ideology we profess, but these are otherwise utterly marginal. I know that I am part of the Whole, everything is One, and every single individual is extremely important to the Whole. One person´s life will never be worth less or more to me than another´s, regardless of what "club" they belong to. Peace, harmony and cooperation will always be worth more to me than anything else. I will take the path of least resistance, because I already know that I am at the very end, when it no longer matters what I do or don´t do, but what I am. I will follow the path of Gandhi, who showed that even the path of passive resistance can defeat a fairly strong domination. For that which is weak is never weak...This path is so unwavering that neither crucifixion, nor the threat of the Inquisition, nor interrogations at the KGB can stop it. It is not a conviction, it is an cannot arrest the essence. You can´t forbid people to wake up. You can´t command people to sleep forever. You can command them to look only at the projection screen on which are projected the desirable stories that shape public opinion...but they will still look elsewhere one day...and that will be the beginning of the end. And believe it, things are already in motion enough that not even Rotschild, Schwab or Soros can stop them...if you believe in them that is.
Jupiter and Neptune show that the greatest darkness is before dawn. Some will want to convince us that the darkness is the only real reality...and many will believe, while others are already looking for the growing light in the East (and I don´t mean the geographical one). It will be a while yet, everything has its time, let´s hold on until dawn. The basic and rather strong message is: BELIEVE! LET´S SURVIVE! LET´S HAVE CONFIDENCE THAT EVERYTHING WILL TURN OUT FOR THE BEST! There´s no speeding up or slowing down, it´s just coming to an end now. It will be good, you´ll see...

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April 12, 2022 at 09:09
(Capricorn) Emanuel
Good insight
April 12, 2022 at 10:29
(Leo) cubic
"It would offer an epiphany that wars really don´t solve anything"

Prior World War 1/2 wars weren´t universally seen as all bad, there was view that they were healthy, needed to revitalize societies.

Now because of WW2 there is strong anti-war sentiment, but governments/the military just work through/around that. Public opinions are constantly managed, and shifted as needed.

For the soldiers to fight, and for the population to support the war effort, a higher moral reason is usually invented, so one can kill without so much hesitation. Even Alexander had to believe he is liberating somehow the Persians and doing good, though it was still a war of conquest.

Just that today we´re more mired in overall (Anglo-Saxon?) humanistic values, and there is a bit more to overcome.

The good thing in that is.. you can find good in that we have a hard time just doing it, without needing this extra conviction to remove our default inclinations to not go as far as killing so many.

"That we need to finally see planet Earth and the world as a whole from which no part of it can be seen."

It´s just the Piscean vision of oneness I suppose, a sense of it.. a kind of an invisible communication between humans through the water element, that seems to cross boundaries of time and space sometimes.

it´s good, but as spiritual things go - how much of that one-world thing is an illusion, or a fantasy.. is hard to tell and distinguish. Our brains don´t seem to evolutionary be equipped to deal with more than a village. Thinking in terms of the whole world I see as an illusion at this point in life.

I can be wrong of course.

So often "the world" means just USA and Europe. The rest are sometimes obliged to take a note, and or go along with our agenda, because maximum influence and power is concentrated within USA / Europe.

The moment the USA weakens it´s over with "the world" for quite a while, until the next incredibly powerful empire emerges...

I accept wars as inevitable, so I´m not so bothered or dissapointed in humanity. I don´t think we´ll "grow out of them" ever. There is domination instinct in us, power needs, resource needs etc.

Just that we have periods of relative peace when there is one big player that can put stops on most wars, because they have no interest in them, there is more benefit in peace.

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