The Nine Base Numbers

March 30, 2022 at 19:07 (UT/GMT)
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The Nine Base Numbers
Hi all,
I see a lot of conflicting information on Numerology. Personally, I am a huge fan of the book "A Little Bit of Numerology" by Novalee Wilder. It is the perfect read to learn more. Here is a brief summary about the nine base numbers. This will be rooted in Chaldean numerology, an ancient art which is based upon the principle that the Universe is built by vibrations.

Your base number is calculated from the day you were born. I was born July 8, therefore my base number is 8. The base numbers go from 1 until 9. If you were born on a double digit day, you can calculate your base number by adding the two digits together. If they exceed 9, you simplify for the number. For example, if you were born on the 11th, your number would be 2 (because 1 plus 1 equals 2). A second example, if you were born on the 28, add 2 and 8 together to get 10. Then simplify to get 1.

BASE NUMBER 1: Associated with the Sun and Leo
If your base number is one, you are the spark that created the universe! You are a bounty of originality and creativity. You like to be a leader and
have no problem assuming positions of authority. You may suffer from your ego and be characterized as a control freak. However, you truly believe that your way is the best way for everyone.

BASE NUMBER 2: Associated with the Moon and Cancer
If your base number is two, you are gentle and emotional. You are sensitive and can be prone to moodiness (or crabiness, not unlike your ruling sign, Cancer). You may let others step on your toes too often to avoid conflict. You are a dedicated friend and have many ties to your home life.

BASE NUMBER 3: Associated with Jupiter and Sagittarius
If your base number is three you are a burst of energy, innovation, and expansion! Much like your ruling planet, you find luck around every turn. You may suffer from commitment issues and a fickle nature. Much like your ruling sign, Sagittarius, travel is essential to self improvement and happiness.

BASE NUMBER 4: Associated with Saturn and Aquarius
If your base number is four, you want to build the world you dream of. You may be a fan of technology or sociology. You have a vested interest in social issues and believe in deconstructing old ideals. While you are open minded (and pride yourself on that), there are certain thoughts or ideas you remain stuck in. You are an independent free thinker.

BASE NUMBER 5: Associated with Mercury and Gemini/Virgo
If your base number is five, communication is a big theme for you. You love to talk about everything under the sun, and prioritize communication in your relationships. You may suffer from lack of focus, or its counterpart: over focus.

BASE NUMBER 6: Associated with Venus and Taurus/Libra
If your base number is six, you are a natural nurturer. You truly care about everything around you. With great ease you can tune yourself into other´s emotions. Service may be a big theme for you, and you often struggle giving yourself the love you so freely give others. You prioritize security and stability.

BASE NUMBER 7: Associated with Jupiter and Pisces
If your base number is seven, you are the most sensitive of the base numbers. You are naturally intuitive and extremely empathetic. You are so in tune to the people around you that you may struggle differentiating one´s feelings from your own. You need time away from others to rest and relax. Spirituality is a huge theme during this lifetime.

BASE NUMBER 8: Associated with Saturn and Capricorn
If your base number is eight, responsibility is your game. Much of your life may be dedicated to self improvement and you carry a lot of weight on your shoulders. Eight is all about rebuilding after destruction. Some numerologists believe that certain numbers are marked by fate, and it is a general consensus that the number eight is.

BASE NUMBER 9: Associated with Mars and Aries/Scorpio
If your base number is nine, your life is marked by intensity. As the last number in numerology, you are the Universe´s grand finale. You may suffer from panic attacks, trauma, or psychological issues. You are the grand accumulation of many lifetimes and are characterized as an old soul.

I hope you enjoyed and continue your journey in Numerology! Some believe that certain signs are ruled by other planets than I have listed. (For example, Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, etc etc). I do not believe this to be true because these planets were only recently discovered. When studying numerology, astrology, and tarot, I like to look to their ancient origins to learn the knowledge our ancestors discovered many moons ago :) Blessings.

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