Solar return

April 2, 2022 at 13:15 (UT/GMT)
(Libra) Librasun97
Solar return
Hello.There is someone willing to look at my solar return? Astrology is my hobby but it is difficult to be subjective for. I am living through a rather difficult period. Thanks for every help. :1:

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April 5, 2022 at 19:35
(Cancer) ZeinaZ

The transits of some planets over your natal planets may have been contributing to issues you might be facing. Since these transits take more than a year as they approached your natal planets, then the exact conjunction, square and opposition (usually the most challenging), and moving away from those positions, you´d probably live through experiences over some time. Though, these are meant to help you realize something and not just hardship.

Let´s see some patterns:

Transiting Saturn went over your Neptune when it was in Capricorn then over your Jupiter and Uranus in Aquarius.

This might have been experienced as possible disappointments, boundary issues, assumptions turning out false in family, home, perhaps something in your country.

In the fifth, it might have be experienced as limitations/restrictions or sudden changes in creativity or love life.

Transiting Capricorn Pluto have been going also the 4th house, and it´s nearing your Neptune. Things on the home front aren´t over yet.

Pisces Neptune and Jupiter going over your South node and Dsc. in the 6th and, opposite your Asc. indicating maybe some positive things, though it´ll affect your identity, how you appear and overall energy. Aries Jupiter in the 6th might jump start things for you this year as it approaches your Saturn and Moon, perhaps in work or health. Jupiter and Neptune also squared your natal Sagittarius placements.

Transiting Taurus Uranus with the transiting north node going over the 8th will bring changes with it in relation to what you share with others, perhaps regarding your security, body, or values. This transit also squared your Jupiter and Uranus.

The chart has a Libra Asc. ruled by Venus that´s nicely stationing near your Sun in the 1st supporting your sense of justice, harmony, expression of these in yourself. Since you have a natal Sun opposite Aries Moon, this will affect your needs and comfort.

Yes, it´s a challenging period, if possible, see what changes you could make to help out your sense of self, whether that´s at home, work or in relationships.

Just my two cents.

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